- Did you know that ... in this Democrat bill, the Inflation Reduction Act passed yesterday (and not supported by even 1 Republican) ... NONE OF IT goes into effect ... until AFTER December 31, 2022?
- Did you know that this bill Raises the "super-fund tax" on crude oil and imported petroleum to 16.4 cents per barrel (indexed to inflation) and increases other taxes and fees on the fossil fuel sector. How does that "reduce" YOUR Inflation at the pump??
... Democrat Senator Chris Coons admitted ...  the bill could take 'a year or more' to bring down the inflation rate.
- Did you know that this bill was touted that Medicare would directly negotiate prescription medicine prices with drug makers. It would force drug makers to pay rebates to the U.S. ... IF ... they ever raise Medicare prices beyond the rate of inflation ... though the price negotiation WON'T TAKE EFFECT until 2026 and will initially only apply to ten drugs, increasing to 20 drugs in 2029. It also puts a cap of $2,000 on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for people on Medicare, EFFECTIVE in 2025. So much for helping seniors Right?
- What would DOUBLING the size of the IRS agents do to prove your "innocent until proven guilty"?
Subsidies, Tax Credits, and investment dollars ... are all Spending ... they will not lower any federal deficits as they told us all over 10 years. Nobody will remember what was passed 10 years from now after these vermin Democrats are out of Congress.  The government doesn't make a profit, they spend ... then Tax, and Tax again ... as Taxes are the Drug FOR government largess.
- Did you know that this bill IS A historic .."down payment".. on deficit reduction to fight inflation. It's all LIES that won't help today. After passage in the Senate, the House plans to take up the bill at the end of the week and then send it to President Biden for his signature.

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