From Chairman Russell Sais, La Paz County:

Okay, I have cherry picked our bylaws.  Following are those that I feel may apply to our problem.  It appears that we could attempt to call a special meeting, to determine a few things.


What happened to the $220,000 that Lines was surprised about in the March meeting.  (I ask 11 questions about this money in a post here about a week ago).  Do I need to repost them?

When has the exec committee (and why have they not) been presented with a budget to approve.

A demand in regard to how come Gabby and Bob have not been granted proper access.

It is my view that we need a legal beagle to write up the demand for a special meeting, and proceed to follow the bylaws in regard to getting a call issued.  Doing so would do a couple of things.  One would be to force them to give Gabby the proper contact information so she can make the call.  AND, if they still refuse, then it becomes a legal offense I think.

Anyway, look at the excerpts below, and lets see if we can actually pull off getting a special meeting underway.

I wrote a letter 8 days ago to Lines, giving him 7 days to respond to me with an or else attached.  I will post it here shortly for your review.

Your thoughts?

Russell Sias



C. Special Meeting


4 Special Meetings


D. Removal of Officers

F. Duties of Elective Officers

2. Secretary

3. Treasurer

G. Duties of Appointive Officers

3. General Counsel


A. Executive Committee


I think I was more surprised that Chairman Lines was when, in March, he expressed that he was "surprised" that we were $220,000 in debt. Now, I want to know several things.

1. How did this happen, when he was the treasurer, AND in charge of expenditures?

2. Who authorized these expenditures?

3. What was this $220,000 spent on, (an itemized list)?

4. Did the executive committee approve this $220,000?

5. Now that Chairman Lines is our party chairman, surely he has found out the particulars about this $220,000, right?

6. If, in fact, (then treasurer) Lines was later surprised by the $220,000 debt, what actions has he now taken to hold accountable those whom apparently absconded with party money when HE WAS in charge of those funds – and apparently not watching?

7. Was (then treasurer) Lines, actually on the job and doing the job as treasurer?

8. How did someone else get access to state party funds without his knowledge?

9. Have laws been broken?

10. If so, what charges have been filed?

11. Is (then treasurer) Chairman Lines, in violation of the law by allowing these expenditures without (as he now claims) his knowledge?

From our bylaws, duties of the treasurer: “The treasurer shall receive all monies provided for the state committee, be custodian of the funds received, and disburse same upon order of the state chairman. All checks shall be signed by the treasurer…”

Based just upon the above duties of the treasurer, certainly, the above questions are appropriate.

Spelled out in the bylaws in regard to the Executive Committee: “...the executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party….”

Again, for an expenditure of $220,000, surely an item this size should have been a budgeted item! If not, why not?

Are the contributions to the state party not something that our state leaders should have significant fiscal accountability for, especially in the sums mentioned by party leaders?


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What this shows us Conservatives ...  is that we have a new kind of Republican IRS scandal before our eyes. That would explain why the IRS commissioner is still getting his pay ... on our "contributions" to government. Liars always lie, for honesty is a discomfort to themselves.

Having now seen the actual minutes of the above mentioned meeting, I must admit to a memory failure.  The amount of money was not $220,000, it was actually $250,000.  According to the minutes, at least.





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