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In other than talk, are they different? I don’t think so. When we elected Trump because none of the Republicans were giving us the policies we wanted nor stopping the ones we didn’t, we watched as both parties relentlessly trashed him. Our GOP congress failed to give us our wall or our immigration policy wants in general when they had the power to do so from 2016 to 2018. They failed to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. Neither would they give us the budget restraint we’ve so long sought. On the other hand, they failed to defend the president from the onslaught in media, Deep State and Democrats . Some senior Republicans, John McCain for example, even assisted the Democrats in the perpetration of fraud. So did Mike Pence, putting Biden in the White House, on 1/6 of this year. And yes, Pence had a choice and yes, it was in his power to send those votes back to the states.

Even here in little Arizona we’ve seen the same pique. In LD23 when Joe Chaplik had the temerity, as a US citizen of Arizona, to actually challenge a Republican incumbent, he was slandered, libeled and at one Republican Club meeting which I attended, he was shouted down by his opponents and their close supporters. The moderator, instead of telling those shouting to shut up and sit down, told Chaplik to sit down. Chaplik won the race. and went on the tie the record for the most bills introduced and passed by a freshman representative in the Arizona Legislature.

The GOP’s message, in both instances, was and remains the following: “This is our government, not yours, people. We have an agenda. It’s not your agenda. There’s no need for outside interference from you or from anyone who doesn’t know or follow the rules here. Only people of whom we approve will gain entry, but only when it’s their turn. What do you mean “may the best and the brightest win”? That’s not how it works. There are certain people who choose who will win and who will not. Remember, this is our club, our government and you can comment, but don’t think of changing anything. We decide what changes, not you.”

It’s a sham. How can a party preaching its beliefs and policy agenda permit people to remain in the party in good standing when they vote against what the party claims it stands for? When that happens, as it did in the failed attempt to repeal the ACA, four Republican senators for example– four people, like you and me, only dishonest – denied tens of millions of Americans across the nation, stealing representation from them. We were without representation in that vote. There was only the illusion of it. Those four senators all ran on full repeal when they were voted in. Yet, they remained in good standing in the party. Are we to believe that in their various states, only they had the ability to win election and serve in the senate? Ridiculous. So how can there be any faith in such a political party?  And, at what point do you come to understand that it's not an accident?

I don’t care about the Democrats. They speak to a very different mindset than that of the readers here, and that mindset will always be around. However, they are a minority. We win when we fight for what is right. So, how can we permit a party to allow such people as McCain et al to remain in it after they have shown us what they are about? Or, is that what the entire party leadership is about?  Isn't it time to start criticizing and voting out Republicans who lie to us, people like our new county recorder?  But we've tried that...

If there’s to be change, it’s up to us to change it. Waiting around for the ranking party members to change things is purely a waste of time and nothing will ever come of it. They are a part of the status quo.  We need "NEW" and we need it very soon.

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Totally agree!  I keep saying:  Stop voting for incumbents.  Just stop!!

If we are to save this country, we the people, are going to have to step up.  To this end, I created a FB group, 

Restore Meaning of 2nd Amendment

Come help me save our country.

The Republican Party has gotten worse and worse each year since 1987 when they allowed the Democrats to scuttle Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination.  They have never been very conservative.  They even tried their best to deny Uncle Ronnie's nomination in 1980.  They deserted Goldwater in 1964.  But it was the failed Bork nomination that remains my line of demarcation.

We see what their exclusive little club is.  Others with other, traditional or conservative ideas need not apply.  They don't want us.  Why on Earth do we continue to support them, griping about what happens all along the way?  When will people understand that if they want change, it's up to them, us -- not someone else -- to change it!!  If we did, we'd win.  We are most Americans!

this is  Me in 2016/17.

I had it figured out then.

So now I am a 4 time loser on twitter.

In order to clean up the system and to have the honest representation we all want and desire, there is one thing that needs to be addressed. Somehow we need to educate the low information voter. This group probably represents the majority of the voters. They vote with their emotions rather than the facts. They believe the promises but don't investigate the candidate. They vote in certain ways because their parents or grandparents voted that way. Many  vote because of the slick campaign ads, not fact checking for the truth. Worst of all, and I personally know some of these, are the ones who fall in love with a candidate's beautiful "Rent a Family and pet dogs", and decide to vote for them.

