We have officially returned to the twilight zone in America.  There must be people who actually believe what Obama says but for most of us, we know what is real by listening to him speak and we automatically know the opposite is true.

Yesterday, the customary Republican beat down occurred during Obama's press conference.  This is something to record so you can listen for a few minutes and then take an inhale of oxygen, repeat.  How stupid have American's become that anyone actually believes this guy?

So here is just one of the outrageous statements of the press conference:  "Raising the debt ceiling doesn't raise our debt.  Some people think that just because the debt ceiling is raised, it will add to our debt. Not true.  Raising our debt ceiling will not increase our debt by one dime."  Really, that's what he said.

That pretty much takes the oxygen out of the room in normal circumstances but not yesterday because the room was filled with lefty media!  For those who have not forgotten how to think, it was a Santa Claus moment... we were being asked to believe if America borrows another $1trillion, it actually won't really be borrowed with a big note that must be paid back by somebody, sometime, but a big huge glittery gift all tied up in a red bow! Just monopoly money.  

I think the key to his statement, and the many he's made just like it in the past, is in that phrase, "not one dime."  What he's really saying - he's oh, so coy - is there will be so many dimes to pay it's impossible to count them all.

I'm happy to know that I can go out and max out my Nordstrom's card and not create one dime of debt.  Thanks, Obama.  And Nordstrom's. And Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Proof the Pres doesn't have a clue about basic economics.  When the amount of your credit card gets raised YOU may NOT chose to charge it to the max because YOU will have to pay for it.  When it is someone else's money it is a different story. In the case of the debt ceiling it IS our money  and THEY have yet to NOT increase the debt when they increase the debt ceiling.  How stupid does he think we are??

It is NO WONDER that his approval rating is down to 37%---- 10 point drop in 2 weeks!!!





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