Perhaps you read The Confederacy of Dunces back in 1980.  It was written in the 60's by John Kennedy Toole and published nearly 20 years after his death.  It fits, in many ways, what we are seeing from today's dunces.  In Jonathan Swift's essay, Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting which influenced the book, comes this quote:  "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."  That is exactly what we are seeing today against Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America and a genius at it.

I cannot but compare the book and Swift's quote to what we are seeing today... and I refer to the situation in Arizona's election reality.

If you watched some or all of the hearing on December 1, 2020, called by Representative Mark Finchem, you saw the dunces being called to account by their absence and by testimony being given.  The entire hearing is posted on this site HERE for you to watch at your leisure.

Two things really explain the mindset of Arizona dunces: The Speaker of the House, Rusty "I bow to McCain" Bowers, not only did not do his duty to investigate the hundreds of complaints against this election, he refused - REFUSED- to allow the hearing to be held at the PEOPLE'S HOUSE, the Arizona House of Representative building at the Capitol.  To our knowledge, he made no appearance.

Many of our citizens cried out for a full investigation from the House, but Bowers is tone deaf, aka sold to the highest bidder, the McCain Cabal.  As we too often say, "just because you can do something doesn't mean you should" rang true on December 1, 2020 for Bowers.

Stepping into the void was Rep. Mark Finchem.  It's rumored that Finchem has his eye on the Speakers job and he certainly was the adult in the Legislature when he bypassed Bowers and set up the hearing at the Marriott Hotel.  He and his team, made up of other Representatives, lined up Attorney for Trump Rudy Guiliani and dozens of eye witnesses who swore under penalty of law that their Affidavits were seen by them and were true events.  Even though the hearing was not sanctioned, that is a minor detail at this point. The goal was to hear from real people what they observered in the tabulation rooms as Dominion machines running Smartmatic software churned out ballots both valid and invalid.

All the while, and this is so stunning it's hardly believeable, Chief Dunce Goobernor Ducey was certifiying the election results.  Imagine that.  We know only a tiny sampling of what occurred during this election was revealed during the hearing and Ducey the puppet of Michael Crow (ASU President and head Dunce) and Cindy "Where are my meds" McCain stood before cameras and adoring leftist media to pronounce Arizona's 11 Electoral Votes will go to Biden who likely got less than 25% of the legal votes cast.  

So here is an option - and you would do well to take it: Bowers held a meeting of the GOP caucus whose majority stood up for formally re-electing Bowers as Speaker again in January.  Unless we the people are totally ignorant and oblivious to the importance of this position, we must put on a full court press against Bowers and stand behind Mark Finchem to be the new Speaker.  

It's not just because Bowers is ignorant and a sell out, it's because for the past two years he has been the most dreadful Speaker in recent memory.  The first thing he did as Speaker was to use false information to remove Rep. David Cook, that was proven completely without merit.  Thanks to the smart action on the part of Rep. Cook, the effort fell apart as a subterfuge to get rid on one of the most active friend to his constituents.  The next thing Bowers did was to sell us out to the McCainiacs.  During his tenure the past two years, he refused to allow very good bills be heard by refusing to assign them to the proper committee, ostensibly on orders of Ducey who got his orders from the cabal.  In that bunch of proposed legislation were good election bills.  Bills that may have resulted in a  more honest election.  

At one point during a hearing he did let happen, he knew - or so we are told and we had our own folks there to witness this event - the democrats were planning an uprising at this committee hearing (this was all caught on video and can be seen on the website).  It happens the Committee Chairman also got wind of this beatdown to come.  The Chairman arranged for extra security to be on hand to quell the fracas.  We saw these security in the back hallway and wondered what was up.  The hearing went smoothly, the democrats voted against every good election bill using the most inane reasoning on each bill that was heard. Being in the minority, the dems lost those votes as they knew they would.  Just before the end of the Committee Hearing, people who had been planted in the audience came forward without permission, shattering proper protocol and started a screaming match.  At that point, the Chairman, who had expected this, left the room to get security.

To the surprise of everyone, someone had sent the security home... no security anywhere around.  An AFA team member just happened to be out in the main hall.  There was Bowers in a mostly vacant hallway, quietly on the phone, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.  It was late in the day, around 7pm, and usually the Speaker would have left the building long before.  But he was skulking around mostly unseen.  It seemed to our AFA team member that he was orchestrating something.... it was not the usual demeanor of a normal conversation.  It was only later that we put 2 + 2 together and realized that the most likely scenario is that Bowers sent the security detail home and left the Committee Chairman defenseless.  It was no secret that he and the chairman clashed on bills frequently and Bowers did not like his "authority" being challenged.  Being the Speaker does not come with domination supremacy as part of the job.  To the contrary, it's the Speakers job to see that order is kept, that bills get a fair hearing and that the legislature runs on behalf of we the people.  If guilty of what was seen that day, this Speaker, who wants another two years, failed and failed miserably.

In our assessment and opinion, his loyalty is not to the people, not to the process of legislation and not to the elected lawmakers.  It's to the McCain Cabal and the governor.  He no doubt passed on the election fraud hearing and was standing side by side with Ducey while he certified an illegal election.

He MUST BE REPLACED in January.  We will be informing you what we need to do to prevent his re-election and it will take everyone of you reading this to participate for good government over fake loyalty to a cruel master.

Watch for further info on that.

And by the way, where were the Maricopa Board of Supervisors during this hearing?

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I read that book in the 80's when it came out.  I think I will try to get it and read it again because it was very complex. I would better understand it as prologue to what we see today.  Thanks for this report it is a real eye opener on Bowers.  And the Goobernor.

Well Kids...

 We have a turncoat  for a Governor,  two Marxists for senators , one literally named Mark. "Marxist Kelly" in addition we have a  secretary of state that supports voter fraud.  Arrest Katie Hobbs now..!!!!! 

   What else can possibly go wrong for Arizona..

Ohh,, I forgot, the Bastards are now pushing the Great reset...thanks World Economic Forum 


 Have a nice Day All

Excellent editorial,  you just laid out the facts for a 'RECALL' on  Bowers.  Bowers has been using the 'Good Ole Boy' routine  far to long, it only makes him look ridiculous.   I agree,  Mark Finchem  would restore honesty as Speaker of the House.  The only justice for Bowers is a 'RECALL.'

Agree, good assessment of where we are in AZ politics.  But a recall is not necessary. He thinks he has the votes because he called his caucus to meet and agree to re-elect him.  we have time to stop that doing what AFA recommends. Put the pressure on.  Big time.

It is the Republican Party Patriots who need to clean the swamp. I was elected a PC in a district never before involved but decided to get involved but now deciding to move.  I am among the swamp and very few could turn this around.  The McCain Republicans still in charge





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