One of our members went shopping yesterday.  That is not newsworthy nor is it fun.  But this shopping trip reminded her of the 1950s when people were building bomb shelters and stocking them with non-perishables in the clearly probable event of an atomic attack.  Kids in school were taught "duck and cover" at their schools.  As it happens, the only bomb shelters ever used were in the mid-west during tornadoes.

Yet, here we are in 2020, nearly 70 years later, and people are building virtual bomb shelters to protect against something even more rare than the threat of an automic attack in the 1950s... coronavirus.  From October 1, 2019 until March 1, 2020, there had been in excess of 18,000 deaths from the flu in the United States. From coronavirus: 6.  In the past few days, that number has climbed to 26 which is equal to .000000074285714% of the population in America.  Throw in pneumonia, and infectious disease expert, Charles C Bailey, estimates that to be 7% of the population contracted the illness!  Not to be overlooked, the media is spending their entire time on air consumed with coronavirus and Trump-bashing as to how he is reacting to this epidemic "pandemic."  There is no question that the numbers will rise in the coming weeks.  That puts everyone in America at risk, doesn't it?

According to some researchers, the answer to that is NO.  There is a cruise ship that was docked off the coast of Japan.  Virtually everyone of the 700 people on board were infected.  Yet, there were few deaths and those who died were all over age 70, a vulnerable population due to the health issues in that age range.  In America between 2017-2018, 60,000 people died from the flu!  That alone is far less that deaths from coronavirus today.  The coronavirus is scary because of the hysteria in the media bent on scaring the bejeebers out of all of us.  But most polls on this topic show that only a small minority believe they will die of this dissease.

This obsession with this disease has been blown so far out of all reason that we have to wonder - do they really think the American voter is going to hold Trump responsibile for what happened in China?  It's reported that in China, with 1,439,323,776 people, fewer that 1000 have died of covid-19.  That number is so small, realtively, it goes out to too many decimal points to matter, statistically.  Let us count the way the DNC has tried to take our president to the woodshed, only to learn there was a 14,000 fan rally waiting to happen there?  And yet, yet...

Their reaction now is to quarantine Joe Biden.  One might decide THEY caused this situation (the media uber-hype) so they could get Biden off the stage.  How many crazy remarks can he get away FROM?  Several nutty comments from Joe a day is about the norm.  Where is the outrage over those?

Back to shopping.  If you have been in a store lately, a drug store or grocery store, you might think you went to sleep in Arizona and woke up in Russia.  There is nothing on the shelves.  If you invested in Purel stock last month, you have a temporary wealth-builder in your portfolio!  Imagaine some billionaire cornering the market on Purel!  Hoarding, that has not happened since Obama was elected, is happening right now.  Who has a pantry big enough that all the stocking up requires?

If you fall into the hoarding category, we suggest your take a breath.  You are very unlikely to contract the disease and highly likely to have a mild case if you do.  You may be stuck with way too much toilet paper and Purel stock shares when things settle down, which it will.  Or maybe toilet paper will become the new currency.  One cannot predict the irrational actions of us humans.

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Now the gov has declared a health emergency.  Why not just say what is true: those who WASH THEIR HANDS (not depending on Purel which is not as effective) are the safest people in the country and if they also keep their hands off their faces, they are even more safe.  BTW, you can make your own hand sanitizer if you can't find Purel.  Look it up.  The virus don't scare me but the media do.  They are nuttier than Biden.

I have to say, "I agree with Pat J and the author of this article". I'm 81 and feel more threatened by the mainstream media that the corona virus. I look at the time line, and origin, of this thing, and the old 'Conspiracy Theories " cut in. (Conspiracy Theory, Nonsense! Right?) The thing originates in China, Trump reacts quickly to limits it' effect. His opponents scream "Anti-Chinese bigotry!" Then they start calling it "Trump" virus. All just in time for our presidential candidate season. Hmmm. Now his oppositions states that they'll no one at their rallies, since about the only ones who show up are paid "volunteers", that's a real sacrifice. The ONLY ones who'll really be impacted are Trump Rally attendees. I say again, Hmmm. NAH! Just another "Conspiracy Theory, forget it!

The data being thrown about is that this is so deadly, but it's not. More seniors are dying from pneumonia in the hospitals than this "virus".  Most of the data to "represent" the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus .. is from the human coronavirus strain (HCoV-) 229E.  Coronavirus is whole group of viruses including SARS & MERS ... both much more deadly than this one. Seniors with a previous respiratory problems are at risk with no question, but no one under the age of 30 has been infected with it. Why is that ? Well, like all viruses the body destroys the viruses by it's own immune system, first with a fever, then an attack by the white blood cells against the virus encapsulating it. Those who think the flu "vaccine" stops the flu are only thinking wishfully for the flu changes every year and only work 40% of the time as the body sets up it's immune system accordingly from the injected DEAD virus cells. Now I'm not a doctor, but I do remember Microbiology 203. 

Other nations do not have washing your hands as a preventative measure, after all they eat raw meat & fish products filled with parasites and bacteria fulfilling the need for sooo much toilet paper use. Irrational behavior starts with understanding of our human body ... and the God given life machine ... that WE ARE. 

what scares me is the very real chance of losing our freedom and liberty as more gov't control is enacted.

I have a report that at Costco, there was a lady with a shopping cart full to overflowing with toilet paper (the new currencey).  There was one pkg left on the shelf and a 90ish man went to reach for it and she yanked it out of his hands!  Humanity is lost if this is the norm.





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