Just over one year ago, jubilation was a tangible commodity over the win of Donald J Trump as the next President of the United States. That was then, this is now.

We all thought the war on the Constitution finally skidded to a halt, ragged and worn but marginally in tact. If you say, today, that you knew what was coming, how the republicans were going to be the anti-law, anti-Constitution obstructionists after eight years of scraping and kissing the boots of Barack Obama, and all the passionate declarations of “things are sure gonna be different when WE get in control” campaign speeches, we would suggest you provide us with a certificate of your mental stability. As conservative republicans, we all had different expectations of the first year of President Trump. We did not anticipate the whiplash of the DC republicans that would deliver a sharp upper cut to the conservative jaw!

The election in Alabama was a win and a loss – a whiplash, politically speaking.

Winners were:

Chuck Schumer, who had so much fun at the microphone on Wednesday morning, he was like a kid at his first birthday party. Not only that, John McCain and Mitch McConnell went out for a Spa day in celebration at the loss of Judge Moore. While they were getting their side-by-side massages, they drank to the loss of President Trump in Alabama. We think of it more as a momentary setback, but don't tell those stooges.

A winner was Judge Moore for not having to slog through the DC swamp for the next three years.

Also winners are republican male candidates in 2018 and 2020. Those male candidates will not be pinned as perverts for having Moore in their midst. Facts, remember, are archaic, outdated ideas.

Winners were female candidates who can never be accused of sexually harassing men.  Well, they can be, but any man who makes that claim automatically becomes a loser.

The “write-in candidate” who was dredged up by McConnell was also a winner. His 22,000+ votes sent Doug Jones to a win. He did his job and earned a fat paycheck from McConnell's fund!

DACA was a winner. In a Senate with so few real Constitutionalists and so many McCains, DACA is now poised to become the continuous drain on the taxpayers and the prize goes to the illegals.

Let's not leave out winner Speaker Ryan who pushed Trent Franks into the gutter for the sole reason to get rid of a Freedom Caucus member. 

The losers were:

The big loser was the justice system, a system that is so broken it struggled and failed to keep its heads above swamp sewer for the past nine years. The election of Mr. Trump did nothing to improve the justice system, yet.

We can now embrace the new Constitutional idea that one is proven guilty by an accusation without any more proof than a woman of any age, all made up with crocodile tears and Gloria Allred by her side. That makes the Constitution a loser this week.

This tactic was a winner and so successful that the “McConnells” in both parties have already trotted out three women willing and ready to go about the business of taking President Trump down with false and baseless testimony of the big SH – sexual harassment. We are certain a large amount of money is involved. Brace yourself, that fight is coming.  President Trump was a momentary loser in Alabama.

Also losers are all the democrats up for re-election who really wanted Moore to win so they could run on the accusations against him. That's what all of them will be running on, anyway, because McConnell was unsuccessful in pushing Moore off the ballot. Plus, they can't run on their obstructionist anti-America records.

The accusation of SH must be clearly defined because of what happened to Congressman Franks, if we are getting the full story. Being “uncomfortable” around some candidate/politician due to some innocuous word or deed is not harassment. I'm uncomfortable when my underwear rides up but I never expect to run the manufacturer out of business! Life is often “uncomfortable.” If you can't endure a bit of discomfort, become a recluse and live in a cave! Put Franks and AZ CD8 in the loser column.

Finally, in the loser column is common sense and it has been for quite a while. As a result, whiplash politics has become too common and too predictable!

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Well said.

I think it noteworthy that the Alabama Supreme Court was so quick to overturn a  lower courts ruling to protect the voting records.  This gave the go ahead to destroy any evidence of voter fraud which Dems are noted for.

Moore said immediately that he planned to challenge the outcome and ask for a recount.  Under those circumstances, how could the court allow the destruction of the records? In fact, I've never heard of any court moving to destroy election records until much later.  Would you mind giving us a source for that information.  If this happened we can write off Alabama as lost to the blues.

The digital images of the Senate vote court can be erased ... but a recount is possible without the image files, as state law requires that a recount use the original paper ballots, which are kept in sealed containers for nearly two years. Going further it wasn’t one Democratic judge, but nine Republican ones that issued the ruling, and the state’s highest court has nine justices all of which are Republican. Now of course we all know how a "state law" can be turned on it's own head for "the common good" don't we.

http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2017/dec/14/alex-jo...; One big question would remain ... How did the absentee military vote come out for Moore?

I saw this on a website this morning:

SHOCKING VIDEO: Proof of Alabama voter fraud!?

I haven't had time to read/watch yet but will post it here unless it's one of those videos that gets a big hype and turns out to be nothing.

Here is the link to that video.




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