"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" RidersUSA article by Vince Ansel

    The following article is directed more towards City of Phoenix voters. However, the results of the upcoming City of Phoenix “Special Election” has repercussions affecting every Arizonan to some degree both monetarily and politically.

   There has been a consistent problem with the City of Phoenix in holding “Special Elections” on the last week of August annually. These inconvenient elections are purposefully scheduled at this time because only a small percentage of Phoenix voters participate. Many are on vacation and engaged in other summer activities. The majority of those who appear to be politically active during the summer doldrums are "left of center" voters and activists who apparently never leave City boundaries to seek relief from the heat. They take advantage of a period when political opposition is weak, especially during the summer doldrums.

   Attempts have been made to move these “special elections” to coincide with our traditional November 4 elections when a more representative array of voters is available. It certainly makes sense to combine two election days into one. It saves the taxpayers a boatload of money and allows for voters with diverse points of view to cast their vote. Liberal City of Phoenix officials have resisted this approach because it is simply easier to control the outcome of these elections in August than it is to do so in November.

   This is how another proposition (prop 104) got passed on August 25, 2015. It allowed for the additional taxation of nearly 32 billion dollars over the next 31 years to be imposed in funding the expansion of the debacle known as “Light Rail”. This “Social Experiment” has been shown to be an abject failure. Studies show that approximately 1% of Phoenix residents actually use this system of people moving at a cost of nearly $140 million dollars per mile of track! For $32 billion dollars, every family in Phoenix could be gifted with a new car with funds left over for substantial road improvements!

   A resolve to this blunder has finally been introduced in another ballot initiative to be voted upon on August 27, 2019. It is Proposition 105. If passed it will halt construction of any further expansion of Light Rail and the monies slated for that expansion will go directly into road infrastructure improvements. It would be wonderful to see our streets and highways widened, potholes repaired, shaded bus pullouts constructed at a more vibrant pace with expanded routes for a state of the art bus fleet!

   We need to stop “throwing good money after bad” and pursue more “realistic” goals in improving our transportation infrastructure. Light Rail is an idealistic concept with little to no practical application in areas where the population is so spread out over a wide geographic area. Phoenix has and always will be a car and truck town. This “special election” is really important. We can’t blow this one off! Regardless of the method in how you choose to cast your ballot, please vote a resounding “YES” on Proposition 105!!!

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We see a play in this that "tracks" with Agenda 21-30. 

Yes on 105 and 106, I want to kill the Light Rail once and forever.

Proposition 105 is Simple: It's all about Building a Better Phoenix. Instead of spending our tax dollars on the disastrous expansion of the light rail, the money would be used for much needed infrastructure IMPROVEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE CITY. Building a Better Phoenix is a CITIZEN LED EFFORT to STOP the destructive $7 BILLION DOLLAR EXPANSION OF LIGHT RAIL throughout the city of Phoenix. Residents and Small Business Owners were never told of the NEGATIVE IMPACTS light rail would have ON THE COMMUNITY. Phoenix taxpayers are wasting BILLIONS on light rail expansion at the expense of other critical infrastructure. This is money that can be used to fix our streets and sidewalks, expand bus and dial-a-ride service, improve lighting and address other infrastructure improvements. Light rail is expensive! It costs over $140 MILLION PER MILE to build and consumes 40% of the Phoenix transportation budget. Light rail ridership is in rapid decline. Only 1% of the population use the light rail system. Vote YES on 105! Please LIKE and SHARE this video post far and wide! Thank you!

Even the radical CA state legislature has seen the folly of their High Speed Rail project and is continuing to divert money from it to other pet public transit projects.  Around Fresno, for example, there are some huge bullet train overpasses partially built that are being abandoned and left as bridges to nowhere, monuments to political corruption and government excesses.  But I suppose more billions will be spent some day to tear them down to avoid the ongoing embarrassment.

Let us hope that Phoenix does not continue to replicate California's excessive government overreach and mind-boggling waste of precious tax payer funding.

Citizens of California are moving to Arizona to do just what they have done in Cali ... create a Blue state with government created "chaos" and spending by a collectivist centralized statist government. ENOUGH of it.

At least most of us who moved away from CA to Payson (and probably Prescott) brought our Conservative politics with us.  Maybe not so much in the Valley, and especially not in Tucson and Sedona.  I think people are at least partially motivated by the political culture of their target residence area.

I bristle whenever I see a vehicle with California license plate driving on Arizona streets and highways! The first thoughts I have revolve around the probability that they are going to spread their leftist cancer in our fair State. I'm hoping they're just visiting. I remember the statewide sentiment echoed a couple of decades ago where bumper stickers would sport the slogan, "Welcome to Arizona, now go home"! It's encouraging to read about people like yourself who move here to spread your Conservative values. There is hope after all!



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