Pretender to the AZGOP Chairmanship (not unlike the pretender in the White House):

Kelli Ward: We have had enough of your Robert-Graham-McCainesque tactics.  Stop the noise, put the April meeting together like a good little child and get this settled NOW. 




From 100% of Team AFA

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Having been in Arizona since 1986, last year we realized that the State is corrupt, like many other Republican States. I have watched the so-called Leadership in Precinct groups, LD groups, State Party etc. Instead of nominating leaders, charismatic, and financially stable Candidates, the Republican Party and group of old-timers who dream of the days of Goldwater and Reagan, have closed their eyes to winning, but love having their meetings and social gatherings. They let Salmon lose, Gaynor lose, Sheriff Joe, State Superintendent of Schools, and many other candidates who never had a chance to win an election, without Republican Support. Helen Purcell and Michelle Reagan should have been replaced a long time ago with strong candidates who are Biblical and Constitutionally Conservative. Our state needs Constitutional Conservatives to run, who are Biblically sound, and not McCain or McSally, Flake Conservatives to run. It is time to forget about the so-called leaders in the Republican Party and Move on and do it the smart way. Lord Ducey never supported Sheriff Joe or Jerry Sheridan, or Gabriela Mercer, or Frank Riggs, or Steve Gaynor financially, or politically. Don't expect anything to change in 2022, until the voting systems have changed. We have used the Soap Box, Voting Box, and lastly the Jury Box in the past. Nothing is working. Good People have lost faith in the Republican Leadership and the whole system. Don't expect them to come out and do the same thing again that they did in 2020.  We have watched enough corruption in the past 35 years, and nothing will change until we get the pitchforks and torches out of the closets and get serious about the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, which spells out the next course of action for our guidance with our Great Nation. Stop watching Hannity, Ingraham and the other clowns on Fox news. They are blow-hearts, turn on the Conservative Circus on 550 am, , John Moore Republic Broadcasting Network, War Room with Steve Bannon, , Carl Gallups Freedom Friday podcasts and, just to name a few. Lastly, Trump is probably gone,  Pence is a traitor who did not know the constitution, and Rush has died, but Jesus will return soon! That is all real patriots should be concerned with at this time. Resurrection Sunday. God Bless the Facilitators of this site, and the faithful readers! God Bless America, we are about to lose our Republic. Maybe it time for a change of strategies.

No more elites, socialites or glamor-pusses for AZGOP chair.  Appoint her successor.  Don't make it a celebrity popularity contest.  Make it a conservative dedication and demonstrated competence appointment.

We will say this one more time: if AZGOP has any chance of survival in its original intended form, the only candidate who ran for AZGOP chair worth a tinkers damn was Bob Lettieri.  Honest, strategic, capable beyond a fault, able to raise funds not tied to some lousy candidate and could give a flick of the chin to RNC and make them think they were complemented. But he's a no-nonsense guy, gets right to business and doesn't worry who likes him and is a bit short on charisma but long on wit!  The state committee chose between two losers when a winner was right in front of them.  So, we ask: who were the losers?  That's right: the AZGOP and republicans across Arizona.

NOTE: we do not dislike Kelli Ward.  She is very charming but the wrong person for the job and has already proven it.  How many trips to China does she need?

Way to go, state committeemen!  You have a second chance and second chances are hard to come by.  Get a committee together and BEG him to give it another go and then support him, elect him.  You will not regret it... like so many of us do now.

Why all the hate and discontent here for our AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward? Granted, she may not be a pristine angel who walks on water--who is?--but she surely beats anyone else for her job who may come in second place. Trump likes her in her current position (and has publicly stated so), so I'm wondering whose side of the aisle you all are on who may disagree with him. Those AZ State Committeemen (my wife and myself included) who have been supportive of her far outnumber those who may hold to a different opinion, in spite of the noise made by a few rankled malcontents and naysayers.

RR there is no HATE here and it's plainly stated that AFA does not dislike Ward.  Simple words should be understood.  SHE'S wrong for the job and the fact she will not consider what the SC have politely asked for in a recount or audit of the results proves something is wrong.  She's not the queen but is an agent of the AZGOP.   She has mishandled this entire issue and now we are going on 2 months and she ignores all but her handful of supporters out of maybe 1300 SC.  

"Trump likes her."  Trump doesn't know her but has met her a time or two.  Which side of the aisle are we on?  WINNING elections!  That is her only job. She mismanaged appointing electors for the Electoral College and only appointed her friends.  That alone should disqualify her.  I believe you are wrong that those who support her "far outnumber" those who don't.  

Your last sentence tells me you fail to understand the underlying issue.  It's not about who we like but who can get the job done.  This is politics and the stakes are high, not a garden party.

Interesting about the "garden party".  That, however, is exactly how the GOP is run, not just in AZ, but all over the country.  It is not a force for action, but a social club.  It's how people with no intention of standing firm on stated principles get put up in the states for our vote.

We have to change our idea of what a party should be and how it should be run.  We left the GOP behind in 2016 when we went with Trump over all the Party's picks.  That's where the voters stand.  However, the Party stands with Pence...and we know what that guy did to us.  The GOP and the people, their voters, are not even close to being on the same page.  But man, the GOP sure loves to grandstand with demands, and conservative initiatives in congress when there's absolutely zero chance of any of it being passed.

I guess you weren't at the last AZGOP meeting of State Committeemen in January when a taped message was played of Trump's endorsement of Ward for the Chair position, nor when the vote tallies were announced that gave her a clear plurality (1st vote) and majority (2nd runoff vote). But then, facts can be stubborn things.

Actions speak louder than words, RR.  Trump, for all he was the best, didn't win.  The GOP sunk him every bit as much as the Democrats and their bureaucratic and media wings.  By the way, I won't be at the next AZGOP meeting of State Committeemen either.  I'm 72 and have seen enough of conservatives beating their heads against the wall trying to run the GOP, and failing, to be convinced that it will never, ever happen. 

The people, the voters are conservative.  They wanted Trump and they want conservative policy.  The GOP has amply demonstrated, culminating with Pence on 1/6. that they have no intention of  ever delivering that policy.  The only thing standing between the people and that conservative policy is the GOP.  Let's not talk about their "words"...

Well said and 100% correct.  There are much better candidates than Ms Ward.  They need to step up and make the claim for GOP leadership!

WoW- Great conviction!!  I'm right there with the AFA team.  If I had a plane I would send thousands of leaflets w the above message to rain upon the state of Arizona- among other things. My greatest concern is the dragging of the feet - there is so much talk and barely any action w these people in office- and the red tape is beyond comprehension.  2022 will be upon us in minutes-our voter rolls must be cleaned up- for this election - at least this election- we must use paper ballots only- and vote in person with ID of course.  We can not use these "Demon Machines" until they have been gutted out or thrown into the nearest active volcano.

If they refuse to fix this mess-"nothing to see here" there is no way we can vote in the same manner and expect a different result.  We have 2 governors from the state of Georgia occupying seats they should not be in- for not fixing the prior election mess - we new it would happen and we let it happen and now here we are to see it crumble down around us.   If we let this happen again- all I can say is "Shame on us"!!!!!!!

            There is a HAND FULL OF THEM- and MILLIONS OF US!!!!   A  JERICHO MARCH in DC is in ORDER!!!!





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