Pericles said, “Just because you don’t take an interest in politics does not mean politics will not take an interest in you.”

Politics has a huge impact on business and our lives.  

Having said that, Donald Trump is a certainty to win reelection in 2020 and businesses should plan on a Republican being in the White House for at least the next four years.  

The question is not, should Donald Trump be reelected.  That is a debate for pundits and partisans.  The simple fact is, he will be reelected in 2020 and it will be a comfortable win.  

To understand why Donald Trump will be reelected, there are certain things that must be understood.

First, when any President runs for reelection, it is a referendum on that Presidency.  The incumbent has huge advantages.  In fact, in the last one hundred years, only three Presidents have not been reelected to a second term, when they were seeking it. They were Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

Those campaigns have certain common denominators. First, the incumbent was handling a poor to really horrible economy and they ran an absolutely incompetent campaign.  

The economy is doing well by any indicator. Employment is up, unemployment is down.  Whoever his opponent ends up being, they won’t be able to claim the economy is bad.  Or perhaps they can try, but no one will believe them.

Second, Donald Trump is probably the single best politician of the last one hundred years. His skills as a politician are amazing, especially when you consider that his run for the Presidency was his first serious campaign.   President Trump understands how to control the narrative. He uses Twitter as a nuclear weapon that simply destroys those who oppose him.  He sets the narrative and does not react to what the opposition does.

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We must not sit on our laurels if our Congress isn't Republican it doesn't matter if Trump is elected or not.

We have to hope the Economy stays good as so many are fence sitters to begin with and the continued attacks on President Trump are of no help, not to mention so many in the GOP actually hope he loses and yes this includes many in office at the state & Federal level not to mention party insiders, so pray everything stays good or we'll be in for a real nail biter.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

I agree Van  we cannot afford to sit "on our laurels" and take he will win reelection. We must also give him a majority in both chambers of Congress. Given the state of the U.S. House today maybe voters across this nation have learned a lesson from 2018. 

On Saturday a big canvassing took place here in PV. The last count was 600 doors knocked on. This kind of effort must take place all over AZ and this nation. 

I don't know if this is the guy who predicted a Trump win when all "polls" showed him losing.  But I disagree with Clair to a point: yes, the criticism is affecting the election already but I see that it is swinging inds to our side and dems to the corners to sit it out.  Even dems have figured out that all these "immigrants" are either going to get their jobs or lower the amount of their welfare because there won't be enough even if the rich pay 100% tax.

We are still two months away from the Democrats' inevitable October Surprise. As tenuous as any associated accusations and claims will be, the MSM will still run with them 24/7 with breathless and unquestioning zeal. Sadly, it seems 30-40% of our population is not well-informed enough to see through the thinly veiled partisan media hostility.

Yes Mike count on the dems and their MSM going full throttle with their tactics. I have a little more faith than some in that those with common sense will and are seeing through the tactics of the left/left-wing.

Agreed, Patricia, it is just a matter of what percent.  It has to be > 20%, sadly, and I would very much hope that it is <30%.

Mike, I base that statement on real life observations. Many of the elders in my family could not read and write but dang they had common sense and when it came to politics they were sharp as tacks.  They all would not be fooled by the demon-rats.

As I go about the doings of a normal day I meet people, I am known for being outgoing I use that to take the temperature of folks be they at a store, barbershop just everywhere. They are clued into the dems and have switched to Trump. 

These real salt of the earth folk.

American Patriots are going to win in 2020 ... and in 2024 ... and in 2028.

Yesterday it was reported on OAN that the demographic most likely to come out to vote are over 65.  The Srs. worry about their portfolios and SS/medicare.  I can't see them voting that away.  Trump 2020 but we need to work toward that.  No sofa-surfacing in 2020.

When you are talking to wobbly Trump voters who "just wish he would tone-down his outspoken (or racist, or whatever) use of twitter," point out to them, as this article does, without twitter, his voice would NOT get to all the people, and he would not have anything to say about the narrative.  By being "the true politician Trump" on twitter his position becomes public and his choice becomes the topic of the day.  He may seem bombastic, but he paints his foes into the corner again and again.  So, assure to those who want him to be move "civil" ask them where would Trump be without twitter?

Right on, Terry.  I get ugly when I hear people complaining about Trump using twitter and your post explains why.  Without twitter, not one of us on this site would have any idea what he is about or what he's doing.



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