Every once in a while, we are confronted with a true opportunity, the kind of opportunity that smacks us in the face and screams "LOOK AT ME.'

We have just such an opportunity before us this election season.  If you have had the opportunity to hear Jana Jackson speak about her early life, where she got her values and how she sees the most important issue for the future of America - the education of our children - you know what we are talking about.  Standing amongst the flotsam and jetsam of candidates scattered across the landscape is a true jewel of a candidate.

Jana Jackson has now been heard multiple times by AFA Team members, have participated in a formal vetting of her.  While there are no perfect candidates, Jackson stands tall among the field.

We don't endorse candidates but we do have our favorites when one steps out, takes a risk for the sole reason of serving her community.  We fully support helping Jackson get elected.

You can catch her interview here:  

Jana Jackson, candidate for Maricopa County Supt of Schools will be on the 2 pm., May 7 Ron Harder radio show http://www.centralcityradio.com/


Jackson got in the race a bit late when one day, she came to the realization that it was her turn to step up and take the risk to run for Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools.  She knew it was a long shot.  She was willing to put herself and her amazing credentials on the line for kids.  She's authentic, honest and, in our opinion, the candidate to take charge of education in Maricopa County.  She's confident that she can work closely with AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas, to get kids back to learning.  Jackson says she is a product of the "new math" that was the precursor of No Child.... and Race to the Top and now Common Core.  She admits she still has trouble with math to this day despite her incredible success in the teaching field.

Jana needs OUR help.  She must get her signatures before the end of May deadline.  Please contact her Chief of Staff (who served in the same position for Diane Douglas' campaign) to get a petition.  If YOU just get one page of signatures for Jackson, she will get the signatures she needs.  This is OUR chance to do our part to improve education in Arizona!  This is a true grassroots movement.  Time is of the essence!

We URGE you to contact: Beth Hallgren, 602-516-4781 jana@jacksonforcountysuperintendent.com  or jacksonforcountysuperintendent.com

This time, it really IS for the CHILDREN!!!

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She is for real! I heard her at the Tempe Republican Women's Club and was really impressed. She is welll-spoken, educated, has taken in children who would have been thrown around in the system, and is a teacher. She walks the walk.

A brilliant woman with a mission to serve.





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