I only read the Arizona Republic on occasional Sundays and then very little of it.  I found Dan Nowicki's column very informative this week... but his column is usually worth the read.

It surprises no one that Senator McCain does not like Senator Cruz.  Why would he?  Cruz is young, bright, articulate without being snarky, gutsy, unflappable and represents conservative views. McCain is a Senator.  One that needs to retire!

Beyond the personality differences, Cruz has something McCain will never have: class.  Cruz shows respect in the face of insults, never engages in personal insults himself, does not engage in immature name calling, governs just like he said he would, doesn't cave to pressure from the establishment if it does not match his principles.  McCain is a Senator.

Cruz is more likely to have the same message both publicly and privately.  McCain makes politically correct, often slavishly servile comments about his associates in public and calls them nasty names in private.  He is an old coot who sees the end of his career on his doorstep.  He cannot abide any of the new up and coming lawmakers in the Congress unless, like Kelly Ayotte, they kowtow to him. Grace is a four letter word to McCain.

McCain thinks Cruz made his 21-hour speech with some expectation that it would change the minds of the Democrats, including McCain and Graham, and suddenly, they would all see the light.  McCain misses the point, either because he doesn't want to see it or because he thinks he still has power to convince.  

Cruz, whether you agree or disagree with his speech, did something no one else has been able to do. He explained Obamacare to the American people in a way that anyone could understand.  He made Obamacare a front and center issue in a way that no one in the media, no one in the Congress, no one in the grassroots has been able to do.  He personalized it.  THAT was the point.  And he got massive attention.

In the old days of journalism, it was said even bad press was good press.  Cruz just proved that is still true even though there is very little journalism being practiced today.

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