This is opinion and we have not vetted it but it seems reasonable.  So you can read it and consider whether this is true, possible or rubbage.  We believe every crazy thing because, of course, it's the most evil clan of people since the dark ages.  We also are skeptical of everything and don't believe a word we read!  It makes things very confusing!!

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Michael McKibben and his researchers at Americans4Innovation have identified who has taken over the US, how they did it and he joins Duglas Gabriel at AIM4Truth name names. He says the coup is being managed by DLA Piper, which, as the law firm for the Pilgrim’s Society and the Prince’s Trust, is the most Deep State of all law firms. Until a couple of months ago, DLA Piper was also the employer of America’s first Second Gentleman of the United States, Douglas Emhoff, who stepped down from his position there just prior to Kamala Harris’ inauguration to avoid conflict-of-interest concerns.

The official documents they’ve found show that Kamala Harris is a British Commonwealth citizen and they believe there’s every indication that she’s an agent of the Crown. Gabriel claims that Harris is in an arranged marriage with Emhoff, which gives her a direct line of communication to the Queen of England and McKibben agrees, saying that what the British failed to do with the War of 1812, when thy sacked the White House and burned it down, they’ve now achieved through Kamala Harris, who’s being shoehorned into the White House, despite being very unpopular, having bowed out of the Democratic Primary race in December of 2019, with only 3% of the votes.

DLA Piper’s former Chairman, Nigel Knowles is the son of the former Vice-Admiral of the Royal Air Force, who was at the forefront of the formation of the Five Eyes alliance, which essentially enabled British Intelligence to subsume all of the American (and Canadian, Australian and New Zealand) intelligence agencies. Knowles’ great-grandfather was an associate of Cecil Rhodes and a founder of the Metaphysical Society, whose members included Lord Alfred Tennyson, T. H. Huxley and Arthur Balfour and which McKibben believes is at the core of the Satanism of this group, widely known as the New World Order but which is actually the Pilgrims Society.

Globalism, Internationalism and anti-Americanism are all exponents of the Pilgrims Society, whose members also sit on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), attend Bilderberger meetings, go to Bohemian Grove and to the World Economic Forum at Davos. These are people like Henry Kissinger, who recently passed his baton to Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab had never had a job but he had received several Master degrees and PhDs before he went to Harvard to receive his MBA. It was there that he met Henry Kissinger and John Kenneth Galbraith. Upon graduation in 1971, he founded the World Economic Forum and he’s been heading it up ever since. George Soros, who has overseen coups d’états (or attempts) in 14 different countries and is wanted in several of them for crimes against humanity is considered to be the WEF’s number one member.

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How could this be vetted?  We'd have interview the Queen and Harris/Emhoff.  What doesn't need vetting is the American public and our constitution.  These people won't get far no matter if the effete British or Peoples' Republic of China are behind it all.

There's so much loony crap out there these days, I have stopped paying any attention to so-called "news".  I am 110% on building a solution.  More later...

The last few years have thrown up some really nutty conspiracy theories -- QAnon is the most prominent, of course -- but this one takes the cake.  I think it's borrowed from the lunatic Lyndon Larouche group.

My own conspiracy theory is this: conservatism should imply level-headed common sense ... which is the non-ideological conservatism of ordinary people.  But in order to make us look crazy,  The Enemy plants these truly insane ideas amongst us, so repelling people we ought to attract.

Before WWII, of course, it was always The Jews who were the focus of paranoid fears, followed by The Vatican.

Sorry, guys.  Our enemies are homegrown.

In general I would agree with both of you.  but I always try to look behind the curtain to see what is hidden.  MUCH is hidden in the denazi party and I have noticed they get crazier day by day. This has been in the works since Woodrow Wilson and they thought he was nuts, which he probably was, to some degree.  However I discount nothing since I've seem what denazis will do so while I take these things with a grain of salt I don't discount out of hand.  Gates, Soros, the British and China and others around the world have been trying to take America down for decades. They helped fund the misery they delt Trump.  So how do we know where they are willing to stop for power.? I don't like to underestimate my enemy, especially one with this kind of power.  

And have you noticed that KH is itching to get renovations of the WHITE HOUSE done so she can move in?  Accident? She is completely without humanity.  Created the crisis (a real crisis, not a plandemic manufactured crisis) at the border to distract in part what is really going on.  Worse than Pelosi.  Read Rules for Radicals if you scoff at this.

You know, I read Rules for Radicals about fifty years ago -- really. 

That our country is headed for some sort of terrible crisis, I have no doubt. But it's not caused by some tiny conspiracy, and believing that it is gets in the way of being able to take effective political action.

For one thing, it prevents us from seeing the contractions and disputes and quarrels among our opponents ... which we can take advantage of if we know about them.  For instance, the Nevada Democratic Party has just had a big split -- the DSA has taken it over, but the traditional leadership has run off with the Party treasury.  Nevada patriots ought to be able to take advantage of this ... although to be honest I'm not sure how.

(One thing is for sure: we need to know a LOT more about the DSA, in detail, in every state.  There are going to be many more situations like Nevada. If you know your 'History of the Left', you'll know that the Communist Party, after 1936, made a big 'Right Turn', and became a real force inside certain state Democratic Party organizations .. like the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party. 

After WWII, there was a huge fight inside some of these parties, with the Communists on the losing side.  Hubert Humphrey was shaped by this ... although he was the most socialistic of all American political leaders in the 1950s and early 60s, he absolutely hated the Communists, and sponsored one of the most draconian bills against them ever to be passed: the Communist Control Act of 1953 -- it's never been seriously enforced and if there was an attempt to do so, the Supreme Court would rule it unconstitutional, and rightly so.

Of course, the irony is, that now repressive measures are being taken against our side -- starting with trying to purge the military of patriots.





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