Schools Must Be Prepared To Teach English To Huge Influx Of Migrant Students

Has anyone reading this page and the underlying article been involved in learning a foreign language on a foreign land? If so, there is a 99.9% chance that you agree completely with the SEI method of learning. The reason why Udall, Hoffman, and others of their ilk oppose SEI is that it actually works, and produces results contrary to their socialist agenda of creating permanent government dependency.

Regardless of one’s position on immigration, it is a fact that for the foreseeable future we will have non-English speakers in our classrooms. This article makes some important points.

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I agree, remove the illegal invaders

Absolutely I agree.  I don't feel like allowing invaders to become citizens just because they got in.  Jesus asked someone without the proper attire, "How did you get in here?"  Then He promptly threw them out.   THAT'S the Biblical Heavenly View, it should be the World View.

I agree with you and Patty fully.  Of course, that makes all three of us racists, right . . . !

The answer to the solution of illegal alien students is to quantify their numbers and know who each of them and their parents are and to track them where ever they go until they can be deported home. This also gives US the number to calculate the cost of educating them, which is what the Supreme Court said was needed, to bill the US Government for the costs associated with their education and deportation, and which I assume could also be used to calculate the cost of their incarceration and processes for the criminal acts they and their parent are found to have committed while here.

Unfortunately, neither political party has the desire or the stones to do this.  The Democrats see these illegals as their future voting bloc, and Republicans are stupid enough to think they can convert them.

Conservatives definitely need a new party to replace the failing, flailing GOP.

The sword cuts both ways.  When I took a year of Spanish in high school, there were a lot of Hispanic students taking the class--an easy, goof-off class for them.  (It was funny to see them blow some questions because of the differences in Spanish spoken in Mexico and Spain!)

It would be a big help if this country actually had an official language: English.  And stop babying Hispanics with dual translations everywhere.  Why don't we do this for Polish, Greek, Russian, etc., people?

Thank you to Johanna Haver for a reasoned article.

We have to get a handle on the border situation. Removing illegal aliens is the right thing to do. Until that happens, we have to deal with current realities.

Because the majority of those here illegally are Spanish-speaking children, we have a responsibility as Americans to help them become productive members of our society.  Using proven methods of English immersion in separate classrooms will ensure that both American children and those new to this country are served. It makes no logical sense to teach them in the same classroom!

Why are we obligated to do that?  Taxpayers need to be the benefactors of illegals who broke our laws by being here illegally to begin with?  Makes no sense to me.

You're entirely correct, sir.  Of course, the liberal left will brand us racists . . . !

Thanks Jose, SEI is the key given that most of the millions of invaders will remain on our once sovereign soil.

I recall sometime in O's second term he was talking on a stage he said he didn't believe that non English speakers needed to learn English (true story). Obviously this is why the left parrots that sentiment.

If English was our official language, then speaking English could be a condition of citizenship, I would hope.

English is the official language of quite a few States including California believe it or not.





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