The media seem to love the word “mandate”.  Given their focus on the word, it’s evident that they want more of them.  This free American isn’t playing.

A “mandate” is an imperial decree.  We have a legislature in the state and we have a congress in Washington, both the result of a war to free us from imperial decrees.  They are there to pass law, a power not granted to bureaucrats or an individual.  It’s why we have them.  But perhaps many Americans don’t know this.  Maybe the schools are so occupied teaching young people how to enjoy sex and abase themselves for being white, that the revolution and its reasons don’t get taught.

The bureaucrats who call themselves “scientists” tell us that covid is an enormous threat.  They tell us that the “vaccines” are safe.  They tell us that many commonly available drugs won’t cure it.  None of it is true. 

The private sector scientists who make far more money than the bureaucrats do, tell us that masks don’t block viruses, covid isn’t a big deal for the vast majority of people and the vaccines are not safe.  Who are you going to believe?  Me, I’ll believe those who don’t take their orders from agenda-driven politicians, people who have nothing to gain and much to lose by coming out against these things. 

Adding credence to their claims is the fact that the media seems to squash anything which runs counter to the bureaucrat narrative.  You can get around them.  Search for Michael Yeadon, Karen Kingston, Dr. Peter McCullogh, Salk Institute, Thomas Renz or frontline doctors.  Listen to them, watch them, read them and then ask yourself “Are these people lying?”  The man who developed the test for covid states than practically anything can generate a “positive”, not merely covid virus.  Is he lying?  Now contrast them with your general trust in news media.  I think you’ll find your answer. 


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The Fountain Hills Times refused to publish this...true to their media brethren.  They said that they didn't want to endanger people's health.   I pointed out, to no avail, that I did not hold out as an expert, but merely directed readers to people who are experts and not connected to government.  They apparently had zero curiosity about what those people might have to say, rejecting their views out of hand, without examination. 

A need of patriotic Americans are local chapters of an organization having liaisons with various sectors of society; their mission being to bypass the major media and get facts to the people. 

 Check out this video:

we have been set up....

Almost all media is controlled by the government, there is only one side to any story. The other side is suppressed by them. I would rather listen to both sides, but that is not allowed. I have heard the other side from world renowned scientists, doctors and some lawyers. They are out there brought to you by start up sites like GAB, Brighteon, Rumble and more. Start with them and as Paul Harvey said, "And now for the rest of the story."

Read my book. It was written in 2011. Do a search for "Not Allowed" and you will see that you are right on the money.


I heard Laura Logan say on Tucker Carlson that there is always a simple explanation underlying the long story. Here it is from the CDCs own data.

The total number of deaths in the US in 2020 compared to 2019 are all withing the normal statistical variations. It is less than in other years. Where are the "600,000!!!" Covid deaths?? Big Pharma just made billions on this. Follow the money.

We are all being played!

Gerard Beloin For US Senate 2022

Very interesting, Gerard!  How can it be that there are gazillions of deaths from covid, but the overall death statistics for the year are within the usual parameters?  Could someone be lying to us?

Here in Illinois the other night, they said there were 4,000 new infections in one day for the entire state.  These totals are being inflated to further the political narrative on a daily basis.  If the "fake news" is to be believed, virtually every death these days is from covid-19, or close to it.  They are trying to get everyone to take Biden's jab in the arm.  My advice: don't do it.

Apparently there is a doctor who said he would not treat any patients who had not been vaccinated.  (So much for the Hippocratic oath.)  His three patients who were not vaccinated promptly went and got the Biden jab.  Good thing this virus was not around in 1775-76.  We'd still be sinmging "God Save the Queen."

I've been thinking about the authority behind this mandate nonsense. Thank You, Jeff, for taking this on.  Where is the legislative process? the committee hearings? the codified/written law? "mandates" are indeed imperial, or dictatorial, decrees. They carry no force of law that we are obligated to follow, unless we live in China or some such place. Vat vill zee authoritees charge us with? Eh? Unt, vat vill zay arrest us for? You nailed it.  And, very good follow-up on the Covid scam. Keep 'em coming.

The strange thing is, Glenn, that the FH Times for example, sent me "fact check" info from Reuters and other government sources saying Yeadon was lying.  So their info came from either people who are not qualified to know by their training (press/"fact checkers") or the governments which for reasons not clear are pushing insanely for people to get this experimental vaccine, the latter a fact no one can deny.  Yet when you listen to any of these dissenting voices, you get zero sense that they are "nuts" or have some malign agenda.  So, in the end, the newspaper is willing to take information from such sources, but not from a man, Michael Yeadon, who was Pfizer's chief scientist and a vice president with more than twenty years of employment with them!  You would think that they would have at least some curiosity about it.  Just stupid, agenda-driven or just afraid of what their liberal readers would say?  I don't know.

As for the "authority", I suspect it's buried in some legislation giving such powers to some bureaucrat or political figure, though doubt that it would constitutional for congress to delegate and subordinate its powers to bureaucrats or a president. powers not granted them in the constitution and thereby, bypassing the people on a specific issue.

It takes people willing and able to stand up to the bureaucrats who exceed the authority of their agencies. I know of multiple sheriffs in multiple states (ref. Constitutional Sheriff's) who have taken their oath seriously to protect their citizens from the "enemies foreign & domestic" thing. Federal agencies that have been told to stop harassing & oppressing these citizens include the IRS, Forest Service, & the EPA. Some have been sued successfully. I recently read about a sheriff in Oregon who told the Burnt Forest Service to stop the above listed activities or face arrest. He also challenged them on their authority. These Fed's could not FIND the authority that they had assumed they were working under & agreed to go through the sheriffs office if they had a beef with a citizen. amazing.





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