When AOC popped on the scene, she was full of hand and eye gestures and toothy smiles. And crazy ideas but we didn't know that at first. Rashida Tlaib came on the scene full of invectives and slams in the most disgusting way against the President of the United States, the most powerful person in the world. Biden has long been imbued with his own kind of personality... groping, verbal gaffes that endeared him to many voters, not just democrats.

We have entered the time of personality politics. Voters clearly aren't interested in the qualifications of the candidates with whom they fall in love. Take Bernie Sanders. He was a very credible candidate and except for HRC, might have been the democrat nominee. Sanders has been in politics since he was elected Mayor of his home town, Burlington, VT, at the age of 53... by 10 votes. It was his first permanent paying job! He owned nothing and lived off welfare and a series of women. He has not floated a single bill in the Congress that became law. Instead, he has attached himself to the bills run by others, demanding amendments and claiming success. A man who has been in Congress for 29 years who has had little impact on America is a man loved for his personality.

Personality.  It's why Kamala Harris must get a personality implant if she hopes to be successful in getting the dem nomination.  It's hard to run on a persona of anger.  Right here in Arizona, we see Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, coming out oh, so charming with Gabby standing at his side. Voters are likely to vote for Kelly because they feel terrible about Gabby losing her career in such a tragic way.  You've been warned!

Now, along comes Beto O'Rourke from Texas. With a constant flourish with his hands and facial antics, he announced he is a candidate for President. Making it 25 or 30 dem candidates, which supersedes the 17 candidates the Republicans ran in 2016. Instantly, Beto gets 5% favorability and he has done nothing. Rep. Kevin McCarthy served in the Texas legislature with Beto and said he, like Bernie, never got a single bill passed in six years. He's all about personality.... skate boarding into rallies, jumping around with a bull horn, telling jokes.

Oh, you say?  Trump won on personality.  No, he was ingrained with accomplishments.  We didn't have to wonder what Trump had accomplished along with his personality.  Maybe he could have won on personality alone.  Obama did!

No need to be qualified.  Personality politics gets you a government job these days.

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Very good insight and very true.  

I totally agree & since I am old enough to remember most of the prior "clowns" it saddens me to see it still goes on & on.

Really can't fault the younger generation (unless their parents discussed true history with them) but then  again seems we are 

many generations from being taught TRUE history of our founding fathers and our country!

AFA, What you have written is so true. Imagine that the world as it is my goodness without placing the lids on the pots around the world a breakout of a wwIII is quite possible and the dems are in to personality qualifications for a presidential candidate? That is scary.

No we didn't vote for MEGA Don because he had personality. We knew he was no saint. What the forgotten American did was vote for a man who challenged the political correctness and the wheels that were turning that would place many of us on to the trash bin of time.

This is exactly how how Prescott votes. It is not on policy or accomplishments.  I actually had a conversation with a voter who said since the candidate did not give him a firm handshake, he wouldnt vote for him. Prescottonians  attend local Republican  clubs  and love the handshaking, and receiving a personal hello from the politicians who care only about becoming the next  rising star. . They also  call the local KYCA radio, do so because it is hosted by some of the Prescott City Members . You would think they were talking to their neighbor, not the politician who will decide if their pocket will be picked .   Calls to the radio that do not support the local politicians all of a sudden will have telephone problems. You get disconnected only for their phalanx of establishment politicians to call  in support . I know because this happened to me . BOS Rolly Simmons actually accused me of hate speech when I disagreed with the actions of the Mayor and the Council.     Voters here make their decision on the candidates personality! !

All too true. The most insidious part of it, though, is the fact that there really are puppetmasters behind the scenes pulling their strings. As an electorate, we have been reduced to 10 second sound bites choreographed by the socialists who have a very definite plan for implementing their New World Order and these puppet politicians are only a distraction for our entertainment. There will come a time, not so far off now, when the Globalists will not need these entertaining distractions.

Thumbs UP!

Last night the show Madam Secretary went really further than before to the dark side of the left-wing.

It really has been going on forever. One only has to look back at JFK in the 60's and most recently, THE "stupidest" comment I had ever heard was my ex wife back in Ohio who "voted for Bill Clinton because she thought he was cute." I could only shake my head in disbelief and probably that mindset along with other things is why she's my "ex wife"...



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