Opinion by: AZRA member Jeff Dover

There is a virus out there. It can be deadly for some, like Flu. For most, it poses no major threat. Statistics given to us are collected and distributed by the same fake news media and deep state organs which have fought us and our president for the past five years and longer. That, coupled with the virus itself, is being used to wreck our election and our very nation with government response. Note also that none of the legislatures have passed the restrictions. They are all by executive or bureaucratic fiat. As briefly as I can make it, the following is what’s going on and why.

Going back to March of this year, the CDC said people shouldn’t wear masks. I’ve taken the excerpts from the articles linked below.

Though health officials have warned Americans to prepare for the spread of the novel coronavirus in the U.S., people shouldn’t wear face masks to prevent the spread of the infectious illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. surgeon general.”…

In fact the U.S. surgeon general recently urged the public to “STOP BUYING MASKS!” “They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!,” wrote Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Twitter TWTR, -0.87%.

The CDC said last month it doesn’t recommend people use face masks, making the announcement on the same day that first case of person-to-person transmission of coronavirus was reported in the U.S. The CDC recommendation on masks stands, a spokesman told MarketWatch Wednesday, even with the first reported case of a COVID-19 infection in an individual in California who had not been to China or been exposed to a person diagnosed with the virus.”


Marketwatch:Surgeon General says...


The above page has been removed. It was OSHA also saying that masks do not deter viruses. It was sourced embedded as a link in this article from Time.com Time.com Face Masks Gee…I wonder why it’s not there any longer? Could that be like the doctors on capitol hill, the doctor in Texas, the doctors in Visalia, CA whose analyses calling for a stop to the hysteria caused their videos to be removed – all people treating patients, not sitting in an ivory tower paid by the government or chosen by media?? Are viruses new? Is this the only virus, according to our government and media, which can be blocked by the simple expedient of the mask, yet heretofore, no one had the slightest idea a mask could be effective and so they allowed millions and millions to die of flu infection when those viruses too could have been stopped and all those people saved?

Of course not.

But this has to be seen in context. First, you and me were taught history when we were in k-12 and later in college, maybe. Because of that, we know that nothing is more common in the halls of great power than conspiracy. So, whether the assassination of Julius Caesar, JFK, MLK, RFK, Abraham Lincoln, the little princes by their uncle Richard III of England, Mary Queen of Scots plots against Elizabeth I and the former’s ultimate demise, Josef Stalin’s murder of Sergei Kirov setting off the first of the great purges in the USSR, Vince Foster, TWA flt 800, Uranium One, Obama/FBI plot against Trump…continuing…

We could go on with plots and intrigue in the halls of power endlessly. It is absolutely commonplace, no matter how strongly the Establishment cohorts in media and academia attempt to vilify and dispel “conspiracy theories” which arise when official explanations defy facts. We must also recognize the threat that Donald Trump poses to that ruling Establishment, the people who have run the USA from the end of WWII, if not before. He proposed tearing down their construct of decades, a construct moving us ever closer to reduced consumption, reduced wealth, reduced sovereignty, reduced freedoms and toward a socialistic, global governance. I don’t pretend to know all those players. However, it’s just what has happened. They have accomplished it by controlling both political parties, especially since the Reagan presidency. There are the Democrats, unabashed by their flagrant disregard for our constitution and founding precepts. They represent the flaky, trendy, ignorant and communist sympathizing voters of all walks. Then there are the Republicans, purportedly more sober, more in line with founding principles but in fact, merely running a defensive action against us, their electorate, in order to advance the Democrats’ policies. They’ve been slow-walking that agenda, totally ignoring us, except for their promises at election time. Again, it’s just what’s happened.

Along comes Trump. He’s talking to us as if we knew something, were intelligent, educated people. He didn’t talk down to us. He wasn’t wishy washy on our issues. He called out the news media for who they were and who we knew that they were, not pretending that they are just objective journalists doing their jobs. He was what we were looking for in a leader. Unlike an Obama, Clinton or Bush, the press couldn’t destroy him, because they had not made him. He was self-made and wealthy enough so that all the media noise made little difference. RNC money was welcome, but not necessary. He drew tens of thousands to his rallies.

