By Dave Merrick

This is undoubtedly the scariest time we have been in since America was founded. We have been here for about a week. Where we are right now makes the Cuban missile crisis or major terrorist attacks, by comparison, look like little more than daily news. One of the reasons I can see it and so many can’t is because I threw out my cable television over 30 years ago. If I want news, I go looking for it from reliable sources. I don’t sit in an easy chair and let some propagandist posing as an anchorman or pundit ram his version of what he wants me to see as news down my throat.

We have given the left the heyday they have longed for - by our hubris, laziness and effectively pervading carelessness

Without firing a shot, leftist sympathizing/collaborating communication/news media sources have shut down Alex Jones for the crime of “hate speech”. There is no such crime, in and of itself - and they know that. But, as I have stressed so repeatedly up to this point, the 21st century ‘terms of agreement’ and EULA declarations imposed by social networking and media giants on a now cyber-dependent society have softly - ever so subtly - superseded the freedom of speech we Americans have always enjoyed. Our right to say potentially caustic and disagreeable things was given us by the blood left in the ground to pay for that liberty. And we have (corporately, en masse) raised brainless, spoiled vegetables-for-children who will now inherit, nurture and perpetuate our lazy spinelessness.

I have often talked about what happens to the frog in the pot of water. The punchline of that proverb of course centers on the temperature of the water being raised just a degree or two every few minutes. While no sane frog is going to go swimming in a pot of boiling water, we can put him in cool or tepid water ... and by the time he is nearly cooked meat in a bubbling soup, he is just delighted in lolling around in what feels like a nice hot bath. And in that same moment he is dead. Lack of contrast kills - unnoticeably and by degrees. Contrast is what keeps people sharp, alive and THINKING. Smart warriors avoid contrast. They don’t want to be heard or seen coming. And they set traps that won’t be noticed until they have sprung shut.

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Now lets see how much of a response this generates.  This has been creeping up on us for several years.  Thanks to 9-11 and our Republican president, Bush.  Now, with the Patriot ACT, and corrupt "intelligence" agencies, we'll see how long before silent arrest start creeping into our world for disagreeing with government.  Of course, all this is completely unconstitutional and a major threat to our way of life as we knew it.

Not really an Alex Jones follower, at least so far, but this whole MSM-driven shutdown of his site and political communications suggests to me that he must be onto something.  If he were insignificant, they wouldn't have spent so much effort in social media to slam him down. 

Who stands to lose from his "conspiracy" exposes?  That pursuit will flush out those fearful of what he is saying.

And it is curious that the most Progressive social media sources are the most fearful of him.



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