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America has a trade problem. It's not that it's doing a bad job at it, the question is, if it's participating in it at all. The term "trade" insinuates you're getting something of equal value in a transaction. Are what we are getting, at least fair? With China, there are tariffs for American goods going into their country of 25%, which I find hilarious because I'd have a hard time making money in a country with currency that's worth less than ours.

Our tariff for this transaction to ship goods into the USA is 2%. A tariff in name only. I will not tolerate this kind of economic lobotomy, an insipitant notion of giving a communist country with its feet in Marxism, the better deal. From our founding, up til the late 1800s to early 1900s, the federal government functioned completely through tariffs. President Polk of the 1840s implemented the concept of free trade, and it has been a sword in the heart of our economy, with us doing well DESPITE it's full implementation.

The life blood of any economy, is its currency. With more money swimming in the private sector, the larger it is. If a country such as China has a 2% tariff, that means they can build a factory, pay the workers less than 10 dollars a day, then sell the product overseas for $100. This converts back over to a stealings worth of Yuans, and then stays there, except for the taxes of the sale with most online purchases not having any at all. If Americans were to make the item that they bought in a store, this would create a perpetual growth of employers hiring to fill the need of sales, and those new employees buying more, then when there is a shortage of workers, wages go up.

This lifeblood is being siphoned off of us. Going to power a communist machine, that doesn't like us, have'nt in the past, and won't once they own us if we let the siphoning complete. Eventually, if America continues down this path, the Yuan will be worth more than the dollar. NEVER! We must rise up, we must take this matter into our own hands, and weaken the Chinese, take away their golden road, and shower this gold on our streets instead of theirs, give this legacy to OUR children instead of theirs, and grow a great and grand society that we are capable of being.

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Tell that to the commies in the Republican Party Like the BUSHES NEW WORLD ORDER we give our nation to China.

Drain the swamp

Turn back to God; it is the only answer. Children are killing each other. Our problems are much more fundamental than economic. 

Harry, I agree with you 100% on most of what you said. We must turn back to God, put God back in schools and yes, in churches as THEY have pulled away from God.  But, God uses us on earth to do his bidding so we cannot sit and wait. We are the hands and feet of God so listen, listen closely, to what we are told. Then, act.

Children must be taught a moral code. With the corrupt department of education, they're getting peddled whatever garbage the education lobby is peddling. ENOUGH with the dictatorship of the Oligarch. We have been slithering through a swamp of moneys and corruption with no end in sight.

None of the early responses to this article deal with the subject material at all.  I thought the subject material had to do with "Trade" which I find fascinating.  Tirades on China and/or US politicians take us nowhere and do the author a disservice.  I would hope to see more on this subject from those who have actual knowledge.



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