If we make a point of befriending young people up and through the millenials, would they be good citizens of the United States Constitution?

Take a look at this Wall Street Journal survey:

61% of all Americans believe patriotism is important.

42% of millennials believe patriotism is important to this country.

48% of Americans cited God or religion as important. Let that sink in against today's backdrop of protestors/Occupy-Wall-street young people – and some old hippies.

30% of millennials rank theology of any kind as important.

Only 43% of all Americans say having kids is important. This is the lowest birth rate estimate in a generation and heading south. Consider that with muslim couples having an average of 12 kids, can you imagine what America will look like in just a couple of generations? Americans are falling way short of even producing replacements for themselves much less growing the population enough to overcome the many ways our population can retract.

Future leaders of America will not be patriots, won't have kids, won't be connected to any church or religion.

This is quite different from the last time we saw a similar social order – the 1960's aka the hippie/flower child drugged youth. The counter culture of the 60's bloomed from no where, unexpected and a curiousity to those whose kids escaped that culture.  In less than a decade, it was over.

Today, the "I-don't-care" culture is embedded in a very high percentage of young people. This is the generation where everyone got a trophy; teachers were fired if they disciplined the students; parents were AWOL in demanding jobs, happy hour and spas and a self-absorbed generation was born. Today's kids literally grew up in day care, not parent care. What would we expect today's kids to be like?  This is not just a quest to separate themselves from their parents as it was in the 60's.  This is all some kids have ever known.  Converting them into productive adults is essentially impossible

Imagine them running a city government, a state government or the federal government.  Imagine them as the crux of the work force.  They show up at 10am, take early lunch where they visit the local meth store, return to work stoned and hope they can drive home without getting stopped.

Such an outlook will destroy America.

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The New World Order is the only solution. We are generations deep into the strategy our overlords, the Globalist Bankers, have employed to destroy Western Culture. There will be no happy ending to this story because We the People failed to meet our obligation to be an informed, responsible citizen. 

When the time arrives that these children grow into adulthood many become despondent do to the influence of the gadgets they have, the easiest road to travel, and the parents not having the testicular fortitude to confront these children when they had a chance to. Children can no longer be "children" and are accelerated into adulthood without knowledge of the consequences of poor decisions. It seems that parents themselves become more liberal as a scapegoat to giving responsibility to government, and by government mandating that they have a necessary 2nd job just to though the months bills.  Bigger government and taxes imposed to feed the beast are the culprit. Republicans who claim conservatism, and Demoncrats who spend all they have and more, will not stop this tyranny, serfdom, and economic enslavement facing the world. Only American voters can stop this onslaught.   

We see this enslavement with every bond millage proposals for more dollars for "education" to move forward, yet moving forward without knowing where they came from in the first place is the problem.  Few understand it as our downfall, for "it's all about the children" they tell us ... but it's not. Decades ago we knew what made America great, and now we don't, for most of the young today don't care about voting because it's inconvenient to them ... and unless Google tells them to ... whereby it manipulates the young without them even knowing it. We now have a Marxist COLLECTIVISM of group thought that has infiltrated the minds of young to the point of all these young adults seem to care about is their own self-interested agenda of "what's in it for me" and not critically thinking about the nation's future generations. Investigative journalism is dead, for it to be alive would "upset" Kaepernick and Nike. The American dream will be replaced by a utopian dreamland of political despair created by government, and the "chaos" of socialist Communist autocratic rule over the individual's choices ... and all that will befall the USA ... after the baby boomers are dead.

The only way there will be a happy ending is to bring back our Christian beginnings by praying and believe we can all do it together with God's help.

