Looking back at our founders, one cannot see the political careers of these men without seeing a common attribute among these individuals; they loved their country, and put it first.

One could argue, the absence of love for ones country is globalism, the sense of accumulated guilt of x and y, with your country's success being attributed to others, so we should make the lives of other countries easier.

For George Washington, a stern military leader turned politician, he had the utmost respect and love for his country and felt embued by providence to lead it into a lasting form and asked God for guidance. Revolution to the British was considered utterly ridiculous based on immediate assumption.

All the other founders had the utmost respect for this man, and let him govern as he sought fit. The military felt a camaraderie with him, and the citizens could look at the man with admiration if he was successful in his endeavours.

After he was successful, the country was formed. They believed in law and order, that a country is made up of laws and if that truth was transgressed, the country was lost. They believed in a special nature to their country, that it was something to protect. They believed that local economies must be protected at all costs.

Up until the early 20th century, the federal government was funded by Tariffs, not the income tax, a measure not done of idle-mindedness, but from the idea of fostering the creation of local markets.

These would not have formed if the 40% tariff under the industrial revolution was not in place. Picture running a local business, then, a giant company rolls in, and sells the same thing you do, but at a lower price from importing goods from China or Mexico.

Under the industrial revolution, they didn't have that worry. That company would have to grapple with a 40% tariff if it was to undermine local labor! This is what a real American system acts like!

We should push for the betterment of Americans FIRST, and strengthening our own way of life over any other agenda.

What a thought.

Long live the Republic. Long live America.

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At the risk of oversimplification, America seems to be forming two camps.  The first is Nationalism, with focus on a strong and fairly independent America, states' and local rights, law and order, and self-reliance (with generosity to those truly in need).  The other is National and International Socialism, with focus on a global approach to governance, deference to the U.N. and other international entanglements, America not being in a strong leadership role, subservience of the individual to the state, and a reliance on a distant government to provide our needs.  

Those fighting so desperately in the second camp know they have to render the Constitution mute, alter the consciousness of several generations, and denigrate our American culture in order to prevail.  I think we are seeing that conflict coming to a head, each side equally passionate and committed to victory.

It does look a lot like Americans vs. Globalists.  Seems like if you raised your right hand and swore an oath to God that you would support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic but are a globalists, then you have an appointment in hell for eternity.  Americans across this great country are perfectly willing to help you pack and will provide "transportation" to that destination.

Swearing an oath to the Constitution apparently means little to the National Socialists, as evidenced by the Progressives on the Supreme Court.  Their allegiance is to the international order.

They can join the train headed to their final destination with the others.


America First, Socialism never!

Sounds great, unfortunately this is a world market now.  I don't think they were thinking tariffs were when our founding fathers were here?  I think the first tariff was about 1789, to generate funds for the government operations.

My brother knows one of the Harley Davidson owners and asked him a number of years ago why he doesn't buy carburetors, front ends and other motorcycle parts from US manufacturers.  His answer was quick, "they don't build them because they can't compete."  The tariffs on these parts increase the costs of manufacture and in the end the cost of the motorcycle.  The customer pays this. The parts are more costly produced in the US.  So in the end the tariffs make money for the government, as the consumer picks up the check.

It may very well protect the local industries, but the local people are paying for this.  Most of us purchase the lowest or lower cost items, and purchase non-local items at a lower cost.

Numerous persons have stated that free trade is the best option.  Tariffs are good for the government, but not the consumer.

I believe the George Washington letter to the people in 1794 was great.   He provides strong support for a balanced federal budget, arguing that the nation's credit is an important source of strength and security. He urges the American people to preserve the national credit by avoiding war, avoiding unnecessary borrowing, and paying off any national debt accumulated in times of war as quickly as possible in times of peace so that future generations do not have to take on the financial burdens that others have taken on themselves.

I think it's important to recognize that there is no such thing as fair and free trade, that is a pipe dream at best.

I am all for the tariffs that the President has resorted to. The best chance the USA has is individual country to country trade agreements to get close to reciprocal trade agreements.

I think the key is to think intermediate- and long-term, especially in international trade negotiations.  We have been on the short end in this arena for many years, and fixing that will take several negotiation cycles, with pain before the cure.  Should we blame the current administration for the short-term pain resulting from righting these inequities, or the previous administrations (from both parties) for agreeing to such lop-sided treaties?

Mike great reply.



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