Rumors abound around the Arizona Audit and we don’t mean in the national press. Right here at home, if a factoid can be rumored out or even if a real fact is leaked, the earth shifts just a bit off it’s axis. That is how big this audit has become here and around the nation. Even around the globe, some countries are interested in this audit. It seems there is no country that conducts elections squarely and honestly. Fortunately, there are still people in states in America and in some countries who are not for sale when it comes to voting.

Here, in our country, Article IV, section 4 guarantees that we the people will elect our representatives to govern us with our consent. That seems more like a slogan than a law since… well, since many decades ago as we are now finding out. What a shock to find out our elections have been rigged for years but in 2020 , the cheaters were so desperate they overplayed their hand and now they are on the hot seat.

Take any elections department in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and all swing states and some not tagged with that description. Foul play most dastardly has been de rigeuer for years. California is easy enough to spot… the coastal areas from LA to the Oregon border are mostly liberals with silent conservatives scattered about. San Diego is mostly liberal with a lot of conservatives and the inland areas are almost 90% conservatives. Given that make-up, one would think more Republican lawmakers would come out of California. They have never audited their elections that we could find and have no plans to do so. However, with Larry Elder, the leader of the pack of candidates for the re-called governor’s seat, we might see an audit next year depending on whether the widely disliked by everyone, Gavin Newsom, is still in charge.

So, given the yearning for real honest elections, why is our audit so often making the front pages of papers big and small around the country? Just last week, there was a kerfuffle between Liaison Ken Bennett and Senate President Fann. Fann kicked Bennett out of the process when she was told he had leaked confidential information to the press… or someone close to the press. It appears that perhaps Bennett was falsely accused and is now back in the President’s good graces. In a process so replete with complex documents and processes, it’s easy to see how things can go haywire. It appears that Bennett’s name was bandied about as being a leaker on the recent report. Whether he was or wasn't, he is part of the final report expected some time in August. Just how would that work with Bennett, already steeped in the entire process, on the outside with his nose pressed to the glass window?

Well, it would not work and apparently, cool heads prevailed. Fann and Bennett had a little “come to Jesus” meeting and Bennett is back on the team.

We may be way off base here but it seems it’s best to go to the well for the facts before acting injudiciously.

President Fann is a savvy woman and Bennett is a stand up guy. Both seem on the same page here. It’s only the current and past county recorders (Adrian Fontes and Stephen Richer) who are dead set along with the abysmal Maricopa Board of Supervisors who are working so hard to torpedo the audit. We want to learn what they are hiding!

So set your TV for late August to get the real and honest audit results. Only then can we breathe a comfortable breath so long as the 2022 Legislative session sees plenty of bills to correct whatever irregularities they find. Even then, we trust the democrats to come up new ways to cheat and Richer is likely to go along with Hobbs on that!

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Ken Bennett is not a leaker! We have that on good authority based on his history in Arizona. Don't you feel sympathy for those who are missing the greatest challenge to the status quo ever witnessed in modern history? 

Creative legal strategies are necessary according to 25-year-old Garrett Ziegler in an interview on RUMBLE The Professor's Record.

Ziegler reasons if 6 audits in 6 swing states proves the 2020 election was fraudulent and certfied in error, then the electors should be returned, a new count should take place and if either candidate falls below 270 votes, the election decicion should be sent to the House of Representatives.  

Get to know Garrett Ziegler who worked with Peter Navarro in the Trump Whitehouse.

Correct, Angie... which is why we made clear it appears he was falsely charged.  We've known Bennett as a straight shooter and he would not deliberately leak any info.

Thank you. So right.

To see the major donors and amounts donated, go to Arizona Daily Independent

From a true patriot:

"Maricopa County Board of Supervisors' Chairman, Jack Sellers, Has Close Ties with China - Is This Why He's Fighting So Hard Against the Senate's 2020 Election Audit in Maricopa County?"

Great reporting coming from ADI and Gateway! Thank you.

I hope the Maricopa stupid-visors cough up all the items that have been requested by the legislature.  I betcha the info on the machines will seal the deal on all the fraud in last election.

I am sure everyone has seen some of Mike Lindell's proof of fraud videos. If not, has them.


Why aren't the results available to everyone by now?

Because the final analysis that will produce the final report has not been completed.  And because the BoS is playing hide the info from the Senate even after court orders.  In our opinion, they should all be arrested and held until they cough up the needed info: passwords to the machines primarily.  It appears Dominion has them, too, and could access the machines at any time and may well have done so.  We don't think the BoS are smart enough to actually make the changes if there were any.

I agree that they should be arrested...and should have been long ago in this.  However, it's symptomatic of a larger trend nationwide where those in government employment, elected and staff, seem to work against, not for the people.  I regard the DOJ and the FBI as enemies of the American people.  Not because I want that, but because of their involvement in so many, known black dealings.   Even Sessions and Barr , political careerists, did zero against those we know were culpable.   And who knows what the CIA is up to?  Does anyone?   We know that they and the mainstream media go hand in hand.  Lastly, so much in our government has come to be "classified", not to prevent the information from falling into the hands of a foreign power to be used against us, but to prevent the public from knowing the black stuff they're up to and using the info against them!  Then, the CDC, NIH...

There is a very bad smell emanating from Washington and some of the states.  9/11 pretty much kicked it off.

So who is going to bring a complaint, empanel a grand jury, OR make a probable cause arrest for committing fraud.  The election process is governed by the COUNTY, the crimes were committed primarily in the COUNTY, so who has primary jurisdiction? Sorry, very sorry, to keep harping on this, but the COUNTY Sheriff & or the COUNTY DA. Sure can't rely on the commissars in the FedGov. I think local "law enforcement" is hiding under the bed, if not complicit w/ the BoS in playing Hide the Wienee regarding proof of fraud.

Democrat Sheriff...  but not being a lawyer, it seems to me that in defying the state senate, that state authorities would perform the arrests, not any sheriff, whether the perps are Maricopa County employees or Sonora Mexico employees.  If you're an active shooter aiming at people, does anyone care whether town, county or state law enforcement people take down the shooter?  What makes this any different?

But yeah, someone isn't doing their job in this.

Possibly, but for me it's a jurisdictional issue and I believe the county should have primary jurisdiction. Who knows, with this convoluted mess.





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