Schools Must Be Prepared To Teach English To Huge Influx Of Migrant Students

Has anyone reading this page and the underlying article been involved in learning a foreign language on a foreign land? If so, there is a 99.9% chance that you agree completely with the SEI method of learning. The reason why Udall, Hoffman, and others of their ilk oppose SEI is that it actually works, and produces results contrary to their socialist agenda of creating permanent government dependency.

Regardless of one’s position on immigration, it is a fact that for the foreseeable future we will have non-English speakers in our classrooms. This article makes some important points.

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Dear Jose Borragero:

Please read the comments below.  It appears we have consensus, we don't want to teach illegal invaders English.  We prefer to have them deported.  Please work toward that end.

Yours truly,

Legal Arizona Citizens.

If they entered the country illegally, Jose, they should be deported--not educated, fed, and cared for medically on the U.S. taxpayers' dime.  Capisce?

I should not have to post this twice, but unfortunately, too many people comment without reading first.  Here it is for the second time:

"There is nothing in this article that remotely suggests that it encourages or condones unlawful presence by students or anyone else. "

I believe Larry's point is that if you don't already speak English, you don't belong here. And secondly we want you gone.





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