In the background, there were the banal, juiceless yammerings of the GOP Establishment’s picks, 16 of them I think, ranging from the vapid Carly Fiorina to the faux conservative, Ted Cruz (Wife, Heidi, is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations and on the board of Goldman Sachs – globalists. Cruz can’t be what he claims to be). Seeing Trump’s crowds, then Chairman of the GOP, Reince Priebus, made Trump sign a pledge not to run as an independent if he didn’t win the primary. Trump scorched the primary! No one else came close. Then too, the general election…and here’s where the threat to that Establishment really reared its head.

All of us who voted for Trump, represented a body which could at that time have formed a third party, eventually replacing the GOP. The new party would have been out of the control of the Establishment power and likely, like Trump, to actually vote and press their agenda as stated during their campaigns.

We rejected all of the Establishment people out of hand for a guy who bore no resemblance to any of them and who actually intended to do what he campaigned on doing. The president began to dismantle their construct of treaties and policy. Repeated efforts to remove him from office failed. The work of decades by that Establishment was threatened and now, their cover blown, they’re out in the open on many fronts, attacking us.

Circle back to Covid-19 arriving as the 2020 election campaign season has begun to heat up. You know the setup, so won’t go into Biden’s incompetence and likely handing over of the office to a VP early on – one way or another. Trump is too popular and too well guarded to simply give the JFK treatment. So, here’s the virus. Objective: use it to kill the economy, because it’s axiomatic, legend, that people vote their pocketbook. With all the unconstitutional response to the Establishment-owned media-generated hysteria, there are no rallies nor even any conventions. Four years ago, Clinton’s rallies averaged attendance of 370 some people to Trump’s tens of thousands. So, who does this present proscription hurt? Three guesses…! Vote by mail, known to be the best means of voter fraud, is being threatened if not yet implemented everywhere. The Russians were never messing with our machines! That was just the Left making excuses for their losses as well as underlining again the false idea that the president was in league with them. It turns out the machines are much more difficult to commit fraud with.

To make sure that the hysteria lasts and gets the Establishment to the finish line, you tell them that the virus poses an enormous threat. Originally, it was said that the virus would go away in summer, that it didn’t like heat. Come summer, amazingly we see “surges” of infections in some of the nation’s hottest states: Florida, Texas, Arizona. What else do they have in common? The Democrats think that they can turn them red in November. Answer? Help that outcome with a “surge”, extending restrictions, prolonging and deepening economic misery. Right now, August, the usual leftist media sources are talking of the “second wave” of infections. With all the “surges”, when did the first “wave” end? Wave? Surge? Nice metaphors aimed at increasing paranoia. Keep the hysteria alive.

The poor elderly, like my mother (95) are under virtual lockdown and have been for months. When people don’t get sick, you are told that they can be infected, but be asymptomatic! Asymptomatic?? Yet infected? Pleeez…why does anyone believe this? But now people go around believing “It can be anywhere, anytime, anyone! Doesn’t matter if you feel fine. IT COULD BE YOU!”

Who manufactures the tests for infection? They don’t just appear. They have to be approved by – the deep state. Our government has to approve these tests and the people who make them. Hmmm… To keep the hysteria alive further, you make everyone wear a mask. With everyone seeing everyone else wearing a mask, two things happen: people feel accepted, seen visibly to be “part of the solution” and the idea that the threat is real is subliminally reinforced. “There must be something to it because so many people are going along! What do I know? And by the way, I feel really good about myself. I’m a really good guy for wearing the mask, because I am protecting someone else (even though I feel fine and have no virus and didn’t two weeks ago when I was wearing the mask)!”

Then there’s the absolutely horrible concept that we are responsible for the health of others! Nonsense. No one could ever prove that one person gave the virus to another, whether only one wore a mask, whether neither wore masks or if both had masks on! Then, let’s see…the sneaky little virus cannot penetrate whatever form of mask you’ve chosen if it’s jet-propelled by a sneeze or cough, but yet, just floating around innocently in the air, you can breathe it in through the mask?? We alone are responsible for our own health. The idea that I am responsible for someone else’s health is ridiculous. How many people in your sphere contracted the virus several weeks ago when you all wore masks? What good was the mask? How did you protect them? As one responsible for their health, didn’t you fail nonetheless?

