Rumors abound around the Arizona Audit and we don’t mean in the national press. Right here at home, if a factoid can be rumored out or even if a real fact is leaked, the earth shifts just a bit off it’s axis. That is how big this audit has become here and around the nation. Even around the globe, some countries are interested in this audit. It seems there is no country that conducts elections squarely and honestly. Fortunately, there are still people in states in America and in some countries who are not for sale when it comes to voting.

Here, in our country, Article IV, section 4 guarantees that we the people will elect our representatives to govern us with our consent. That seems more like a slogan than a law since… well, since many decades ago as we are now finding out. What a shock to find out our elections have been rigged for years but in 2020 , the cheaters were so desperate they overplayed their hand and now they are on the hot seat.

Take any elections department in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and all swing states and some not tagged with that description. Foul play most dastardly has been de rigeuer for years. California is easy enough to spot… the coastal areas from LA to the Oregon border are mostly liberals with silent conservatives scattered about. San Diego is mostly liberal with a lot of conservatives and the inland areas are almost 90% conservatives. Given that make-up, one would think more Republican lawmakers would come out of California. They have never audited their elections that we could find and have no plans to do so. However, with Larry Elder, the leader of the pack of candidates for the re-called governor’s seat, we might see an audit next year depending on whether the widely disliked by everyone, Gavin Newsom, is still in charge.

So, given the yearning for real honest elections, why is our audit so often making the front pages of papers big and small around the country? Just last week, there was a kerfuffle between Liaison Ken Bennett and Senate President Fann. Fann kicked Bennett out of the process when she was told he had leaked confidential information to the press… or someone close to the press. It appears that perhaps Bennett was falsely accused and is now back in the President’s good graces. In a process so replete with complex documents and processes, it’s easy to see how things can go haywire. It appears that Bennett’s name was bandied about as being a leaker on the recent report. Whether he was or wasn't, he is part of the final report expected some time in August. Just how would that work with Bennett, already steeped in the entire process, on the outside with his nose pressed to the glass window?

Well, it would not work and apparently, cool heads prevailed. Fann and Bennett had a little “come to Jesus” meeting and Bennett is back on the team.

We may be way off base here but it seems it’s best to go to the well for the facts before acting injudiciously.

President Fann is a savvy woman and Bennett is a stand up guy. Both seem on the same page here. It’s only the current and past county recorders (Adrian Fontes and Stephen Richer) who are dead set along with the abysmal Maricopa Board of Supervisors who are working so hard to torpedo the audit. We want to learn what they are hiding!

So set your TV for late August to get the real and honest audit results. Only then can we breathe a comfortable breath so long as the 2022 Legislative session sees plenty of bills to correct whatever irregularities they find. Even then, we trust the democrats to come up new ways to cheat and Richer is likely to go along with Hobbs on that!

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In something like this the County Attorney or the Attorney General of the State should investigate and either charge them or not according to the Laws of the State. It might be helpful if anyone that has specific information on wrong doings would put that information into an affidavit form and present it to those offices, might also wish to have it published if there is solid proof of what is known. There used to be a way to "file" evidence to be used in a case to be brought later but I do not know if that is currently still an available option.

Absolutely. I'm afraid that either due to political affiliation (Dumocrat) or a lack of political courage, or both, this isn't getting done. Hypothetical here; can any voter in Maricopa be a "victim" of fraud? I would think so. More than enough evidence exists to bring a complaint. This IS NOT a conviction, just a complaint to initiate an investigation & then it's up to a D.A.





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