Editor:  The following was sent to one of our team members as part of a private discussion.  The discussion centered around America's survival as a Republic.  So keep the context in mind.  We are posting it because for several years, we, like many of you, have wondered how the current crop of kids, all the way to college grads, were going to not just function in the world, but to lead it?  They are being taught to follow the crowd.  But who leads the crowd?  That seems to be done by the handful of elites who actually got training in the Alinsky method.  #RedForEd, school shootings, immigration protests have one thing in common: none of them take into account any ideas from others outside their own small microcosm of a world.  Those who engage in such nonsense as gun free zones/schools, give me citizenship because I or my parents slipped over the border illegally, give me a job that suits my personal lifestyle, count me a winner whether I even show up or not and on it goes, are being trained to be sociopaths.


From CB:

I've got some useful ideas.  
"The Bessings of a Skinned Knee' = great book.   A PHD Jewish psychologist in Beverly Hills, who one day, sitting across from a rich 11 year old, questions why he is there when every 'need' to be healthy is met on steroids in his life - food, shelter, love.  Every desire or want of his was met so what the hell was he doing in her office.  End of Story - he never learned 'internally' that he could take care of himself. That HE could fall down and skin his knee and survive - pull himself up by his own bootstraps. 
Let kids be kids and stop the word police so they learn that '...words can never hurt you...'   Ever watch the Christmas Story?  The boy gets beat up everyday on his way home and finally loses it and beats the shit out of the bully. 
My son was bullied, entire school was, and I told him to punch the kid in the face as hard as he could. My son said he would be suspended and I told him when I picked him up I would buy him a video game.
#1. Kids don't know they can survive being called a name, falling, getting cut, getting teased, or being embarrassed - so they are weak, thin skinned. Have you been to a 'playground' lately?  Some real expensive special space-like material so they won't 'get hurt' when they fall.  So they don't get hurt and now they are weak.  No callouses. Soft.  Not to mention they are not learning physics or engineering - how to jump off the swing or out of the tree and land so you don't skin your knee or hit your head.  Bring back teetor tooters - I still remember the joy of outsmarting the boys, timing when to throw my legs down and soften the impact so my brain would not jar, as they put boy after boy day after day, trying to take me down - literally slam my side down. 
We have State Run schools. It started with Facebook and parents demanding administrators punish kids for what they were putting on FB to other students.  
#2.  Boys need physical release of aggression and validation that aggressive feelings are 'normal'.  Martial arts. How about being allowed to play on the playground? Hunting and animals like bunnies - so they experience live and see death. 
9/11 my middle [son] was in the first grade and the teacher was horrified that all the 6 yr old boys were discussing killing the enemy.  I told her 'good, they will grow up to be soldiers and protect me' - she was shocked. 
So CB solution - bring back bullies and playgrounds with dirt and trees.


The really sad thing is that this is not an American problem. This is a world wide problem. Look closely at the protesters in other countries. While some protests are legitimate and organic, most of those in America and other western countries are orchestrated with paid protesters.

Question 1: how many paid protesters do you need to gather the disenchanted and ignorant to join the protest?

Question 2: when are parents going to be parents who take care of their kids, teach them the way to go and take them to church to give them a firm foundation for decision making?

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I totally concur with this article.  Dr. Spock ruined kids by making parents feel guilty for punishing them for their conduct. Life punishes all of us for our conduct and kids are supposed to be exposed to life's lessons from the crib. Maybe from the age of 6.  Stop giving trophies to kids for standing around on the field without actually getting in the game.  Give kids a dose of reality and toughen them up.  Parents, it's time to stop being friends with your kids and be an authoritarian parent with a hand gloved in love.

Bullies back in the day were a natural necessity. They would hunt out children that had a fragile side to theirselves. If you ever asked a bully even from the 90s they would say they were trying to make the victim stronger. For as long as the child doesn't deal with them, they were weak. But if they did deal they DID become stronger. You could say the bully is a natural test that's there on purpose. Now everyone is a snowflake, a wimpy kids paradise.

I think the education department and the universities are the key to flipping the republic back within a twenty year period of time. Children CRAVE to be good, they're just being lied to. Picture an America where children went out into the world, and their beliefs were backed up at every step of the way with FACTS. Right now that's being done artificially in the oligarch controlled media with this talk of one million genders, the idea that if you are alive on the planet you're entitled to be an American citizen, and so forth. A Marxist revolution is already underway, just wait for our economies collapse somewhere in 2030, that's when it gets its worst. We need a PLAN.

Lot of food for thought and most of us would have already known this and much, much more.

The socialist ways have been for decades in play and it is now in full throttle.

Indoctrination of the youth of America to stop this and turn it around will take decades to undo what has been accomplished.

The clue to the undoing lies with parents recognizing the harm. This many do not recognize or just ignore for convenience.

The undoing starts at the local and in the family home.

Once the 'state' is allowed to own parents children the Republic is gone forever.

It was 1958 and I was in High School.  After I finished my lunch and picked up my tray a smart ass threw an unopened milk carton barely missing me and hitting the wall right behind me  I set the food tray down and brushed myself off.  Spotting the smart ass getting ready to leave the table four table up, he headed to the aisle.

I walked around the wall and up the wall catching the smart ass just before breaking free from the tables.  I punted the best punt of my life as his food tray spinning up right all over the front of his shirt and jeans.  Immediately I turned and walked away.  He was 30 pounds heavier and 2 inches taller.

He was ready to come after me and extend the encounter.

The shop teacher saw the entire event - milk carton and the kicking a score.  He intercepted the smart ass and I never heard a word of disciplinary action for my part.  when I returned to pick up my food tray to take back to the dish washing line - other students were cheering and applauding.  Some bullies are not too smart are they?

You made the point, Bruce.  When a ruffian bully attacks another kid, instead of it winding up in court as it often does today with parents and judges and attorneys, you took care of the kid.  THAT is what this message is about.  The results of your actions proves it.  clap clap clap  We need more Bruce's and fewer snowflakes.





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