Today I heard Judge Napolitano explain why the Republicans are absolutely right to stand their ground on Obamacare.  This is what I think I heard.

The Republicans and the Democrats have the responsibility and constitutionally legal authority to defund Obamacare.  Here's how that works, and this is in response to Obama and others saying the Republicans have to fund Obamacare because it is the law.  Not so, said the Judge.  

Example: in 2012, the Congress passes a law that is scheduled to kick in two years later.  In that two years, information comes forward showing that the government cannot afford to fund the law as written either because the law was not correctly written, the CBO did not have enough information to correctly estimate the cost, inflation, whatever.

Only the Congress, in this case the House that is the keeper of the national purse, can make changes to the law that was passed and the Senate must agree and the President must sign.  It is patently illegal for any single body to make arbitrary changes to any law.  In this case, again, Obama did make arbitrary changes to the law when he exempted his friends and supporters.  The Congress followed suit by exempting themselves and their staffs.  If Obama now exempts the rest of us by Presidential E.O or any other way, he cannot do that, either.  The Constitution is very clear on how laws, once passed, must be changed.  First by Congress and then by the signing by the President.

In this situation, the House, the keeper of the national purse, has determined that Obamacare is so expensive that it is simply not affordable for the government to implement. They can use the most recent CBO estimates to determine that position.  It is not only the right of the House to do exactly what they are doing, it is their fiduciary responsibility.  That makes the Senate the obstructionists, not the House.  The House is acting in a Constitutional way to defund Obamacare OR to exempt individuals because they are the law making body along with the Senate.

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EXCELLENT - put this on twitter with @speaker Boehner, etc... @matt salmon, etc...if you have a link, I will post.

I don't have a twitter account and don't know how to use it.  thanks for the kind words.

I'm no young chick! but figured it out and it is very useful.  Google TWITTER, then set up an account...I would not identify exact information - then you can search for contacts to tweet and follow.  U can use me as your first contact if you'd like Jfreden.  140 characters.  U can look at profiles and determine who you wan to follow.  It is easy and the links are quick to get information.  U can tweet all the reps. by doing a search like Rep Ted Cruz and their page will come up and you can follow.  Try it, like it better than FB for many reasons!

Thanks for posting those easy to follow instructions.  I'm betting this will encourage other people to try out twitter!  Easy to share your posts on twitter and FB using the icons at the end of each discussion.

try it....questions, holler, happy to walk through; like I said I like it better than FB, wider range, easy to share quick ideas like "work local, DC too corrupt'.  U also learn the language short cuts...

thank you.  I'm going to try that.  I went to twitter once and just sat and stared at the screen not knowing where to start.

Can Congress shut down the government over #Obamacare? See my take on Studio B with Shepard Smith with Trace Gallagher at 3:30pm  #DefundObamacare  From his FB page.

Republicans NEED to concentrate on the rule of law. When Republicans fall into the media manipulation of considering political consequences of following their legal obligations the fight devolves into media speak and Republicans end up being discredited regardless of what they say. Republicans need to learn to do what is lawfully right simply because it is lawfully right. The House DOES have the right to pick and choose which functions of the government to fund, Harry!

You are correct.  House has the authority, now they need to get out in the press and explain it.  Ppl blaming, when it is BHO's Administration  - dept heads - HE selected - who decided who was essential and non-essential...not the House or the Senate.





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