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As an elected PC and SC, I witnessed what I believe is  corruption at the January 12 2019 statutory meeting of the Yavapai County Republican Committee (YAVGOP) to elect the Chair, the  6 Executive Committee members and 53 State Committeemen. .

The following is my opinion:

 The orchestration of this corruption was the outgoing  Chair Mark Sensmeier led by Mayor Pro Tem Billie Orr of the Prescott City Council.  They accomplished their goal of stacking the SC candidates with Establishment RINOS and diminishing the effectiveness of the Conservatives by violating the Yavapai County Republican Committee continuing bylaws of January 7, 2017.

Specifically 5.8.3 (#4), 7.1.1 and 7.1.3 (#2).

Proxies are not mentioned anywhere in the bylaws for Floor nominations. Chair Mark Sensmeier made the decision to accept nominees as present via proxies.

 7.1.3 Nominations from the Floor:

(#2) Elected PCs nominated from the floor must be present or have submitted a letter stating their willingness to accept the nomination.   

Although   Sensmeier served two terms as  Chair, I believe he feigned ignorance about the bylaws pertaining to floor nominations.  When the Chair asked for floor nominations for SC,   Billie Orr nominated 12 people and there was 1 other nomination from the floor for a total of 13 floor nominations.  Some were not physically present and had not submitted a letter of acceptance.  When challenged, it was found that a Parliamentarian was not present.  He took suggestions from the members of the audience.  He ignored those of the Conservatives such as 3rd VP Arizona Republican party Christopher Campbell and former YAVGOV Chair Jim Dutton.   Sensmeier ruled in contravention of the bylaws, stating that “nominees were present by proxy.” “If you don’t like my decision, get another chair.”

 The chair not only betrayed my trust by violating bylaws but seemed to fancy himself as the arbiter of morality. We sat through a 45 minute speech about how we should treat millennials. ( They don’t like to be called stupid”),  death wishes  expressed for Senator McCain was inappropriate , and that the future of the GOP is grim  due to changing demographics, lack of inclusivity  but in the same breath assured us that Trump will win in 2020.   Listening to him, we all understood that in so many words, he was calling us racists.  This has to do with the re-election of Arizona House Representative District I David Stringer. He received 67023 votes despite the controversy of racial insensitivity swirling around him.  Senseimer and Orr have made public statements asking for his resignation.    Stringer was in the audience and so were many of his voters.    

 When it came time to elect a new Chair, Senseimer informed us that that all candidates must be vetted per bylaws. However, an exception was made for Donna Tanzi because she had been on vacation.  In reality she was unopposed.  Rudolph Kantu’s name was on the ballot but in his presentation said he was not a serious candidate. He just wanted to avail himself of the 3 minutes given to candidates to ask the party members for their vote.  His message was insignificant. 

In her 3 minute address Tanzi spoke about the need for the party to unify to be actively engaged and, to be respectful of each other.

When it was announced that Tanzi won the election, she was called to the podium. Instead of the expected conciliatory message.   Her message was “for those who didn’t vote for me, tough”

Donna Tanzi is correct. It will be tough for any Conservative to support Republican candidates or the party itself. The arrogance and contempt displayed by Sensmeier and Tanzi is enough for members to throw their GOP membership cards into the nearest fire place and never look back.

There will be unity in YAVGOV as long as the Conservatives open their wallets but shut their mouths. The only PC’s that they respect are those they can control. The party establishment   paints Conservatives as racists. They also disenfranchised us by their changing the outcome of this election.  Why would any Conservative devote time and money to the party?

Why do the Republican Party and Republican Women’s clubs violate bylaws at will?

AZ GOP violated them during the reelection for Governor Ducey. PC’s were sent email asking us to donate to this campaign. At the last AZ GOP state meeting in 2016, it was proxies that elected the Executive Board. 

 It also appears that the Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) and Yavapai County Republican Women (YCRW) alter their bylaws to fit the occasion. 

Now that I have witnessed the use of the use of proxies as the weapon-of-choice for changing the outcome of the Yavapai Election of SC’s, I no longer believe that Conservatives can take back this party. 

As day follows night, we can expect more of the same from the Arizona State Statutory meeting on January 26 2019 to elect the Chair and their Executive Committee.  


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Happy days are here again, Dr. Kelli Ward is AZ GOP Chair

These people commit vote fraud and violate state law here in Maricopa County on a regular basis. Just because there is no will to prosecute these law breakers does not mean they didn't do it. The bylaws can not be in conflict with state law and since there is a written law telling how a proxy becomes legitimate it shows that there is a "legal" way to do it. I contend that anything other is "vote fraud" and we should be prosecuting these crimes in accordance with state laws against vote fraud. The perpetrators should be fined and do the jail time and be banned from participation in elections in Arizona for life. That is my 2cents worth. Just because it is the establishment wing of the party doing it does not make it right and the same goes for the Democrats involved in it as well.

Myrna - you witnessed a very unfortunate tyranny action.  Bylaws are ignored because PCs do not have copies, never read the bylaws and do not understand the bylaws.  The same can be said about Roberts Rules of Order - RRO - no training no discussion on RRO - no parliamentarian.  When the PCs are uninformed it is just like the uniformed voter in state and federal elections - nothing good results.

America is on a slippery slope headed to socialism.  Perseverance is needed to overcome those who wittingly or unwittingly become the state/county GOP committee and Legislative dictators and corrupted leaders.

Much work needs to be done and knowledge acquired even if by personal research and learning.  I will not use the excuse that I did not receive training.  I will not allow my county GOP committee and my LD to ignore the bylaws.  A chair decision can be challenged for review and vote by the committee of the whole [COW] - i.e. all the PCs present at a meeting.  Proxy usage needs refinement but not necessarily elimination.

For example a challenge to the Chairman's decision and motion to the COW discussion can never by a vote of proxy holders as the proxy grantor must not be able to participate in motions where no knowledge or consent can be given to the carrier.

Also an alternative to the AZGOP is the AZRA.

if the disease outlined by Myrna continues to breeze into the rest of AZ; America will be taken down.  It is not all about the Republican party A.K.A. by creation of the A.R.S.

Very Interesting.  On Saturday at the State Meeting, CD4 State Committeemen gathered to vote for the three Members at Large.  8 people were nominated to run, including Steve Sensmeire and Billy Oar.  I had heard from our conservative friend Rose Sperry that they were planning to get MaL positions.  Guess who won after the Yavapai folks perused the hand written votes before putting them in the bin for the team to count.  Steve came in first, Billie second and they tossed Rose a bone and let her take third place.  The other conservatives were aced out.  Had I read this before I left town on Friday and known about this issue, I would have made sure that we collected the Yavapai votes and they would not have had the chance to "peruse" them before the vote count. 

OOPS, I see I made a name mistake.  Myrna reports on Mark Sensmeier, and I was talking about Steve Sensmeier. (Sorry about the spelling).  Are these two related?  At least I got Billie's name right.  So sorry, occasionally I make mistakes. 

Billie's last name is spelled Orr.

 The father is Mark Sensmeier  and his son is Steven Sensmeier

Are you able to describe more of what happened when they perused the vote ?

The women who were in charge of tallying the votes :   Chair Donna Tanzi of YAVGOP and Sandra Laney, Secretary, both  elected on January 12 .


What happened to the other comments on this opinion piece?





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