Arizona has the most complicated and complex property tax system in the nation.

Those property taxes are due this month, but only those folks who pay the tax directly will get a detailed statement. You will not get such a statement if:

Your tax is included in your monthly mortgage payment

You rent, in which case it is part of your rent.

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Can you request a detailed statement from the powers that be if you would like to see it?  I would think so.

Yes. You can get it from your lender if the lender is paying the tax from your escrow account. You may also be able to get it from the county treasurer, but I am not sure about that.



The real problem is  Red For ED Arizona movement, supporting Marxism  education for over two decades It would not be a bad Idea to not give into the demands of the  the Leftist teacher unions..

Therefore, Lower property taxes  by  eliminating government schools. 

 Save your Kids Now , Get them out 


I would if I did.  But my son is 31--school was long ago (luckily).





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