(In the former Soviet Union it was a very dangerous thing to be the first one to stop applauding for Stalin. The result could be a ticket straight to the gulag; or worse.

Taken from a recent commentary from a local priest)

05-15-2021  /   Fr. John Letters    /   Fr. John Bonavitacola

The only way that Soviet communism eventually collapsed was because brave men and women stopped applauding. And Solzhenitsyn whispered three words from his place in the Gulag: “It’s a lie”. But before that could happen many courageous souls paid dearly for their refusal to cooperate with the regime.

Though the circumstances are different today, they are nonetheless eerily similar. Our form of totalitarianism is soft, not hard, at least not yet and it comes not from the state but from the corporate world, the social media fiefdoms propped up by the media. ‘Diversity, inclusion and equity’ have replaced ‘workers of the world unite’. But the same ideology is underneath them both: a false utopia built on a distorted understanding of the human person. Now, just as then you are expected to applaud or be canceled.

Do you dare to stop applauding?

Fr. John B.

Our Lady Of Carmel Catholic Church

2121 South Rural Road
Tempe, AZ 85282



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Hey, that's my parish, and Fr. John Bonavitacola is my pastor.  A great man who speaks truth to power.  I've been enjoying his letters (many just like the above) for decades now.  A veritable modern-day Bishop Fulton Sheen.

Thumbs up

Unfortunately, the corporate and government players are constantly rotating positions including the FBI and CIA .....    with over half of our population uneducated, most decent private sector paying jobs are overseas, and all of the FBI and CIA  gone to the dark side ... I don't see how we get out of this anytime soon.    We have to protect our state and our Republican controlled state legislature has to get better at passing laws to protect our rights and punish those like Facebook and Google that try to take them away like Florida is.  Europe is already doing vaccine passports and their guns are long gone along with many other rights.  Ugh...

The Good Father, John B., and Father Kosko of St. Henry in Buckeye are a good start to a new "Black Robe Regiment" so named by the British in the American Revolution for leading their good followers in battle against the king's men in that war.

  Right ON !!! Fr. John Bonavitacola ,

 The book "The Gulag Archipelago" gives a great insight into what the Left is striving for America and will not stop until it reaches the goal.    Even worse this crazy thinking is supported by the government so-called "Public School" system (GET YOUR KIDS OUT NOW!!) college has gotten even worse..   

 The RED FOR ED movement in Arizona is the source of this thinking being spoon feed to your kids in the GSS (Government School System) Hay, its the new SS..  These bastards (Arizona RED FOR ED) have made themselves the modern day Stasi of education, the thought police.. 

We will not Comply !!!!!!





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