Yesterday, we told you about the courageous actions of Rep. Mark Finchem.   This is a guy who has integrity and doesn't put it up for sale.

Today, we are telling you about the very antithesis of that courage, an act of cowardice and betrayal, in our opinion.  Maybe he had a valid reason for selling out Arizona, President Trump, AZ republican voters, AZGOP, the AZ Senate and everyone who values their word and hold that honorable.

We are talking about Sen. Paul Boyer, (D/R/I/?) LD20.  He got elected to the Senate by Republicans in his district.  We would bet not one democrat voted for him.  Sen. Boyer validated  his vote by 'deeply considering the right thing to do, prayerfully!'  And other rhetorical B.S. Barf!  He went on to say they should give the BoS more time to do... what?  Come up with more feet dragging?  Did he just awake from a three month slumber and didn't know what happened in this election?  Was he bribed?  Is he the last official in Arizona to learn about the late night activities at the Maricopa County Recorder's office during the early voting days before election day, caught on video?  Given what he did, it's possible that Republicans are the last people to realize just what kind of person he is, despite having radiated doubt for the entire time he was in the House.

We are talking about his broken promise to Senate President, Karen Fann, (R), on the vote to force the Board of Supervisors to act on the subpoena to release all Nov 3 voting records for a forensic audit.  The Judicial Committee had already identified a qualified company to perform the audit! Now, if the BoS is hiding information or their own incompetence, it will stay hidden.  No honest forensic audit for you, voters.

It's customary to always count your votes in politics before you call for the question.  It's customary to be honest in your response, even if you are usually dishonorable.  This is the vote heard 'round the country as both leftists and conservatives were watching closely.  Boyer just delivered another false victory to democrats, politically!  As Arizona goes, so go other states on this topic???

It's just a fact that the R's have only a one vote margin in the Senate: 16-14.  That means honor in character and every single vote taken on issues dear to Republicans is a critical vote.  We the people just voted out Heather Carter and Kate Brophie Magee for voting too many times with the democrats, especially on critical issues.  They thought they were voting for Art IV, section 4: representative government.  Boyer did not represent his constituents.  Now, he will become the mascot following those two into the depths of history, if we are lucky. 

Will his district recall him?  Censure him?  Replace him in two years?  Or will they just go back to sleep?

Arizona is hanging by a thread in both chambers of the legislature.  Not one Republican was elected to vote with the democrats.  Not one Republican or Independent voted for betrayal.

If this continues, it's going to be a very long two years before the next election!

UPDATE:  We understand there will be a filing to recall Boyer this morning.  Be sure to sign the petition if you are in LD20!

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He needs to be recalled. Who in the district will start it? I am not in that district but I am willing to help. We need to make these people realize there is a price to pay when they do this.

Right at the end of the article is a note about the recall that should be filed today.

The silence from his "constituents" is deafening... don't they care? Or maybe Boyer was elected by all those dead voters we keep hearing about, you know, the ones kept in a convenient crypt inside our voting machines. Either way, there's no doubt that the corrupt tentacles of the Deep State have crept into Arizona. 


Our info is that the party faithful are furious and are preparing to file a recall of him today, perhaps tomorrow.

I sent an email to Senator Boyer.  I also sent a copy of it to several other conservative groups including the Scottsdale Women Republican Club, People's Rights, WeThePeople, Arizona Great Alliance, and others.  You may send him your own thoughts.  We need to remove him ASAP.  I believe the Republican Party would love to do that.  Tell them also that you'd support that.  Perhaps we can remove him quickly and do a revote.

Senator Boyer:
Subject: you are a big disappointment
        Arizona Republicans voted for you thinking you'd uphold Republican conservative principles.  I guess you fooled us.  You're an anti-Trumper for some unknown reason.  Perhaps because he said a couple of bad words.  Of course, You have never said any bad words.  Perhaps because you're envious ....... of his intelligence, of his wealth and ability to make it, of his ability to get things done despite most of the government being against him ....... or because of his beautiful wife and wonderful kids.  Or maybe because somebody gave you money.  We're going to have to investigate that. 

The Board of Supervisors have been conspicuously blocking an audit of the voting machines.  They have NOT been above board and acting in an honest manner.  Your "hope" for both sides to work together would be well-founded if both sides of the aisle were acting in an honest and truth-seeking manner.  The Board of Supervisors has Not.  I watched your video attempting to explain your vote.  It was pitiful; you were obviously voting against your better judgment and knowingly choosing to side with the Party that for the last three months has used every trick in the book to STEAL an election.  The Whole World knows that, Mr. Boyer.  And not just any election, but the election of the most powerful nation on Earth that has done more for all other nations than any other nation in history.  And you Know as well we all the antics of the so-called Democrat Party the last several years in their continual accusations of President Trump.  You've let down your constituents, Arizona, America, the World.  Your name will now live in infamy.

