McCain's dastardly career as a bought and paid for politician was the kind that gives politicians a bad name.  It appears the McCain family thought, by lionizing him at a funeral series that seemed to go on forever, the facts would never come out.  Some of those facts had been revealed even before they announced the old geezer was dead, not that many don't feel they were holding him in a freezer locker until an opportune time to make that announcement!  The family, the politicos and the media thought we would buy the fantasy that McCain woke up one morning and said, "I've decided to stop my cancer treatment."  Then he died the next day.  This was so outlandish, it was laughable.

None of these facts (below) surprises any activist in Arizona and around the world.  He played a part for years but, in his dotage, he couldn't resist letting his massively egotistical jealousy get the best of him on the Senate floor.  Great, in our opinion. It just further revealed the wretched person he was.  He hated Trump to the degree that it ate into his entire persona.  It slopped over onto his daughter, Meghan, who excoriated our president at the endless funeral.  Who uses a funeral to play petty politics?  Just how low class is it possible to go?  

You have wondered like we have... how is it this man, with essentially no money of his own and who didn't have a real job for over 36 years, became so wealthy in his own right?  The most his paying job ever paid was $174,000 a year but most of his time in DC, he was paid less than that.  Maintaining a residence in DC and flying back and forth to Arizona is expensive and leaves little of that $174,000 left over to invest.  So how did he get so wealthy himself?  Of course, we all know the answer to that one.  Political rumors are that he was bought and paid for by foreign governments, shadowy individuals, military giants and others.  He personified the reason term limits are necessary.  Maybe he had some glimmer of integrity in 1982 when he was first elected to the House but he was easily and willingly swept up into the sludge of the DC swamp in a flash.  It's a testimony to just how corrupt those in DC have been for decades that he was able to build a reputation of "hero."  If McCain was anything close to a "hero," you are a bobbed-tail orangutang. 

But don't take our word for what we think of McCain's long career as a traitorous (in our humble opinion) lawmaker.  Herewith is a line up of articles originally posted by Republican Briefs on just a tiny slice of McCain's "heroism:"

McCain-The-‘Dossier’: Its-Worse-Than-We-Thought

· Court-Files-Reveal-Role-Of-McCain-And His Associate-In-Spreading-Anti-Trump-Dossier

· Judge-Unseals-Portions-Of-Christopher-Steeles-Deposition-In-Dossier-Lawsuit-Reveals-John-McCain-Chosen-As-Conduit

· Court-Files-Reveal-Role-Of-McCain-Aide-In-Spreading-Anti-Trump-Dossier

· Newly-Released-Court-Filings-Reveal-Just-How-McCain-Used-Dossier-Against-Trump-And-It’s-Disturbing

· John McCain Aide Spread Steele Dossier Around Washington During Trump’s Presidential Transition

· McCain’s “Ooomph” Legacy: Sunday’s Comic

· McCains-Office-Urged-IRS-To Use-Audits-Weapons-Destroy Political Advoacy Groups – Updated./

· Trump: ‘Last In His Class’ McCain Gave Dossier To FBI, Media To Undermine White House Bid


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Good post. Do not forget that McCain married money.

I disliked McCain. I leave the word 'hate' to make my point that I 'hate' tofu and mushrooms and no I will not eat them nor did I waste my energy by immersing myself in 'hate' towards the old grump.

He was no conservative. I can picture McCain setting by his fireside laughing like hell I have fooled the RINO's and it was a simple exercise to pull-off.

McCain, to me, was a short-man in stature who used bullying towards all who dared to deny him what he truly wanted.

He was a a big bad bull against conservatives and even towards the defense dept. I have always believed that he was up to his ears in what happened in Benghazi.

He  was not deserving of the series of state like services, they were propaganda in a cover-up to hide truth.

Gosh, after reading this article, I feel really sorry for McCain.  There is nothing good said on this article.  Poor McCain.

Just kidding.  LMAO  This article was way too soft on this creepy guy.  Glad he's gone and out of our hair.

A suggestion for his gravestone which is probably the size of a bus: "Here lies a loathsome man.  Whether he rests in peace is up to God."  He should reside in hell to eternity in my opinion.  "loved"?  Not hardly except by those just like him but they don't have love in their personalities.  I clicked on the first link in this article and one of the commenters posted a link that I read through and found this:

This is an active investigation and court case.  Maybe this will finally tell us the truth about 9/11.  Since it was posted on that article I have to wonder if this will show McCain had some involvement with that fateful day.  The link says it's certain that explosives were involved.

Active investigation oh sure it is! Active cover-up most likely.

McCain's hatred for Trump ran very deep, even until he drew his last breath on earth... 



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