Lastly, there are all the statistics and analyses handed to us by people in the deep state and the media, few if any of them fans of the president – or us, because we are the president. He’s there because of us and what we want. Anyway, they trot out one “expert” after another. As I reminded my wife this morning, the infamous Nazi murderer, Dr. Josef Mengele, was an “expert”. Just because a person is an expert doesn’t mean that his intentions are good. Are there any contingencies in this which the Left has omitted? I don’t think so. They’ve pretty much covered the bases, obliterating dissenting opinions and voices, the mask-wearing multitudes the visible measure of their success. Huge success.

This has all yet to play out. We’ll see what happens, but I am convinced that for the vast majority of people, Covid-19 poses no serious threat to their health or their lives. I’m also quite certain that everything known about the effectiveness of masks and viruses was known prior to 2020 and that the initial announcements of the CDC, The Surgeon General, OSHA and the other health agencies were the truth. That they have taken down those videos, deleted those pages from their websites only underscores my conviction that it’s mostly a fraud, the design of which is to change the otherwise inevitable outcome of the election and, in so doing, change the nation perhaps irrevocably, perhaps violently.

I won’t play their game.

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I believe EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the United States of America will agree that we have been harmed.  Specifically, YOU have been forced to an experiment in which you did not give consent.  And the experiment is called Social Distancing and Face Mask Wearing.  There is no institutional review board.  There is no independent doctor.  This is illegal.  And YOU are entitled to file a claim.

DOWNLOAD Form 95: https://www.gsa.gov/Forms/TrackForm/33140

MAIL TO:   U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the General Counsel 200 Independence Ave. S.W. Washington, D.C. 20201 URGENT:  DO THIS TODAY!  Take a stand.  We The People have the ability to have our voices heard, and the government has given us the tool to stop this tyranny.

If everyone completed the Form 95 and sent it to Trump, what do you think will happen?


IMHO what we are dealing with is a flu virus on steroids, but the actions being taken towards control of this virus are all aimed at November 3rd. Here is what a long time friend of mine, a retired Navy Commander who has a PHD and served the Navy as an Epidemiologist has to say about it.


"The virus that the world is now dealing with is quite possibly the biggest issue of concern of our times.

What we do know is that it originated from a virology laboratory, located in Wuhan, China. Issues as to if it originated from bats or was man-made are subjects beyond the scope of this review.

The Wuhan virus is a member of the group of viruses known as "Corona" viruses; these viruses, of which there are many strains, all are the cause of the common cold and other pulmonary infections. To date, there are no vaccines for any of these viruses, for a variety of reasons; the main ones being that these viruses mutate (change genetically via mutations), so much that a vaccine made against a single strain would most likely not be protective against related strains; although this has never been thoroughly researched.

When the virus was air-transported to the USA and 240 other countries, worldwide, it quickly found suitable human hosts to infect. The most susceptible being the elderly and those younger individuals who have underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, morbid obesity and pulmonary issues; cancers included.

Our first major outbreak was in the elderly in a Long-term Care facility, located in Seattle, WA. This was not surprising to anyone who is properly trained when it comes to pulmonary-viral infections....it would be predictable that the elderly housed in close quarters would be the most affected by a virus of this type.

It wasn't long and it became apparent that this virus was very unusual, in that we found that the majority of infected individuals (determined by a test that detected the nuclear material of the virus) were asymptomatic; not showing any signs of infection, disease or pathology. It was also noted that a small number of individuals displayed only minor symptoms, such as a runny nose, slight fever or coughing..........nothing serious enough to get one to an ER or one's doctor. Then there was a third group, the elderly (those over 70 yrs of age) and those who were found to have mitigating medical issues. These individuals were then the two groups that tipped the scales of what was to come.

As this pandemic has progressed, we continue to see the same pattern; those who show test-positive for the virus, yet show zero signs of pathology (asymptomatic carriers), those who have very mild symptoms and those who require hospitalization. This is not at all unlike what we see with all other pulmonary viral diseases; sadly, this particular viral disease has taken on a level of fear and uncertainty that is based on a very poor understanding of the science behind it, by our so-called medical experts. I'll not say more on this topic, as it gets rather political and personal. Just sayin...

