With all the craziness going on in our world today, not just in the United States, we have taken a look back at what started bringing all of this to the forefront in 2009. The book, The Blueprint, was a most salient read at that particular time when many of us woke up and realized who was going to run the country for the next four years, that turned into eight. The Blueprint laid out just how the radicals in Colorado used the techniques of Saul Alinsky to turn Colorado from red to blue in one election cycle.

Sound familiar?

Saul Alinsky, you may remember, was the subject of Hillary Clinton's college thesis. She adored him and his radical ideas about governing and governments. She was so enamored of him that she adopted his entire premise for how to take the country away from the Constitution to turn it into a police state run by the elites.

At the time, we saw some of what Alinsky wrote about in the turning of Colorado but most people didn't bother to even blink at such tactics, mostly because they were totally unaware. Activists in what once was a conservative movement saw the book as a warning of things to come. And come they have.

If you have not read this book and are wondering how our country and the rest of the world became so radical, we suggest you spring for the $12.95 to get the book, Rules for Radicals. Pair it with The Blueprint or read it again. It's a sobering experience.  Everything we are seeing today will be laid out for you to see in those pages.

Alinsky hung out in Chicago, a radical swamp from way back. Corrupt politics and elections were par for the course so of course, it attracted a radical man. It was Alinsky who encouraged the radicalization of union bosses, mayors and other government officials. He appealed to the downtrodden have-nots who yearned, not for an education, for a largesse courtesy of the local government. He had the mind of a genius on political strategy and he brought that to bear on democrat politics around the country.... and now, around the world!   The democrats were primed by decades of party corruption, low hanging fruit ready to be picked and the influence of the communist party. Alinksy and the democrats were a perfect marriage of slimy, though legal, tactics mixed with psychological influence on vulnerable voters.

His slimy politics didn't stay in Chicago.

He got attention from others favorable to the Communist party in Europe, who swooned over his ideas and began to adopt them in Europe. We see that today in England with the struggle for the citizens to exit the EU against the will of England's Parliament; in Germany where Chancellor Merkel opened the flood gates to muslim immigrants cascading across the European continent, inflicting havoc along the way and the green vest protestors in France who recognize they have been duped and want their country back.

So how is it that a young man in Chicago got so radical in the early half of the 20thCentury? In our view, he was a genius in reading the tea leaves of power. The poor were easy pickings and he went after them with a vengeance unseen in political circles of that time. He organized them and the young people.  That has been the key to democrat successes ever since. His basic philosophy is being played out in Congress today. We see Pelosi and Schumer playing to the “have-nots” with their refusal to close our border, following the Alinsky idea that all morals must be abandoned as impediments to people like them and the Obamas to obtain success, as they see that concept. How can they change the world, originally conceived as a moral structure, unless they preached their radicalized concepts to uneducated or vulnerable people?

Remember, Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer. Fitting, given his disdain for ethics or moral concepts. We see today, right here, the action he conceived: incitement of struggles, disruption, overwhelm the system, chaos, anarchy.  We can't even believe what has happened to our America.

His book, by the way, has been compared to Mein Kampf, the Koran and other radical missives from radical societies.

If we as a nation expect to continue as a Republic, it behooves everyone to read Alinsky's book so that you recognize the patterns and don't fall prey to it. We've seen good people be swayed toward the plight of these caravans, the poor and uneducated. They feel a need to protect those who cannot be protected.

Where this can lead is a dismal picture. If, as we so often hear and read now, we don't go into action against this radicalization of America, we will soon be entrenched to a degree that we cannot get out of it.


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There is a reason that Obama sealed his college transcripts from public view for it lays at the feet of the Cloward-Piven Strategy at Columbia University. There is a reason that Obama became a political figure in Chicago, that corrupt bastion of "democracy". There is a reason that Hillary Clinton's former employer The Rose Law Firm was used a political machine under then Gov. Bill Clinton, which we see as the same "blueprint" for the dossier on Trump.  Chicago communist Alice Palmer said it this way ..."This concept of “Objective journalism” that is taught in journalism schools… is not possible… What we are striving for is fairness and balance of information." What we have is the MSM is working towards the same end and that end does not go towards freedom, nor liberty, but instead it goes towards Socialism/Communism/Marxism. Here is a good read: https://freedomoutpost.com/democrats-socialists-communists-marxists...

I will bet, too, that those Colorado elections had a lot of dead voters in the election.

I still believe the Reds for Ed invasion in AZ, through the teachers' union, has had a profound impact on our state politics.  No one really fought against or exposed them, fearing to appear being against our neighborhood teachers.  The second big factor affecting our fast swing to purpleness was the unchecked and uninvestigated voter fraud in the last election, fearing to appear being offensive to Latinos.  I wonder if someone will write a book about the AZ Blueprint.  Alinsky would have been proud.

One correction, Mike.  Attorney Stephen Richer is doing an indepth investigation.  On Tuesday, he announced he is running for Maricopa County Recorder.

Yep,  I have received at my home a ballot for a Latino ... who didn't EVER reside here. When I did some looking into the situation I found out that it was to be mailed back to a mailbox at a UPS mail store at Central & Camelback. When I went there they would only tell me that these were then to forwarded to Washington DC (for privacy reasons). I called the County Attorney General office  and they said I must file a police report first  .... but then my address would become public information so I ended my investigation. Fact and elections do matter for information is dangerous to those who want to enslave you.

My Book "The Devil at Our Doorstep" exposes the same things about the left, Saul Alinsky and his followers. The SEIU who has been labeled as Communists on many sites tried to force unionize all major cleaning companies across America like mine by using the same tactics used by Alinsky. In fact the SEIU's training manual, which I obtained a copy of actually expressed using Alinsky tactics. My book and my blogs available at www.TheDevilatOurDoorstep.com  were written not for my benefit, but to wake up America to the fact that the left is trying to bring down America and make it a Socialist/Communist country. I encourage all to visit the website and get the book and read all the blogs.

I just got this link to a Saturday Night Live skit done eight or nine years ago.  Likely you will never see anything from SNL in the current time!

Note the resemblance of the actor to the subject material!!!

So I'm passing this one for those who care. :  A SNL skit that was recorded a half dozen or so years ago that is a perfect example as to how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's mentality works...


Coincidentally, Eric, we posted that video last week. It would be a hoot if it weren't so perfectly AOC, a real live Congressman.

C'mon!  Congressperson!!!  Gotta be "politically correct"!  LOL  (But it sure does look like her twin!)

Thanks for posting it.

Eric, we ditched PC many years ago.  Congressman is the acceptable term and we will not get into identity Congressional politics.  We know you are kidding, too!!  Further, we question if AOC qualifies as "person" so maybe Congressbrat would be suitable.

I now have it on order at the local library.  'Twill be interesting read plans of  the enemy.  Alinsky must be one arrogant fellow to lay it out like that.



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