When Rupert Murdoch decided to step back and defer to his two progressives sons, James the Younger and Lachlan, we all knew time was not on the side of conservative viewers. Today, with the suspension of Judge Janine, one of the true brave conservatives still on Fox, the time is here.

Shows like Hannity have already started to embrace Donna Brazille and we should expect to see Paul Ryan there any day now. Except we won't be seeing it since we tossed Faux News a couple of years ago except for specific programming seen on recording, which only occasionally includes Hannity.

James Murdoch is steeped in the false climate change subject that his father, Rupert, called “alarmist nonsense.” Father Rupert was anything but a conservative but he is still a pragmatist and capitalist, something the sons are not. The brothers are much more about political ideology and have every intention of sliding in right next to CNN. Is there room for one more fake news organization? Yes, for now, because the great uninformed will be willing to be indoctrinated subliminally.

We knew when they ousted O'Reilly over allegations (no due process here) of sexual misconduct and never brought him back, despite his show being a huge money machine, that Fox had turned the corner. It's reported to have been James Murdoch who led the charge away from the format Father used to amass a fortune the brothers now enjoy. Generational change always brings to bear the ideas of that generation while pushing long held political thought into the background and eventually, out the door.

Lachlan, at age 46, leads the way toward sinking Fox into just another propaganda machine for the left. We are not surprised. You are not surprised. The uninformed viewer will eventually be surprised.

Reports are that the brothers have caused a cultural shift in the news organization and that the alleged reports that sent O'Reilly packing are now overlooked. Timing is everything, they say!  While they overlook suggestions of sexual harassment, they cannot overlook the truth as told by the conservative Judge Janine. Her rant was “fair and balanced” while Fox no longer is.

Just look who they have signed up to be commentators lately: Donna Brazille who is famous for giving HRC the questions and probably the answers to questions for a CNN debate, aka Debate Gate. And what about hiring Paul Ryan to sit on the Board of Directors? If ever there was a red flag as to where Faux is going, this one is big and shiny.

This cultural change is not contained inside the walls of Fox offices. The brothers have had a destructive influence on their international business networks, altered the leadership teams of their film production operations and winnowed out it's entire entertainment sectors. Many conservatives barely noticed these changes. They do showcase the depth to which the brothers are committed to re-make Fox News into CNN all over again.  Meghan Kelley is probably polishing up her resume` and buying a new wardrobe.

Many conservatives are still hooked on shows like Tucker Carlson, Levin and Hannity and of these, only Tucker and Levin have stayed true to their outlook. Tucker will likely be the next to follow the Judge out the door. We wonder if the decline and fall of Fox will energize networks like Newsmax (a Roger Ailes production) and One American News Network (OANN). Before it can have a true cultural impact on OANN, that network needs to rework the status under which they can operate. They set out to unseat Fox as the go-to network for conservatives. Their distribution channel is limited in Arizona to DirecTV and Centurylink for direct TV access but you can get it on KloudTV (a subscription service), AT&T U-Verse and FiOS streaming on your computer. If you connect your computer to your TV that has WiFi, it will be almost like having the network embedded there. OAN launched as pay TV but recently went network. Until they can untangle some legal issues that prevent them from wider distribution outlets like Dish TV, Comcast and cable providers around the country, they will be stymied in growing their audience, that  is reported to be 35,000,000 households.

For the conservative viewers, journalistic political blogs may become the outlet of choice for real news in the near future.

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time to go back to 'radio' reading books,  and painting--lot less stress!

Another CNN, MSN, ABC, CBS...etc....they (FOX) had a niche (even though they were never pro-America) which they exploited...but it has been coming, as noted.  Get your news from Conservative Treehouse on the net.

Fox News has become lefty loonie to a great extent.  Too many commentator guests are far left progressives and the slant of the balanced leave conservatives wishing for a return of Bill O'Reilly.   We watch OAN on Direct TV channel 347.  America, conservative and constitutionalist is much better than Fox News and even Fox Business.  Also I suggest the One America News Network | Your Nation. Your News. at: https://www.oann.com/

thanks, will check out.

I'm not sure where I got this or who wrote but it seems to fit:

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). The historian and moralist, who was otherwise known simply as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

Most of us know this quote well. It was resurrected as the topic of the book 1984 that gave us a fictitious look at the corruption caused by absolute power.

It means that people with too much power will eventually abuse it. It's most often used about politicians, captains of industry, the US Chamber of Commerce, governments around the world. It is also used at much lower levels in our society.

We see this kind of power used in our state legislature, by lobbyists and political consultants who use their power to coerce lawmakers to vote against we the people. We see it at state parties, county parties, political districts and even private political clubs.

I understand that President Trump and a few other groups are working on totally new News Channels.  I'd love to see O'Reilly and Judge Napolitano and Mark Levin and create a News Channel.  Then draw some real conservatives from FOX or from other alternative News outlets ...... like Dave Janda and Scot Hunter.

Hi all - try watching Life Liberty and Levin Sunday nights.

The national socialist workers party of Adolf Hitler is alive and well functioning as The Ministry of Propaganda under the names of the main-stream media ... and now Fox News. Free speech is extorted under the names of "the family", bullies all. 

Information is dangerous to those who want to make us slaves of the State.





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