America, as we knew it, is in "transformation".

To know that is to ask a simple question ... from where to where? Protesters today are in a situation about the death of a black man by a "racist" cop, but that is not the real issue here no matter if it's found guilty or innocence by a Court of Law.  We have seen just how a Court can be manipulated just as a mayor, a governor, or a FISA Court can be moved by an empathy of feelings. Today, I ask each of you about a History, it's not about whether a statue is on display, what it stands for, or the honor it represents for that is another topic later. Lets look at the History of The Russian Revolution and compare it with our own "transformation" before us.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was one of the most transformative events of the 20th Century. The Russian citizenry was on the winning side with the allies in WWI, but Russia suffered more than the others, and the blame went to the Czar for that demise, and his family paid for it by their deaths in 1918. 

In Russia there were really 2 Revolutions in 1917. The first Revolution marked the end of the Czar dynasty, but it also gave way to the 2nd which was a way to move the peasantry into a new age of centralized goals to form a "new union" of political strength and control. The word "soviets" was born, that conglomeration of collective groups who fomented a Red Terror killing  of 300,000-500,000. Hitler did that a decade later with "The night of the broken glass" killing thousands of political opposition.

In Russia the peasants were upset with the Czar by food and water shortages, but they didn't know the path they were on. The path was known to the elite for the bloody protests previous to 1917 was found in the Czar's troops killing hundreds in 1905 protests before the war. Power to control was key, yet the stage was set where the citizens had not figured out that they would be the "collateral damage" for a future movement of violence, much like we see today in our major cities. In Russia a "new way forward" was led by leftist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, similar to leftists ideology of today. That name Lenin was not known to most Russians for he had been in exile, so he returned home to seize power over the Revolution and force a "new" direction, much as we have today by the Black Lives Matter. The similarities abound to those self-made small businesses who are the victims today by violent "protests" here in America. Recall the riots of 1967 & 1968? That is where the federalized National Guard troops stopped those rebellions in Detroit and Watts. That was part of our modern day Revolution number One.  

Today there is a cultural rot in our land of opportunity thanks to the Leftists, who see and use, the antichrists to have a "crisis" that cannot go to waste. Their desire is to collapse our civil society to destroy opposition, by mental slavery to them and also where the peaceful protesters have been hijacked by a violence of communist calls for "equality". Their stated goal may be to establish a "new normal" order of things in America, but that is just The Curtain of Oz.

If we know anything about History, we know that the results of such "transformation" is not equality for they "whitewash" the past ... leading to a lack of civility until a new control mechanism, where a 2nd Revolution is commenced. Soviets destroyed their History, just as happened in the Red Revolution in Mao's China. Is it any wonder why "protesters" want to take down our Confederate Civil War statues? That is OUR history being destroyed in the name for a "racist cause", so just who will be that martyr tomorrow ... Jefferson, Washington, or Lincoln? 

Looking back, and having lived through it in Detroit, I say our 1st modern day Revolution was a movement toward this "new normal". The Detroit tax base left those areas as owners said ENOUGH of this, leaving the remaining crying for more Government "help".  They were the "collateral damage" for socialism, living off other people's money. It was left up to the police to correct the problem of crime but the police force was cut due to declining tax revenues. But that was just part of the problem, for police leaders didn't want to "offend" anyone. Crime grew outrageously as more left the city for security in the suburbs. That wasn't "racism" in Detroit at that time, it was a destroyed capitalism, the goal of all socialists and Communists. Thugs don't care about you; they want what isn't theirs ... even if it's your life, Mr. Policeman. 

It was in the 60's where a peaceful "civil rights movement of MLK" grew, not the violence we see today, which is the 2nd modern day Revolution. The foundation of this 2nd Revolution of a guise of more freedom ... this time from the police ... the ones the political class don't want to confront, for they just talk about "investigations," not the culture divisions they made. This opens the door to the opportunity of a new century for those with communist aspirations. 

So does anyone see the similarities of such with The Russian Revolution and today where the serfs (the ignorant masses), follow the lies of the BLM group of thugs who want more power from Government, a Government that would normally curtail their disillusional thinking?  

Today the protesters are keeping to the streets, and yet the hands of the police are being tied down by mayors and governors. The result is the police leadership is now a wavering group without direction of civility, just as happened in the Russian Revolution. There is no enforcement of curfews or laws. Let the past be a warning from the Russian Bolshevik Revolution (a radical far-left Marxist faction) where the warring factions of today.  They are the same as those of the Red (communist) and White Armies in the Russian Revolution.  It is the reality between the BLM and the "white privileged" police. The BLM agenda is to form a new "collective group" of enforcers, from local and outside groups, and union workers to achieve a façade of equal protection rackets much like the Mafia. They'd ask "what can you do for me"?

During the Obama administration, corruption and extortion was rampant, and thus Donald Trump was elected to "drain the swamp". But these swamp creatures know how to swim past all the deflections, to dodge the corruption of career civil servants. It is a Revolution against Trump policies. While the Russian Revolution paved the way for the rise of COMMUNISM as an influential political belief system, it is the ideology of today's BLM, Black Liberation Movement, Black Panthers, and socialists direct out of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Chicago church where he said ... "No, no, no, not God bless America, God damn America".  It is their desire for a centralized command economy with a vanguard of a One political party to realize a "new normal" dictatorship of the political class elites sprinkled with a communist decree of what a "virus" can predicate, and will achieve. 

Be aware ...  we are repeating the past through History, if we know it or not. It's not in Russia anymore, it's at our door.

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Thank you for your efforts right on the mark! Let me add to it the fact that after Reagan was informed and he then warned we were/are  ... "A Nation at Risk due to the failure of our public schools" (to which 80% of America's children are consigned to for some 12 yrs.) "an act of treason had we not done it to ourselves" ... his words not mine as he then showed us the data to substantiate that statement. His efforts then as CA governor began when 83 of CA's major CEOs came to him saying they couldn't any longer use high school graduates at entry-levels of employment as budgets were burgeoning at entry-level training (basic ed)! This group then formed the nation's first Business Roundtable to lobby education reform efforts. No critic of public education can survive elections at any level is why there is no change. Those numbers gainfully employed K-16 out vote change at local, state and national elections. Thus it's a face-off against pervasive ignorance with a voting majority now willing to exchange Liberty for governmental control as witnessed on the nightly news.  

Remember this chilling video  as a loyal friend said to me recently the spirit of the interview is coming to fruition and I agree.

Thank you for the video, everyone must heed his advice or America will cease to exist. God help us.





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