The following is an editorial submitted by Election Integrity Project Arizona, LLC

The submission refers to a very important issue concerning the integrity of our elections.  We re-print this because if we do not engage as self-governing citizens of Arizona, we can easily lose our state to the progressives of both parties.  Yes, both parties have their own brand of progressive thinkers, those who want one world order, government control and the absence of honest elections.  Our Constitution guarantees us the right and responsibility to elect our own representatives.  When our votes are stolen, we may as well not have voted.

Stolen our elections?  How does that happen?  We saw a lot of suspicious behavior in 2018.  Most of us don't believe it's possible for candidates ahead by thousands of votes can then lose by thousands votes just 12 hours later!  But that is what happened in the General election in 2018.  We believe it's statistically  impossible to lose fairly and honestly in such a situation.

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What does it cost to sit on the sofa?

As voters and citizens of the United States, we expect that when we go to vote, the other voters will be qualified to vote in our state and that every vote will be accurately counted. That is what we expect.

The reality may be very different. In the last election, many of those we know who worked at the polling places reported some very strange activities that seemed to be irregular. For those who have worked the polls for years, they have seen a lot of activities but usually, not suspicious at all. With the recent elections, that seems to have changed.

What is the cost of sitting on the sofa? The cost could possibly be ballots are not accurately counted. It could mean that a lot of early ballots are dumped into mail boxes from large bags full of ballots. Ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona. It could mean that the chain of custody of the early ballots may be broken when envelopes are separated from the ballots before signatures are certified.

If any of these things, and possibly more, occurred in any election, such as the most recent 2018 election, would that be enough to get each of us – you and me – off the sofa and into action to protect our most cherished right? That is the right to vote, to expect all other voters are legally registered and that every ballot counted was from a qualified registrant and accurately counted. If that didn't happen anywhere in Arizona, your vote may have been nulified.

Is that enough to get you off the sofa and into action to protect the 2020 election? We have already seen that California has proven to have millions of unqualified voters on the registration rolls. It does happen.

The election process is a non-partisan activity. Every lawful voter must have their ballot accurately counted. The Founding Fathers guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution that we have the right to elect our own representatives. When unqualified ballots are counted, we are robbed of our right to elect our representatives. We know that happens in elections elsewhere. What if it is happening right here in Arizona?

If you think there may have been irregularities in the 2018 election and may be in 2020, is that enough to get you off the sofa?

If so, join the Election Integrity Project™ Arizona, LLC and get trained to recognize violations of state election law when you see it and help ensure that all lawfully cast ballots are accurately counted. Please email for more information to or Or go to our website and use the volunteer button to send us an email.  Engage in self governance as the Founders intended.  

Our organization is the only one in Arizona that is an all volunteer legal entity focused on one thing: election integrity.  We are a 501(C)(3) public benefit, non-profit organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible.  Everyone is an unpaid volunteer dedicated to ensuring our elections are properly run and who will seek all remedies, including legal ones, to enforce Arizona election statutes at every election.  All donations are used 100% for our mission.  

We can't operate without our volunteers.  Come join us!

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Keep in mind that the REGRESSIVES will stop at nothing to take over our government.  NOTHING!  Ever since Obama won, things have moved much faster for those for whom the Constitution is merely a stumbling block to be overcome.

You are in touch.

I genuinely fear this will be our last opportunity to save America from the destruction of the progressive movement that  Reagan warned 50 yrs ago ... the failure of our public schools. We now have a voting majority of "No Nothings"  teaching in our colleges as well. I do know the spelling difference between no and know, but most youngsters don't! It's the neglect of the older generations who should know our history but its TAXPAYERS who enable our public schools today who without recognizing it is they who are the ENABLERS of the world's most powerful union ... its levels of education's associations K-16 and ignorant parents who entrust their children to them. Without choice, we consign 80% of America's children annually for some 12 yrs. or more to America's public institutions.

you are so right, Carolyn.  I would never put my kids in public education today.   Even if caring parents do educate their kids by other means, they will be in the minority when they grow up.  I'm reminded of that slogan from decades ago: a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Well, millions of young minds have been wasted in the decades since that slogan first surfaced.  Since the parents themselves were subjected to common core, they don't have the perspective to see what they are doing to kids.





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