There is much controversy surrounding the vaccine.  A report came out in early January claiming 55 people had died after taking the vax but it also said that was a conservative number and it was expected that many more than that have died.  Just in the past few days, a young doctor and a nurse in different states died shortly after taking the vax.  This is an individual decision but it might serve you well to read through the experiences of these people reporting on this site:

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I am not an anti vaccine one. Already had my first poke. Shot in the arm no more discomfort than the seasonal flu shot. Experienced no symptoms for days after the shot. 

It's a personal choice to take the poke or not.

Yesterday, my coworkers elderly relative slumped over dead 15 minutes after receiving her second COVID vaccine. Sorry, don't know the maker.

This reinforces my decision not to get the vaccine. There hasn't been enough science done to make it safe for everyone or maybe even for most people. I'd rather be alive from what I know I'm taking than to be a guinea pig.

Basically I am opposed to getting the vaccine mainly because I seem to have an opposite reaction to any medication that I've ever taken. However I want to get vaccinated because my wife is confined to a medical facility and I won't be able to see her with out it. I've had the first injection and there was no problem. No pain, soreness or any other reaction. Hopefully the second will be as uneventful as the first.

Get an exemption letter from your Doctor stating that your to sensitive to all vaccine to get one.

Thank You for posting this. I will be sending it to everyone I know to let them see what is happening from this.

It is looking like a death sentence to me from what the "Front line Doctors" report on the little bit of animal trials they did do before the Human Trials, which all of these vaccines are, took place. Death will occur, from the information I am hearing, not from the vaccines themselves but from your body's reaction to any subsequent exposure to Corona Virus. That is what they are reporting was the result of the animal testing. I have no doubt that it will be put off as a "new more deadly strain" of Corona. An entirely new round of lies and another round of vaccine. These people are out to depopulate the earth and we are an endangered species they want reduced or gone entirely. Check out the Georgia Guide Stones message sometime. Link below.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and its past president, Dr. Lee Merrit are LEGITIMATE. On the web, search Bio-Warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid COVID - The New American.  These vaccines were released without FDA approval so we could all be guinea pigs. 
You MUST be informed before taking them! 
You must also know you can get a Rx for HCQ and Ivermectin from

No vaccine for me.  Any insistence on it begs the question "why"?  What does anyone care whether or not I am vaccinated?  Those who are worried are allegedly immune following vaccination, or they can wear a mask (LOL!) and "protect themselves".  Nothing about any of this makes any sense, unless in a conspiratorial way.  I suspect there's some endgame.  I do not believe that it is "health". 

There are now reports out that tell us that just because you take the vax, you are not necessarily immune from getting c-19 or some other strain of covid.  So really, what is the point expect what James M.U. said in his post: guinea pigs.  BTW, any news that Gates took this vax or any of the tech giants?





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