Throughout president Trump’s term in office, the media, the Deep State and the GOP sought to isolate him.  Whatever happened – or didn’t – it was always “Trump this”, or “Trump that”.  He was called ridiculous names by these people: racist, Hitler, pervert, divider – not that there was ever the least evidence of any of it.

How did Trump get into office?  Who put him there?  It was the hundreds of thousands who attended his rallies.  It was the millions of Americans who voted for him in November of 2016.  It was us.

What drew so many voters to president Trump, that they rejected out of hand those chosen for the job by the reigning Republican powers?  He spoke to us about what we were concerned about.  He didn’t talk down to us.  He spoke plainly to us of things we knew to be true.  Take the media, for example.  How many of the other GOP contenders spoke of the crooked media and how they were united in their opposition to the things Trump voters wanted corrected?  Who among those would-be presidents spoke of how the media distort, divert, omit and outright fabricate “news”, that information which so many rely upon in order to form their opinions about what the nation needs?  None of them spoke of that.  Only Trump…and we all knew it was true.

It is of vital importance going forward to understand this: it was us who those forces opposed.  They couldn’t come out and say so, so they attempted to isolate Trump and assign their hatred to him exclusively.  However, it was those of us who wanted Trump who they hate.  It was we, the voters who wanted fair trade, our men and women in the military out of so many useless fronts where there were no vital national interests at stake, and secure borders to prevent an invasion of indigent, hostile and often criminal peoples.  We know all the other reasons: smaller government, fewer restrictions across the board and generally enhanced personal freedoms in alignment with our founding principles, rule of law not least among them.  Like the president who fought for it, we wanted our sovereignty to be secure.  It was us, the American people who wanted those things and still do.

Our internal opposition – to put a soft label on what they represent – were so determined to deny us and defeat us, that they waged a non-stop series of totally fabricated battles against our president, using people in elected office of both parties, bureaucratic offices and the media.  President Trump, at our behest and sharing our wishes, was in the process of dismantling a global socialist structure more than twenty years in the making by both political parties.  So determined were they, that having failed to remove the president during his term of office,  they blatantly rigged the 2020 election.  I believe that it’s equally likely that their foreign allies exported a new virus to us to assist in that rigging.  Later, when it was widely known that the fraud had occurred, they made certain that successive courts never saw the fraud evidence. 

On January 6, 2021, GOP Vice President Pence secured Biden for the Establishment by refusing to send the votes back to the states for recertification.  In doing so, Pence cited the Founders.  Citing the Founders, determining what they would want, is the job of the Supreme Court.  However, if the votes had been sent back to the states, the Establishment would have mounted a legal challenge.  That challenge would have ended up in the Supreme Court.  That meant that the Supreme Court would necessarily have finally had to review the evidence of fraud – and would have found that Trump had won the election.  The Establishment couldn’t risk that.  Thus, their man Pence, took the Supreme Court out of the equation.

The Establishment is determined to stiff-arm the US citizenry in pursuit of their, private, agenda. We are people who are politically active or we would not be on this website, so we must first understand that is the reality of the situation.  Secondly, in deciding what to do about it, we must review how it was we’ve been brought to this point.  We must ask ourselves, is the party model we’ve used to select our representatives capable of bringing about the policies and legislation we’ve sought through successive, failed Republican congressional majorities and presidencies?  Winning elections is only an opportunity.  It’s only the first step.  Having won power, it must then be wielded in our favor.  We’ve seen only that it has favored those who oppose us all.

We all know the hackneyed saying about the definition of insanity.  Thus, we have to ask ourselves, are we nuts – or are we open to a new way of doing things?

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Was Trump really serious about MAGA? Did he not understand that to do so America would have to be in control of its own destiny? Did he not understand this would require exiting the UN, bringing monetary policy out from under the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and purging America and Americans of the ungodly, unconstitutionally and unpayable debt we theoretically owe as a result of the present policy? Or did he understand these needs and failed to act for lack of courage and/or integrity or because he too was/is a member of the club? I wish I had the facts as I took him at his word and voted for him.

It is really hard to tell what really went on. Seems like he started out on the right track. Then starting with the virus things went awry.

Now I'm praying he will make a comeback as the lawful president. He needs to explain to the people why he is arresting nearly everybody. He'll be the 17th president of the Republic?

The virus was leashed upon us to help cost President Trump re-election in 2020.  Saying "things went awry" is not a fair or accurate assessment of the situation.

I, for one, am open to doing things differently.  The GOP has repeatedly failed us.  It is clearly time for something new.  The Republican Party will never change the way they do business, or grow conservative over night.  The fact that they have folks like former Congressman Will Hurd calling for President Trump to be banned from the GOP is proof positive of that.  Hurd, you may recall, was the only Republican who was a member of the "Congressional Black Caucasians" (as Rush Limbaugh referred to the Congressional Black Caucus as).

The choice then seems obvious: conservatives need a new party to replace the GOP.

More than you wanted to know

Obama said “I was only following orders” . Yeah orders that made him commit treason. He made a pea deal and was let out for a time to help Trump, but somewhere along the line he violated the plea deal and was rearrested and was put before a firing squad and shot in the back of the head. Lying Big Mike was executed shortly after. We will find out next year when all this is released. Obama turned over on Big Mike to get a plea deal.

Everyone who was arrested made a video confession, to get a plea deal, even if it was just death by lethal injection instead of firing squad or hanging. Lethal injection is a preferred way to die. You simply fall asleep and don’t wake up. It is painless and peaceful. Big Mike got the lethal injection, I have to think he made a video confession.

Everyone who has been executed has a double or clone. These are put in place by the white hats to make people think they are still around. That is so the people who are are not awake will not get angry or upset enough to start riots against the government for executing someone they loved. Like Madonna, or other celebrity.

Or get so upset they have to go to the hospital. I know some people who would have to be put in the psych ward. They will be unable to accept that they have been lied to all their life. Believe it or not there are many democrats out there who still love obama & Michelle. Michelle has recently been on PBS reading books to children, Obama appeared with her in one session. These are videos that are done with CGI. They are fake. They both are dead.





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