China is undoubtedly the most cunning country in the world.  We have had the displeasure of doing business with private Chinese people and no matter how they negotiate you down, they will want you to give up more.  President Trump stood pat on these negotiations but we doubt Sellers has the will or gumption to do the same.  So the question is, did Sellers sell out our elections to the Chinese via Dominion? Is that why the BoS are being coy on giving up the passwords.  Are the BoS members so ignorant about how important passwords are that they just allowed the Chinese have them? 


Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Jack Sellers, has unique connections to China and American companies. 

Jack Sellers is the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. He has refused or delayed compliance with judge-ordered subpoenas related to the Senate’s audit. He’s supposedly a Republican…so what gives? A look into Sellers’ other roles and those organizations may shed some light. We know he participated in trade missions to China. Trump was tough on China and curbed much of the illegal immigration. Is it possible Jack Seller’s loyalties lie elsewhere?

The picture below is Sellers is in Dujiangyan, China meeting with the CCP. He’s pictured with Yan Daixions, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee. Global security experts list this group as a well-known CCP front. The image was taken at 10:22 AM on March 14th, 2019 just west of Chengdu (coordinates 30.99189, 103.65596).

Image from Gateway Pundit

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I don't know what else to say other than this sickens me.  If this is true, I Sellers is a traitor to his Country.

What would Clint Eastward say about this. There is a movie with a Great Title, which refers to what should be done because of his actions, cant remember, what is that title to the Movie, The Alamo? No, Maybe someone can help me. What about the other Snarly Supervisors, what have we have on them. Ducey Money?

It's often been said that when things don't look right or smell right the best way to find the source, is to follow the money. In early 21st century America, God has been replaced by a new supreme being. That being MONEY. Some people worship it more than life itself. What ever a person must do to accumulate more of it, is worth the effort. Lying, cheating, stealing or even being a traitor to one's own Country are acceptable if they bring in more money. To these people, the Constitution of the United States no longer applies to those who have no moral background.

As a whole I believe that Conservatives have yet to realize that the liberals are playing by a different set of rules. You have to be a person of high morals and standards to believe that the Constitution actually means what it says. Liberals now cite the Constitution only when it benefits them and then throw it out when it doesn't agree with their actions. 

Having a R or D behind your name no longer means a thing. Your actions speak volumns for you. 






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