Last night, April 15, in a beautiful park at the Gilbert Civic Center, the Tea Party held their Patriotism not Socialism tax day rally.  In fact, it was symbolic since tax day this year is mysteriously on April 16.  We looked forward to seeing how that went.  Great speakers were lined up. Kevin Jackson, from the Tea Party faithful, organized the event. Tea party members most likely got to know him during his recent visit to Arizona to promote and organize this event.  

We at AFA have supported the tea party ideals since they erupted on the scene across the nation in late 2009 and they were in full swing in 2010, when they/we set the country on fire with their work and support for tea-party-minded candidates and turned the Congress, in some measure, back to Constitutional principles.  In fact, some of our team past and present were active in that movement, having started and run tea parties in Arizona.  AFA was started as a blog for the tea parties and we had 27 tea party organizations participating here on a regular basis.

It's because of our past support of tea parties that we were interested in seeing if that tea party verve was still on fire.  It's not.  The event was widely promoted at legislative districts, on popular blog sites, on social media and on Republican Briefs.  AFA did not promote it, not because we were against it but because so much was happening in the world and here in our state, we just didn't have the space to do it.  Plus, we saw it being promoted literally everywhere Republicans gather and it sure seemed there was no where left to inform the devoted folks about this rally.

Alas, we here were proven right when we in the past have claimed that as important as that movement was, it no longer has legs.  Thousands of us read about the event, barely hundreds showed up.  Our estimate of the tiny crowd in the large venue was perhaps 200 folks.  In addition, there were activists and vendors at about 30 booths and a couple of food trucks.  

In April of 2010, some of our team - though not yet acquainted - attended the first tea party rally at the Capitol.  It was so packed, you could not even turn around.  The crowd covered all the grounds of the Capitol and the street and across the street into the parking areas.  Exuberant patriots carried signs and flags as big as Volkswagens.  The roaring of patriotism was deafening.  The media estimated 500 people were there.  The media was, as usual, colossally wrong.  Our estimate was closer to 10,000.

The tea party is not exactly dead.  The ideology is still strong and there are still a few very good tea parties in AZ.  The problem, as we have noted several times, to boos for our views, is that the tea party got the job done in the elections in 2010 and then went home and sat it out from there on.  Sure, terrific TP leaders arranged informative programs and people came to get the information.  No one was more informed than tea party goers.  No matter, by and large, they went home until the next meeting.

We are pretty sure that is still true today.  The real activists are not spending time at TP meetings. With so much work to do to retain our Republic, these folks are busy getting ready for the upcoming 2020 election, supporting candidates, nosing around in voter irregularities, proposing bills, going to pro-active organizations where real ideas are put into action and recruiting those who are willing to get off the sofa and get in the fray.  The Tea Party brand is not tarnished but it's part of history, an important part.  Tea party activist might do well to morph into some of the important forward thinking organizations with a goal-oriented agenda.

It's that attitude that will win back our country, crush the socialist agenda of the left and secure a Republic for future activists and sofa-sitters alike!

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I was at the Rally, and there was an energy and the folks were enjoying themselves.  The speakers were Great, and a lot of work was done to put this rally on.  I hope that this is the beginning of more Tea Party Rallies.

I just pressed the LIKE button

with the left being as reckless as it is. And my vision problem, I was scared to go out there because of anything at all happened. I couldn't defend myself.

Else I'd been there. Keep up the good fight. I think we are winning this war.

I too was there. People wandering aimlessly, stopping to chat with a recognized TP friend, great speakers. Beautiful night to be out. No energy. When the music played, no tapping of feet or clapping of hands. People sitting stoically. Tiny group. Saying “crowd” is an over statement. All good things come to an end

We as citizens in this forum understand the consequences of being responsible for what our nation has become thanks to the grass roots organization of The Tea Party. We are now faced with a more daunting task ... to educate our young to appreciate what we have been given "by our creator", not what we the leftist elite have envisioned. The brainwashing of children into the "global warming" agenda and amoral sexual agenda, will only limit the Liberty to choose .... if we don't fight with the same vigor as we did to support The Tea Party movement. The young are the target for the "new parents" of a collectivist globalism.

You said: "We at AFA have supported the tea party ideals..."  I have yet to sort out just what those "ideals" are. I think the tea parties have withered on the vine for lack of a clearly stated statement on what they stand for, what they  want, and a plan for gaining the greatest efficiency and effectiveness in pursuing their wants.  As a starting point it might pay for concerned Americans to read;; and

Walter, I think you conflate "ideals" with "goals/plans/action items"   I was a tea partier and I knew exactly what our well stated ideals were: Constitutional principles, elect conservatives to Congress and state houses, expose Obama.  They were successful through the 2010 election but I think they withered because they were a splinter non-group. No organization, no real sharing of action and after the 2010 election, no action at all.  To stay viable over time groups/organizations have to have a policy, a well-defined mission, leadership, communication, etc.  The Tea Party Patriots came closest but when the two leaders got into a squabble and split, it just didn't have the same cache although that was slithering away before the split. I doubt it can be resurrected. As a young reader, I loved the phrase, "You Can't Go Home Again," Thomas Wolfe in a book of that name.  Tea Party people need to find a new way to #MAGA

Ye of little faith--it was the tea party that got me involved in our state and federal politics.  I met some real true conservatives and join in the rallies at the time.  Many spin-offs of conservatives running for office and starting other conservative groups.  We ran into the left media and our own liberal  federal government to the extent of the IRS not granting Non-profit status. I will always respect the Tea Party for bringing us together to fight the Global agenda. 

No one has said anything against the tea parties so I think we all understand what AFA said: they were a very important part of our past and saved the Congress for the republicans. But all good things come to a halt and that has happened to tea parties.  Long live the tea party, but they will not resurrect the energy they once had.  But, the TP led to other organizations that took up the batons of freedom.  The tea party will long be known for the rise of patriotism forevermore.





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