We try to educate them but most are not interested in learning anything until hours after the election. Then many of them want to withdraw their vote. Too late! Then all they have to say is; C'est la vie

Excellent post Jeff, I agree totally we really only have a one party status.  My concern is the up coming governor election.  If our election is free from fraud,  and if conservatives  running for office have the chance to  express their conservative ideas without being overpowered by the Media,  and our  lax republican  party.  Arizona could end up with anther Ducey, Napolitano, Brewer, combination governor.

Desertrat has it right. Too many voters aren't educated in the true views and history of the candidates. I see 10-15 clients in their homes every week and talk politics with 90% of them. Topics are what our state legislators and governor are/are not doing for us. Since I have lived in Arizona, I have sent out my list of preferred candidates to these clients. 

Each of us needs to do the same in daily conversations. The McCain name is good in Arizona to many ignorant residents and its faults need to be pointed out before we get another. Ducey had a R by his name; but, my contacts said they didn't vote for him.

Scott, Desert Rat, Karen and the rest have it right.  The situation, however, calls not so much for education as it does radical change.  Say that we manage to get all the low-information voters wised up to the phonies.  There are 49 other states.  As we have seen time and again, it only takes from one to four who vote in opposition to the platform to disenfranchise every Republican voter in the country, in effect, denying all representation in what their party claimed to stand for.  It happened with the ACA, again many times with Boehner and Ryan as house speakers, with McConnell as majority leader and certainly with Pence on 1/6.  Yet, these people remain in good standing with the party following their actions.

We need a party with new rules and very new people running it.  That means it won't be a club run by the state financial and social elites (who are linked with the financial and social elites in the other states and other nations).  We need every Republican voter to go to the new party, a party which will immediately expel any representative who votes against the platform.  Furthermore, the platform needs to be formed by unelected party members and made available to every voter.  Then there needs to be an unelected body in the party which tells the reps how they will vote on every question and which will decide what bill may or may not be introduced or co-sponsored.  Again, failure to abide by that body's dictates will result in expulsion from the party.  The person in violation will not be re-elected.  No "mavericks", no family dynasties.  No Kennedys, Bushs, Cheneys, McCains and etc. 

We're up against the wall.  Without radical change in our thinking of "party", we're toast.  Oh...and don't settle for "a little bit".  Sensing our mood they may well pretend to change.  Don't buy it.

I don't doubt that for a moment, Karen.  Take Kari Lake for example.  I don't know her or much about her.  I do know that few and far between are actresses who are skilled executives with a strong grip on economics.  As a career newsreader, where does that experience come in?  Who put Kari up?  Who is backing her? Cindy McCain?  Other McCain cronies?  Michael Crow?  If so, you can count on another Ducey should she win election.

The GOP is a social club, run by social and financial elites in the various states.  We need a party run as a business is run, seeking only the best, brightest and most dedicated to serving the company's aims.  In the case of a political party, the electorate must know what those aims are and the people the electorate hire must be accountable and beholden to those aims at every juncture.  Breach must be rewarded with expulsion from the "company"...just as an executive who worked for the company's competitor would be fired, immediately.

Rather than embark on the creation of yet another political party would it not be better to advocate a consolidation of the many third parties and the adoption of a platform embracing a new approach to controlling the voting of the elected officials within it. I'm not aware of all the existing "third" parties but I sure a list of them exists. I do know there's a Life and Liberty party, the Constitution party, the Alliance Party, and the Libertarians.

The short answer where I am concerned is “no”.   Those other parties I have investigated are one-issue, social issue or religion based -- all poison pills for a second party formation.  Most Republicans would never merge into them.  The USA is not and was not formed as a Theocracy. 

“Party” as it applies to the electorate, has to be re-invented so that it cannot be co-opted by financial/social elites with an agenda in opposition to the millions of voters.  Our constitution shows the path.  Parties, as presently constructed, are not in support of it nor can they be when their driving impetus is not based on it, but rather on the parochial interests of those running the party.  The other parties' members are free to join the new one, the "un-party" party.

Is there a difference between the two major parties? I don't think so. Every elected and appointed official I can identify is guilty of Treason. All - via actions of both omission and commission -have supported the policies espoused in the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto by which we are now governed. 

Anyone wishing to participate in a conference dedicated to helping bring about needed change is urged to call me at 785-766-3045.





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