BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: We cons will be fine and we’ll win in the end, but it’ll take time and hard fighting (Am I allowed to say “fighting” in the political struggle context anymore, or will stupid people wet themselves? Let’s find out!). Sure, I may be in the minority among conservatives by saying that. There’s a lot of fear out there, a lot of pessimism, and a lot of muttering about how we’re all doomed.

We’re not.

We’ll be fine, and not cartoon dog drinking coffee in a blazing room meme fine either.

Now, all righteous and cool people acknowledge that the best Who song (I finally saw them live thanks to frequent “Unredacted” podcast guest Drew Matich and it was amazing) is “Baba O’Reilly,” but discerning people understand that the second best anthem by this remarkable band is “The Kids Are Alright.” The lyrics describe a guy who’s changing – the old ways don’t fit, what worked before doesn’t work now, and he’s got to grow and move on, and it’s melancholy (despite the power pop glory of the music). Gee, can you think of any American political faction going through that right now?

Hi, nice to meet you.

I used to subscribe to The Weekly Standard and National Review, and I still laugh at Cap’n Kristol running his creaky garbage scow into the iceberg that is Donald Trump. As for NR, it’s sad – you post-internet cons don’t dig it, but back in the day, Buckley’s baby was it. There was no other conservatism. When it came in the snail mail once every two weeks, you got your fix for another fortnight. Hell, in college, I once took a liberal chick to see WFB speak.

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We're certainly not yet doomed.  However, we cannot view the Republican Party as our answer, unless we are unable to recall the past, unless we refuse to understand what is happening just because it's always been that way.  There is just no way forward with that organization.  We need "new".  We need "controlled" by us, the voters, not the unseen, perverse powers in control now.  We need a party which has built-in controls over those who it sends to congress and state legislatures, controls which will prevent corruption.  The way forward may not be easy.  However, it cannot be the placebo we call the GOP.  We must forge a new sword.

Ive read this twice now and it makes no sense to me either time. Not that the gop is dead - yeah, I go with that. But the word control is a problem. Voters are republicans because they do not like to be controlled and in my estimation, will not join such an organization.  Current independents ripe for a real party won't put up with control, either. So you go down that road and the gop limps along and independents don't have a place to go still.  Suddenly we are more splintered than ever. The constitution gives each of us control over our lives but not to be used against our fellow humans.

This is an interesting read and the humor gets me every time.  I feel like I was talking with my best friend, no bars hold.  He has an interesting idea.  I see it like this: the house down the street catches fire and the fire dept can save half of the house and of course all of the land, the foundation for the house.  Do the owners salvage what they can and build back better or do they scrape the good stuff off with the bad stuff and spend more resources building from scratch?

The GOP clearly is no longer the answer.  I am resigned to the fact that if President Trump does not run in 2024, that will most likely be the first presidential election that will see me not voting for a Republican candidate for the first time ever.  At this point, I see no viable Republican candidates other than Trump.






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