Gamesmanship.  That is what we see on the political turf every day.  Maybe it was going on longer ago than we realized.  Probably it took Obama to bring it out in the open.  It's clear in both parties now.

I am speaking specifically about the tiff between Sen. Kelly Townsend and Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita.  What a colossal waste of energy over this tuffle we were subjected to the past few years.  Most people are blaming Ugenti-Rita for the office brand of a scuffle but the fact is Townsend has been a street fighter so long as we have seen her on the political stage... since 2010 if I remember correctly, when she started a tea party.  She was vicious in that endeavor, so much so that I remember the dirty games she played.  

I write this to try to even the playing field.  Let's say that all of this gamesmanship was started long ago and some people don't want to let it go.  Let's say U-R had a good reason to vote the way she did and has a better bill to drop next session.  Let's say that the anger at her has been way over the top considering the pass given to others in the Senate, and maybe the House, for killing bills that looked good on the surface. Let's say the media play against U-R is getting tiresome.  The others are not running against a democrat for the very important job of Secretary of State so it's ho-hum to Boyer and others.

This is the achilles heal of Republicans.  They/we blow everything out of proportion before getting all the facts.  And paybacks are the first line of defense. Right now, Townsend is beating up U-R on Telegram and praising herself about everything.  If she coughs she reports that she covered her mouth.  OK, it's not that bad but KT has a shadow personality and it's all about her all the time.  I realized this when I first saw what she posted on Telegram and just about every sentence began with "I did xxx and how wonderful that worked out.  Thank you for your support because it's really YOU I work so hard for."  That is my quote, not hers, but her tone is just like that: me, me, me.  I've heard her called the most difficult member of the legislature. I think that might be true.  We should look at the big picture not just one episode.

I will hope (springs eternal) that people will back off U-R and look pragmatically at the situation.  This squabble has been going on since both were in the House! I don't see Ugenti-Rita using social media to try to destroy KT or anyone.  She's been a stalwart conservative for the past 12 years and is wholly responsible for some very good bills while in the legislature.  Booing her off the stage just helps the dems and I blame Charilie Kirk for not coming forth and shutting that down.  It was HIS event and he had the power to do that but he preferred to let a conservative Republican be humiliated on his stage.  Shame on him.

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Business as usual in the lame GOP.  They cannot (won't and wouldn't even if they thought of it) put together an agenda, a guiding belief system and then prosecute it.  That's because there is no disciplinary mechanism to punish those who go off the reservation.   It's also partly, because they don't post their annual policy drives. The ballot box as penalty you say?  No.  The media covers for the phonies and by election time, all is forgotten.  And don't forget, an outsider can't just come in and challenge an incumbent.  Just as we saw with Trump, the party will dump all over that person!   One must wait one's turn (no matter how lame, how phony, how wrong the incumbent)!

Because it is wide open without penalty for phonies, we get phonies, those not dedicated to getting correct policy done who block it when it arises.  And, because the party including all those Republicans in the legislature won't print and then sign an agenda with specific policy goals for each year available for all to see, the phonies get away with being phonies.  Just like Washington: as a Republican, vote against full repeal of Obamacare're still a great Republican!

Until we change it, we're sunk.  The Left just doesn't have that problem.  We need a new party with very different rules if our policies are to carry.

     Sen. Townsend has represented LD 16 in the House and now the senate for many years as a person

with morals and values.  We have been very happy with her work and positions. To have her bills put

down by a "fellow" senator reminds us of how President Trump was continually undermined by RINOS

who appeared to be conservatives. For one, I have had enough of the "unity at any cost".  How about some details about why UG voted against or refused to vote for KT's bills??

So you think it was OK for her to start this by voting against a "fellow" republican's good bill that MUR had?  I'm not in favor of paybacks but these are humans and paybacks are part of the gamesmanship.  I can guarantee MUR is a conservative and would do a good job as SoS if it comes to that.  You say you have had enough of "unity at any cost" but you don't seem to hold MUR to that standard.  Just sayin'

Kelly Townsend is my representative and I resent your attack on her.  I wasn't aware that she alone started a tea party either.  As far as U-R is concerned, I have heard her speak and she is NOT a constitutionalist.

I don't see it as an attack.  I see it as just what is said: gamesmanship.  We should not fall into the trap of protecting OUR representatives, but not yours.  Very hypercritical to do that.  Call it what it is.  And you cannot know whether MUR is a constitutionalist or not unless you are close to her and heard her speak often, not just one time.  I've heard her many times and she's as much a constitutionalist as KT.  IMO

Agreed.  The bottom line, however, is party.  There needs to be a set course with all aboard and those who are not, revealed to all the voters.  We cannot afford to be kneejerk and splintered.

Where's the party leadership?  They should be demanding this. (hint: they don't want it.)

How well I remember Townsend attacking republicans who tried to work with her.  Her goal all along seemed to get a seat in the legislature so who she went after in the tea party was no problem to her.  I'm not saying she hasn't done some pretty petty and good things and she was the FIRST to bail on one of MUR's bills and my senater tells me she is one person in private and a much different in front of voters.  Maybe she will get Gov Com chair and she will be happy since that is her apparent goal.  As to MUR I may vote for her and will if she is the best candidate.  I've spent a work job dealing with double dealers and I can see them from a distance.

The Republican Party supported by a nationwide network of faith, family and freedom organizations working in concert with one voice to support the issues Americans care about is a winning party. The left fears an organized party. The leader of the free world 2016-2020 understood our needs and made this his strategy and focus. We were all organizers for Trump. Become an organizer.

It will NEVER work.  If it had a shot, it would have been done decades ago.  As long as party rules permit any rep or senator to vote in congress or state legislature against the platform, agenda and stated party and candidate positions, we're stuck.  All it takes is anywhere from one to a handful of compromised people to ruin it all.

Any Republican representative , senator or governor who votes or acts against the party's clearly written platform and legislative agenda must be expelled from the party and not welcomed back.  Until that time, we can put 220 people in the House and 53 people in the senate.  If there are six compromised, bought or otherwise traitorous among them, we're toast.  They'll vote with the Left on major issues or will fail to bring up major issues for a vote.  Just look at history.

I don't reside in KT's district but if I did I would support her. I have followed her from afar and I believe KT to be a conservative for this conatitutuional republic.

As for U-R being booded  she is a big girl and surly can handle this. 





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