It's erroneous to think Democrats don't have infighting inside their party. We know that is not true because of the Democrat shakeup of the leadership in the Legislature just a few weeks ago. The difference between the two parties is two-fold: 1. Democrats don't think independently as Republicans tend to do; they engage in group think, and 2. they have sense enough to fight in private. The Legislative shakeup was real news and very public so it could not be hidden, but that is rare. They usually convince the vanquished to put on a pretty face and go out and smile as though they weren't just drug menacingly from their aspirations. Republicans prefer to make jerks of themselves in public, before cameras, if possible.

Take the Sen. Cruz filibuster. It's not possible for Sen. McCain to disagree politely or privately. He must have a public forum before calling a fellow Republican names like "wacko bird." It's in his DNA to get as much attention as possible. Other Republicans publicly exposed their disdain for Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee. How sweet to find that Cruz and Lee had the right idea to publicly oppose Obamacare and how sweet it is to see the liberal Dems running for cover on Obamacare now!

Then there is the very public tiff Gov. Chris Christie started against Sen. Rand Paul. No one actually knows what this is about but we sure know it shows up frequently on cable news! Just what good this does remains one of politics' biggest mysteries. Maybe these people were denied lollipops in childhood or are overgrown sandlot bullies!

We don't have to look far afield for examples of Republican bad behavior. Just read the newspaper, if you can actually find a "news" paper. Or read a few blogs or even just innocently open your emails during election season!

Currently, we have a war of mis-use of words going on between two Governor candidates. Nope, that's not accurate. Let's do that again. We have a one-way war of one Governor candidate against another candidate. And it's being carried out anonimously through blogs and tacky emails by very willing surrogates. Makes it very easy to determine who the willful culprit is. Maybe it's only his handlers but the buck stops with the candidate!

We've seen this before, of course. There is a faction of the Arizona Republicans who just can't stand competition. And we are not talking about the McCain power-broker action here! They are so arrogantly transparent it's hardly worth a bucket of spit for them to bother with such tactics. We are talking about the power hungry, the wannabes-at-all-costs crowd.

A little competition in a political race might result in the best candidate in the general. However, the fact is that early smear campaigns are designed to force candidates out of the race, eliminate the competiton, render them bloody by any means necessary, issues be-damned.

In this case, and in cases to come, the only thing that actually happens is that it gives a gift to the Democrats. Democrats rarely have primaries. AZGOP Chairman Graham has been complaining that Democrats pre-select their candidates. True enough and smart besides. They, sadly, do it in smoke filled rooms between the power players, completely and unnecessarily ignoring the wishes of their voters. Consequently, they save their warchests full of cash to fight against their real opponent in the General Election.

Republicans are all too happy to help out the Democrats. In most cases, one would think opposition research should be done and used against the other party like the Democrats do against Republicans. Fair enough. Republicans - a certain faction - prefer to rip up their Republican competitors, saving the Democrats the trouble!  And the money! And that is what is going on now in the Governor's race. And it won't stop there if history is any indicator. This is not some small local race, after all! 

Facts may be stubborn things but that does not mean they cannot be manipulated. Anything less than all the facts are not ever true.  Republicans might stop losing elections if they would train their efforts on the other party and stick to issues. Arizona is fraught with troubling problems like fighting the EPA's efforts to shut down a major part of Arizona's energy; like thinking about how to rid Arizona education of Common Core; like attacking the illegal immigration/border issue; like figuring out how to balance a budget that needs serious solutions that should not include tax increases; like taking back Arizona lands from the feds; like restoring state sovereignty and on and on.

Any Republicans who engage in vilifying their Republican opponents in the primary are playing a fool's game. This should not be tolerated. Aren't you tired of politics as usual? Because that's what this is. These are the worst of candidates because they are more interested in their own political career than they are in you, the Arizona citizen. Never support a candidate who has only smut to fall back on, no matter how 'nice' they seem. Let's finally raise the election bar and support the candidate that best articulates the issues and the solutions. Because candidates with honor and authentic interest in Arizona won't have to fall back on personal attacks. They will be too busy thinking about what's important to Arizonans.

Remember Candidate Culprit. Arizona Freedom Alliance knows who you are!

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I agree.  We have far too much infighting going on.  Focus on the prize.  People leave this party because of the negative comments and party infighting.  We are struggling to get those people back.  More back stabbing is not going to help attract new people to the party.  Can't we just get along just so we can win some elections.  The best way to make a big statement is to win elections. 

Thank you for identifying the "elephant in the room."  I don't understand why Republicans do this to each other.  I think I got an email on one of these candidates and it made me more interested than I might have been because I did some research.  No one with any real problems would put themselves in a position of running for such a big office so this sounds like someone needs to get over themselves.  I pledge not to vote for any candidate who plays dirty against a fellow Republican. I care where they stand on issues. Period, and I mean period.

This is a most timely analysis of the current reality. Clear and true.

Amen brother.

I have been out there trying to get signatures for a Republican candidate, it has been an arduous task.  The responses I get are, " I don't vote anymore, Don't follow politics, not interested.  What can we do?

Excellent question.  We'll take that up with some of the charter members of AFA and some other candidates and see if we can come up with a proper response.  Of course, voting and becoming a PC is the only way people can change the political landscape and politics affects every single person in America whether they vote or not.  So they should at least get in the process and try to effect change.

Suggest you politely turn the tables on them with some questions:

Why don't you vote?  How would you create a climate in which you would want to vote?  How do you think politics  influences your life?  Do you know that your vote can help change politics?  

Get them to talk about their position and perhaps you could get an opening to educate.  Sometimes, one single comment from you could change their minds.

Thank you for your suggestions, next week I hit the pavement, hope people are more positive.

We'll be praying for you!!





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