You have let down the conscientious conservative true patriots of Arizona.  Democrats are not patriots.  They want to turn Arizona communist ........ because They are communist.  You need to look for another job because you Will not remain a Senator.  That position is for people of integrity and loyalty.  I'm sending a copy of this email to the other Republican Senators (although I know that's unnecessary) and to my list of AZ Patriots, to the WeThePeople group, to the Arizona Great State Alliance, to the People's Rights group, to the Arizona Federation of Republican Women and to our own little network of about 800.  You may apologize at some future date if you want but it won't do any good.  Your name is mud. 

BTW ... we Will eventually have an audit, but you will not be considered one of the heros that made it happen.

may you repent and may God forgive you

perhaps you may even reconsider your stance, do the right thing and change your vote or abstain if that's even possible. 

Because of  Senator Paul Boyer ( traitor)  will our Az. elections ever be honest??  A sad  time for Arizona.

Why are the R's so surprised by this vote? They have been wearing blinders and have ignored the potential problems within their ranks. They have been whistling past the graveyard for years.  

The Republican Party has a systemic problem in the way they select candidates for office. Years ago they worked hard to create the system we now have and it is coming back to bite them. 

Under the present system anyone, even Mr. Ham Sandwich, can register as a Republican.  If he so desires, he can take out the papers to run for office as a Republican. If he obtains the required signatures to get on the ballot, he will be running in the primary to be the Republican candidate for what ever office he chose to run in

During the primary process, according to Republican rules, no Republican may say or provide any negative information about this individual. All primary candidates are to be treated as equals and worthy of representing the Republican Party in the general election. This is idiotic because we know that every candidate has certain pluses and minuses, but the party is blocked from officially making any negative facts known.

If this candidate has the funds available to run a slick ad campaign, he can win the party's nomination from mis-leading advertising, and appealing to cross-over voters. Like they say; "All's fair in love, war and politics." We would then have a situation where the Republican candidate in the General election is actually a Democrat at heart and is nominated by uninformed and under informed Republicans plus Democratic voters who have re-registered to vote in the primary election.

The solution for this is simple but may be difficult to achieve. Candidates who go on the General Election ballot to represent the Republican Party must be chosen only by the active members of the Republican Party and not the general voting population. The general voting population will have their opportunity to choose their elected officials at the General Election. 

I believe this system is often referred to as a "Caucus" form of candidate selection. 

One additional thought. The Republican Party is literally begging people to sign up as Precinct Committmen and there are still many vacancies. How many people would sign up as a Precinct Committeeman, if they knew they would play a direct active role in selecting the Republican nominee to run in the General Election?

This is exactly how it happens in Washington.  It is what the GOP does.  WE MUST GET FREE OF THE GOP!    There is always a tag team on hand to cancel or defeat any meaningful conservative action.  Every time.  Look at and check out the concept which won't permit McCain, McConnell, Flake, Boyer, Ryan or Pence.  It's the only way.  Without it or an organization with similar built-in checks,  we'll see this sort of thing again and again and again until we're in concentration camps and the world is run by the UN and a few dictators.  We have to break with tradition to save ourselves.

A 3rd Party is NOT an alternative. The GOP must be reformed into the party of Trump .. from within. ALWAYS... ALWAYS  ...a 3rd party give the Demon-crats just what they want.  A 3rd party will not get you to 270 electoral votes, but it will get you to a national popular vote .. is that what you want?? It won't give you State legislatures either.  Third party's are an egotistical dream .. for fools. You don't control committees, leadership roles, you lose it all and give the Demon-crats just what we have now .. One Party Rule. Discard your ego and change the GOP first and foremost, or cower in egotistical grandeur of "what ifs".

Does Boyer really think that the EVIL that lies within the Democrat party will give into Republicans that  DEMANDED an audit for legitimate votes?  What planet is he on ... Utopia?

Apparently so, and maybe that's because he's just another John McCain puppet in the hands of EVIL. When you shake the hand of EVIL ... you are complicit with their plan of destruction. Evil hates goodness and Godly acts of ethics, honesty, and integrity. You sir have .... NONE of those ... for you are a biblical hypocrite.

YOU WILL BE REMOVED from office, and office of trust ... to represent "We the People".

I think that it would be wise for the time being to take little if anything at face value where our state legislature and certainly US Congress is concerned.  When nothing is making sense, then it's false.

Demon-crats don't rely on "making sense" they rely on ... How can I retain power and control over my serfs with a conformity to the Cabal of Thieves.





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