Fear, ridicule and condemnation.  That’s what’s issues forth from many quarters any time someone suggests forming a political party to replace the GOP.   Yet is has to be done.  They do not, have not and will not represent us effectively. This is the Freedom Alliance, so let’s talk about getting free!

When we elect people and send them to Washington, have we accomplished anything?  What we have done is created what we believed would be an opportunity.  But, it’s only that.  In reality, we have not accomplished a political victory until the policies we want are passed into law.  Until that time, all we have done is send people to Washington with plenty of money, perks and status.  Unless they are blocking what we don’t want and passing what we do want – working tirelessly at both -- they are only occupying space and living large at our expense.

With the above paragraph in mind, where conservative, common-sense spending and other legislative actions are concerned, how are we doing?  What happened with the GOP’s “Contract With America”?  What happened when G.H.W. Bush was elected?  What happened when G. W. Bush had the White House and GOP congressional majorities?  What happened when we had successive GOP congressional majorities during the Obama years?  Did they step up to block Obama’s lead?  Did they block huge “omnibus” spending bills?  What happened during the first two years of Trump’s presidency?  Did that GOP majority in congress pass any of the policy issues for which we elected president Trump?  Did they repeal Obamacare?  Close borders? Fund a border wall?  End DACA?  Cut programs?  Spend sensibly and with full knowledge of what they were spending?  Shore up voting security?  Finally, what did they do to the president himself despite a clear message from Americans that president Trump’s policies were exactly what we wanted?

The score which I come up with looking at those thirty years is “Zero”.  Zip.  Nada.  Even worse, the GOP as much as told us “you’re not going to have that.”  We, the majority, keep losing while, in power or out, the Left, the minority, keeps on winning – doing so with the most ruinous, ridiculous policies imaginable.

So, again what are Republican voters afraid of losing when considering a move to create a force which will faithfully represent them?  Is it the name “Republican”?  It seems that there’s nothing else out there to lose.

Let’s forget the GOP and put ourselves in the picture.  In the meantime, while we’re building that new party, there is nothing to prevent anyone from voting for the conservative Republican they think is best – or anyone else.  We won’t worry about putting a president in the White House until the party is built and most if not all Republican and Independent voters are with us.  There will be no “splitting the vote” – even if it mattered.  As it is, we end up in the same place no matter who wins.  The GOP won’t block progressive legislation.  Neither will it introduce and pass conservative legislation.

So let’s stop crying and lamenting the path we’re being dragged down and get started.  Here’s a rudimentary website with an outline of what that new party should look like in order that it doesn’t just revert to control by the same people controlling today’s GOP.  Also included is a sample platform which most Republican voters could agree with:  Founderspartyofamerica.org 

If you’re tired of being dissed, ignored, talked down to and in general totally disregarded politically (except at election time), signify your willingness to take another path.  Don’t be afraid of ridicule.  Our masters count on that to prevent action.

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The Republican Party Network understands the issues associated with a new party. We are staying in the Republican Party, educating, organizing and mobilizing the nation to reclaim the narrative.

Good luck with that . . . how has that process been working since 1987 or thereabouts?  Is the Republican Party better now than it was in 1987?  Me think not!  (1987 was the year the GOP first showed their true, non-conservative colors--allowing Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination to go down in flames [and it has been all downhill since].)

I give up...  What does "reclaim the narrative" mean?  "Reclaim"?  When did the GOP ever have the narrative, whatever good the "narrative" does anyone?

I haven't yet seen an answer from all those who wish to keep the GOP, which is not doing Jack for them.  What are they afraid of losing??

We don't need a new party. We need to pull together to weed out the GOP and force it to comply with our wishes. There are some incumbents not afraid to speak up. Those who won't need to be publicly ridiculed. The RPN has the right idea. Let's pull like minds together.

As I said to Angie, how is that working out for you.  Which incumbents?  What have they sdaid?  More importantly, what have they done?  Are things better now than in 1987 (or whatever year you want to use)?

We do need a new party.  The GOP always favors moderate and RINO candidates ahead of conservative ones.  They did not like President Trump.  They did not like Uncle Ronnie.  They did not like Barry Goldwater.  They allowed Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination to be destroyed by Senator Biden and the Democrats in 1987.

In the words of Sarah Palin, how's that workin' for ya?

Scott, don't know how old you are, but the Republican voters have been pulling together for decades, at least since Barry Goldwater in my lifetime.  It doesn't work and it won't.  The GOP is a social club run by financial and social elites in all the states.  They decide who gets what support for office.  The rank and file go along with them, but in any case, conservatives do not run the party.  Bottom line: pulling together only works for a few voters.  The "pulling together" has to happen in congress where our people never vote against the party of its platform, with rules to make sure they do not.  The way things stand, all but three or four can "pull together" -- but the three or four can undo all the pulling.  We have to take that away.  The present party structure has no mechanism for that.

The way that I see it is before we do anything, we need to remove the fraudulent communist party that is currently calling the shots. We need to uphold our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which this fraudulent dictatorship is out to destroy at all costs. We need to remove the corrupt judges and courts, that always seem to side against the people. ALL RINO's should be put in prison or shot for treason. We need to immediately exile the big money donors, that are hellbent on destroying America. Why is Soros still allowed to conduct his evil agenda in the United States? Six countries have banned this evil slime from their countries, but not the U.S.. Why not? BECAUSE HE OWNS ALL PARTIES OF OUR GOVERNMENT! Establishing a new party is all well and good, but that will take decades to establish, and the immediate destruction of America is already at hand. We probably won't even make it to the next election in 2022, so a new party won't help a bit. Martial law is right around the corner, and a new party isn't going to stop that! Shouldn't we clean up what's already on our plates, before we take on another project? 

How about the wasted decades watching the GOP destroying the conservative agenda since 1987 (or whatever year you prefer)?  

The lion's share of the problem lies with the American voters who keep electing moderate and RINO Republicans along with Democrats.  Elections have consequences.  Soros and other leftists would wither and die on the vine if we didn't elect pro-Soros candidates.

If the choice comes down to the pro-socialist Democratic Party and a weak, ineffective Republican Party that shuns conservatives, why wouldn't you want a new party?!?!

True I have witnessed the sidelining of conservatives by GOP's. Getting away with that some fault lies with the conservative community. Show up in droves as grassroot conservative PCs run for SC come on we can take back the GOPs, power in numbers don't you know even more power at state meetings if we join other conservative county GOPs.

Gary -- You totally missed the point and I expect never went to the founderspartyofamerica.org website either.

Nothing...repeat, nothing will be cleaned up with the GOP.  You're putting the cart before the horse. There is no power willing to do that.  Remember "drain the swamp"?  The GOP IS the swamp, among others.  It's why they trashed and helped to dump Trump!

Gary, A practical thought "clean up whats on our plate" agree why pile a desert idea on an already soiled plate. Truly what the demonic dems do, why, they have no solutions ideas so they pile on.

The first thing all patriots, conservatives to save our constitutional republic should be to overwhelm the GOPs by becoming grassroots PCs and SCs and show the unsavable RINOs the door.





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