America cannot stay on it's current trajectory. Since the New Deal, we have been on a course to utter annihilation in the world of debt, with spending at ludicrous levels, Trillions of dollars, in the name of benefits and the general welfare of the American citizen.

What Jackanape came up with that foolishness? The interest alone on this debt is obscene; the sad thing is, we're the ones to feel the consequences of their disastrous decision making. A bubble is going to pop in the next 10-15 years, that will level the American economy, and strengthen China.

The Pentagon put out a study, that says our countries dominance will end within 20 years. I think that's a bit generous, but we need to put this country back on track. We need to create a more moral system of governance.

[We want] a Homeland, that is driven by our dreams, our work and our innovation. Not one that's driven by blood and oil, but driven by the traditional Family unit! No more of 87 genders, and the sliming of the American way!

We pay out 900 Billion in subsidies, and another Trillion in Social Security. These numbers aren't counting food stamps, unemployment, and Medicare programs. Our budget is just under 4 Trillion.

Why is the government spending that level of money? It's simple. CORRUPTION. We need to elect people in, that aren't beholden to Democrats or Republicans, but the American voter.

Long live the Republic. Long live America.

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Drain the damn swamp

It's simple. The government is corrupt because the people are corrupt.

I couldn't agree more that the debt and deficit and all the unfunded liabilities are a national disgrace and because of its existence a national security threat. It is immoral.

Just a fact that the uniparty leaders simply do not want the swamp drained their the big baddest critters of the swamp.

The reminder of 2018 and all through 2019 it is going to be an ugly sight to behold, very ugly and the ugly will be directed towards Trump, his supporters and towards true conservatives.

If you claim to be a true conservative stay strong in your convictions and determined in all you do.

FDR didn’t do it alone. He is just another puppet to the Globalist Bankers that set this up way back in 1910 on Jekyll Island. They then passed the Banking act, the Federal Reserve act and the 16th and 17th amendments to ensure their success. We have been living a lie as we played our losing hand in this rigged game.

If I may quickly note .... America is doing much better now than if Hillary had stolen the Presidency.  We're on a much better course, though not without obstacles.  The Wall will eventually be built, the economy is doing wondrously, we are less involved in the Middle East, and Trump and Putin are working together better than any two American and Russian leaders have in a long time. 

So let's focus more on the positive ..... things ARE getting done .... and only a year and a half into Trump's Presidency.  If anyone would like to complain, please rather get out there and campaign or get involved in a Tea Party (Yes, we're still around and very active, though smaller in numbers), call your Congressmen, send Gov. Ducey some advice, but don't just continually remind us of the latest Demoncratic endeavor.  Nobody's listening nor wants to hear it.

Well Larry agree that action involvement is essential. There is also all though at times it bothers me peoples need a place to whine if they won't to even that may lead to more positive outcome in that by reading replies of this community when opportunities are noted for ways to take action that helps me for sure. Why? Cause I feel by some involvement less powerless.

I don't believe in whining, I believe in winning ... in taking the momentum and keeping it .... in taking the ball and not stopping till we've won the game by 50 points.   Let Hillary run for President ... I don't care ... it'll just give us another chance to bring up Benghazi again.  Let Michelle run for President ... but I want proof that she's a woman first.  Let Obama run for President.  It'll shine a light on the rest of the RINO's so we can vote them out.  I don't believe in whining when hit with a right hook .... I believe in coming back immediately with a left upper cut. 

I'm with you there, Larry.  We can't whine because it gets us nowhere.  You mention the tea party but I'm telling you that's almost a great idea.  There are only a few TPs left and they are good at what the were always good at, giving out information.  That is no longer enough which is why I think they are disappearing.  I have a good and really active buddy who has joined a group I just heard about in the past year or so.  They call themselves AZRA but they go well beyond the TP.  i would say it's the TP on steroids.   I miss getting out in the action but I do keep up.  I can find out how to get in with them from my buddy if anyone is interested.

It is the "Massive Transfer of Wealth" by entitlement fraud that is breaking the federal budget. I hope Trump is true to his word and refuses to sign another Omnibus Bill. I hope he let's Congress cause a shut down. More importantly, more than continue to bitch about entitlements, I have a solution. The federal government shares massive amounts of money with each state, for transportation services and projects. Require all states to issue new state ID's and Driver Licenses with a current photo AND a THUMBPRINT on the ID card. This will end entitlement fraud and make criminals easier to find and incarcerate. One License. One Welfare Account. One EBT Card. One VOTE! This will balance the budget and pay off the debt.

Great idea. I get the feeling that the uniparty does not desire to solve the problems.

SS is a ponzi scheme. The student loan much the same and a bubble soon I predict will burst.

I'm looking down the road. When a self funded billionaire out of the kindness of his heart doesn't run in 2024, what will happen. I foresee catastrophe. I like your thinking of solutions to our issues, I am a solution pusher as well. I am a proponent of radical change to our government, with the elimination of 90% of government programs, and for the seizing of the IRS and Federal Reserve for We The People.

I am pursuing the position of Chairman of the Libertarian party, as it is one of the three best known parties that represent true minimal governance, and it can run as an anti corruption platform, since it has no one in office. If you do any reading into members of Congress, you'll find that 90% of members on both sides have free memberships to lodges, do regular trips to Europe in resorts, have free food fit for kings. Corrupt.

The kid gloves are off, and we need to exhibit all of the force we can muster against all threats that are foreign. America must be independant again. 

With all respect Adam, we don't need a 3rd party that would only diminish the positives that Trump has stood up for ... the sovereign individual and his liberty to choose, and not that of the party's establishment. The notion of a 3rd party that would "solve" our political problems is not facing the reality of "the numbers game". We all saw how that worked out for the socialist Bernie Sanders, the Ross Perot effect, and those who made up the Green Party. So what makes you think that a 3rd avenue would change anything? We need to reform our Republican brand with power and control over those who continue to keep un enslaved TO THEM within the establishment.  I would suggest taking some of those common sense Libertarian ideas and, by way of conservatism, garner the votes that would change the party FROM WITHIN not go down the divisive path, for it does not unite, and the number 3 is always an odd number where you'd have no power in any Congressional committee or with any governmental appointments. You'd only be another Rand Paul claiming how much of yourself you see in the mirror. Change must come from within and effectual conversion to conservatism. 



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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