What is not being understood: First, let's look at why we see so many individuals who are testing positive for the virus and yet show no signs of disease. The explanation for this goes back to the issue of viral genetic mutations. Mutations are basically mistakes made on a "random" basis inside the human-host cell (in this case endothelial cells that line the pulmonary tract), during the process of the viral nuclear material (RNA for this virus), directing the host nuclear material (RNA or DNA) to make new viral particles (viral RNA and its external protein capsid in which it is stored). Remember, viruses are not living entities; they undergo zero metabolic processes when outside a host cell; thus they are dead or non-living. Only when they attach to a susceptible cell and have their nuclear material taken into the host cell are they capable of capturing the nuclear material of the host's cell and directing it to make new viral particles. A true dictatorship, indeed.

Now that we know the basis of mutations, what does this have to do with the asymptomatic carrier issues? Well, the answer is "everything". In these cases, the virus involved is a mutated strain of the original virus and unable to cause disease. Why is this important? Because, this mutated-non-pathogenic-non-virulent strain is fully capable to stimulating the host (that's us) to produce protective antibodies and killer T-cells.........both of which will then provide life-long immunity to this particular viral strain, PLUS the disease-causing virulent strain and many other closely related Corona viruses. In other words, this mutated strain acts like a "free" vaccine, with zero side effects seen with some man-made vaccines. What a deal!

Now, let's turn to the virulent strain.........that original strain that actually makes you sick. In my opinion, this strain is also under the influence of mutations. Those causing only slight disease (runny nose) more than likely have few if any mutations; on the other hand, those displaying severe symptoms, who lack underlying medical issues, obviously have the fully virulent strain of the virus. Actually, the virus itself does not kill! What causes illness/pathology is the massive immune response to the presence of the virus. Here is where therapy that reduces inflammation is appropriate............hydroxychloroquine is very useful to do this no matter what some reports say. Antibiotics obviously do not work, because, again, viruses are not living. Antibiotics only work to interrupt biochemical pathways.....which are only found in living things.

One more issue: wearing masks........the good, the bad and the ugly! If you all recall, back in Misawa days we all observed that the local Japanese adults and often children wore masks. I always assumed this was to protect them from getting colds. Maybe so, maybe not. The question is: should those who are Covid-19 positive and showing zero disease wear a mask? Why should they? They already have immunity to the virulent strain of the virus, thus do not represent a threat to others. The bad...........think about it.......for these individuals while protective immunity is being established, they are shedding their non-virulent-vaccine-equivalent strain of the virus into the environment..........thus acting as vaccine spreaders to others. This has been Mother Nature's way of inducing population-wide (Herd) immunity among humans for millions of years. Wearing a mask then is slowing the spread of the vaccine-equivalent of this virus. The ugly: yes, you need to wear a mask if you are Covid-19 test positive for the virus AND showing symptoms of being infected. The mask will help stop the spread of the virus from you to others. Obviously, what about health care workers and the like? Yes, they need to take whatever protective measures they deem appropriate.

What to believe? Sadly, all of the news reporting regarding death rates, case rates and hospital admissions are basically unreliable and often flat out lies. I know for a fact that doctors are admitting non-Covid patients as Covid-19 patients because the hospital gets $40K for the admission of a Covid-19 patient and less than $10K for a non-Covid patient. Tests for the virus do not differentiate between the non-virulent vs the virulent strain of this virus. Thus, "case reporting" today does not distinguish between an individual who is actually a patient vs one who is not. This failure in the testing arena does great harm to the process in how we handle this epidemic. Lastly, even death reports due to this virus are not accurate. You die from an auto accident and are Covid-positive, your death certificate will read "cause of death: Covid-19"."

I went into one establishment that required a mask so I put my headband over my mouth. They were OK with that.  What a farce.

Yes the goal is to destroy DJT. 

Mask wearing, social distancing and no groups bigger than 10 were mandated by Gov Ducey.  Here he is a few days after that mandate, enjoying a party celebrating at Brophy Prep:

No mask. More than 10 at this large party. Chatting close together.

That is three violations right there. Lock him up in house arrest!

Don't you understand he and that group are special essentials? I am being snarky of course. There is a Wuhan biological virus unleashed on the world by the PRC and the unleashing with intent. The response by "tiny tyrants" the response has been a fraud. Will we hold them accountable?





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