I couldn't disagree more with paragraph 9. It is the same only bigger. Instead of just a few drug induced dropouts it is many millions. The younger generation uses marijuana on a daily basis and it has become big "acceptable business" as far as many states are concerned, licensing and taxing the "business" of destroying our citizens and the country for the taxes it brings in. How hard is it to sell Communism and Socialism to a people that recreate by smoking pot and sitting on the couch. How much productivity is lost to the brain stunting smoke produced by the high T H C strains that only take a puff or two to put the smoker on the edge of a numbness. How likely  is the child of these thirty something potheads to continue in their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents pastime having grown up watching in some cases all three generations partake in this addiction in front of  them for most if not all their lives? Oh, and BTW this is a continuation of the New World Order's plan to destroy America by any means necessary. The "movement" started in the 60's was not organic at all it was planned and many of the participants and their families are wealthy because of their participation in the drug trade. The British Royals among the most notable.

John P: I disagree.  The counter culture of the 60's had young people experimenting with dangerous drugs without any idea what they would do. They walked out of windows and off balconies.  They went to Woodstock to party and do drugs they thought would have no lasting effect.  They came to that place from relative innocence. Today, our youth from grade school is well schooled on todays drugs. As youth will do, they didn't think they would get caught in the web.  They no longer publicly protest half nude. Today, they protest by burning down the school.  Much different in terms of how they responded to their culture, not as dangerous to others, didn't carry guns and knives and homemade bombs.  Sure, very different from now.  I think that is what para 9 refers to, not whether drugs are still around.  Drugs, like alcohol and cigarettes once introduced never disappear. But you seem to discount your first sentence with the rest of your post, yes, drugs are big business now, out in the open, taxed, encouraged.  I had kids in the 60s and they got past that period and went on to finish school, get good jobs and 2 opened their own businesses.  Todays youth in the current counterculture are predominantly destroyed by the time they hit 30.  The remnants of their behavior today will stay with them for life because they were never taught values to start with.  That was much less true in the 60's now over 30 yrs in the past.  IMHO

Pat; The number now is about 60% of of the people 40 and under are using Pot on a regular basis. The same things are happening with the walking out of window etc. it's just old hat so not a big deal to the news folks. The thousands and thousands of deaths ever year from synthetic heroin and meth and designer drugs is barely reported and the billions of dollars in damage done to our people and pockets not mentioned because it points to our border and the millions of illegal aliens here working for the drug cartels as mules and decoys distributing the poison the news no longer even reports on it is so common. In high school I never knew anyone that had tried pot till I moved to California and it was rare even there. I knew of a few who OD'd in my later years at High School but not many and I did not personally know any. More traffic accidents took the kids who died during HS in my day. But now it is available to very young teens in Jr. HS and even grade school. The kids see the parents and learn fast. Kids in Grade school showing up with drugs or guns in the back pack are common. Never happened back then. The drugs you think have disappeared are still there just not reported because the society has changed to the point that this is expected and not rare or reported to the news anymore.

Right, John P.  You have made the point that this current climate is much different from the 60's.  My kids went through the drug thing, we put them in counseling and attended with them and they and most of their friends walked away from drugs.  But their kids, well, that is a different story.  Among those in my social circle, few experienced kids on drugs between the 60's and 80's (except marijuana for some but not all) and that translated to fewer overall problems for society then.  Now, you are right, it has exploded and the violence is a great huge difference between then and now.  It is not an uninterrupted continuation of the 60's but a lull before the storm again. I think it is because parents were afraid to discipline their kids.

Here's what I think is different from the 60's young adults: many if not most had a Christian education of some sort, they had parents in the home to pay attention to them but this is also where parents started to pull away from the family social structure. Families were interested in Christianity then, not so much now based on these stats above.  Kids were still connected to their grandparents but now, grandparents are an afterthought to most kids. So the overall population had a faith based life in greater numbers than now and I see that as the principle difference from today's youth and why the hippie movement passed for most of those who were captured by it.

Support young conservatives K-12 and those who attend colleges and universities. The investment will yield a good ROI.

Be unlike the left and try to trust in the young conservatives -- they are key to the health of the next generations and certainly to keeping this Republic.





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