America cannot stay on it's current trajectory. Since the New Deal, we have been on a course to utter annihilation in the world of debt, with spending at ludicrous levels, Trillions of dollars, in the name of benefits and the general welfare of the American citizen.

What Jackanape came up with that foolishness? The interest alone on this debt is obscene; the sad thing is, we're the ones to feel the consequences of their disastrous decision making. A bubble is going to pop in the next 10-15 years, that will level the American economy, and strengthen China.

The Pentagon put out a study, that says our countries dominance will end within 20 years. I think that's a bit generous, but we need to put this country back on track. We need to create a more moral system of governance.

[We want] a Homeland, that is driven by our dreams, our work and our innovation. Not one that's driven by blood and oil, but driven by the traditional Family unit! No more of 87 genders, and the sliming of the American way!

We pay out 900 Billion in subsidies, and another Trillion in Social Security. These numbers aren't counting food stamps, unemployment, and Medicare programs. Our budget is just under 4 Trillion.

Why is the government spending that level of money? It's simple. CORRUPTION. We need to elect people in, that aren't beholden to Democrats or Republicans, but the American voter.

Long live the Republic. Long live America.

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I agree with you John. To quote someone much smarter than myself "a house divided against it's self can not stand! I have seen what the Republicans can do to third parties and I assume the Democrats have as much on the ball as those who we battle in our party.

I agree that a 3rd major party to get off the ground would take decades. R party needs a rebranding and there would be a better chance to effect change within and start now to hold the GOP in local county and state accountable.

In the meantime YUGE effort mounted to find those good conservatives to seek ofc.

I like your thinking, Adam.  As long as you don't make all drugs legal, elevate homosexuality and LGBTQ to normalcy, and expound that America was not founded as a Christian nation.   I actually like the Libertarian Party's stance on many things, but having the last verse in Judges as a platform (every man did what was right in his own eyes) is a recipe for disaster.  There ARE absolutes.  So, You change the present platform and we'll go from there.

I'm thinking that train already left the platform for your "as long as".

This election has so much riding on it. It's not just about defeating ALL democrats.  We should embrace those who strive to limit the scope of government in our lives, reduce taxes, and live within our means. The rule of law applies to ALL in the human genome.   The logic is a simple one, if your garden hose has a leak in it ... you shut off the water at the source ... then you fix the leaking portion.  We must stop the source of our discontent by way of the voting booth. Parents dare to discipline their crying children, so we should also do it at the border sieve, at the welfare offices, and at the local "stop sign". You run a stop sign, and if the police sees you, you pay and get the penalty for doing so. That is called a righteous LAW  that protects all others. Nationality, race, nor creed or religion should not claim an exemption, only evil does !!  

I have a solution also.  Let's end the FED (since it was never ratified by all the states), declare it an illegal entity and take the gold they stole illegally from all Americans.  Then we'll have a surplus instead of a debtr.

Larry, I wouldn't count on them having much gold. Ending the FED I could get behind that.

Why not buy them out? Congress could just give them a Federal Reserve Note for the entire debt stock and all the property and be done with it. No Gold just the note. After all they had all the states pass "Legal Tender" laws to force us to take them and we are the sovereign not the corporation known as the "Federal Reserve Bank". 



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