History IS REPEATING itself ???  Shall we examine the Facts-of-the Matter.
     The Stamp Act of 1765 .. imposed a direct tax that applied to all who lived in the American colonies and it applied on any legal documents, or printed materials. The patriots of that day had no say in the matter for it was a dictate, so would the media of today object to it? Nope not at all, for they side with misinformation from a Press Secretary, and pundits who will not do their job of "investigative journalism" to see the relationship between Liberty and dictatorial mandates. So let's look at the correlation of the Stamp Act .. and today's Inflation. The Stamp Act was dictatorial in nature, is inflation?
     The colonists felt that the British government had no right to Tax them because there were not any representatives of the colonies in the British Parliament. The colonies had no say in how much the taxes should be or what they should pay for. Today the causes of our inflation are also dictatorial ... for we have no say in the matter ... but it is a Tax placed upon all citizens of this sovereign nation. That Tax has been orchestrated by government spending of which "We the People" really have no control over ... except every 2 years by elections. But those 2 years can seem like an eternity ... especially when our kitchen table expenditures come into play, aka gas or food.
     What is our recourse in the matter as Joe Biden says that inflation is controlled by The Federal Reserve and not his minions of liars. Inflation is here because "the problem" rests with the size of government spending and it's living BEYOND it's own means, as borrowing has it's costs of rising interest levels. It is this inflation that SUCKS the life out of our capitalist economy and most always results in a recession with catastrophic economic results. For those that know it's Economics 101 plain and simple.
     This Biden government spews that big oil, or big businesses are to blame? They say "oh look over there they are the problem", just as the Jews were the problem in Germany before WWII, this is a biblical Satanic deception. Those big capitalist businesses are responsible to a Board of Directors and stockholders ... and who is responsible to this government caused spending and inflation?  The party that CAUSED it. .... the Biden bureaucracy ... and No One else ... for under Trump our inflation in January 2021 was 1.4%, and just what is it now??
We are re-living history all over again ... wake up the the reason for it and how we must cure that cancer ... FIRE ALL WHO CAUSED THIS ... for they work for us ... not we for them !!!

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