Call to Action: Rusty Bowers Is Holding Up The SB1456 (stop harmful) “Sex Ed" Bill

Call to Action: Rusty Bowers Is Holding Up The SB1456 “Sex Ed Bill”

Speaker Rusty Bowers (LD25) is holding up SB1456 so it cannot move forward.  This bill will prevent sex ed to be taught in AZ public schools in kindergarten-4th grade.  Please call or email the Speaker (Rusty Bowers) ASAP and ask him to send this bill to the Committee of the Whole. It is ready to cross the finish line and we just need to close the deal.  

This is the bill Sylvia Allen initiated last year that the AZ Senate dropped the ball on.

It is imperative that this bill get passed to protect our children from harmful, so called, “Sex Ed”. Arguably, modern so called “sex ed” for minors is merely grooming them for sexual manipulation.

You can contact Rusty Bowers via his website:

You can contact him through the House of Representatives website:

You can contact Rusty Bowers by Phone:

(602) 926-3128

Text of Bill SB1456:

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 This is good on Sylvia Allen, but a better solution is to get you kids out NOW of what has become over the decades, government indoctrination centers (AKA Public schools). Focused on pushing the So-Called progressive agenda..  If your kid or Grandchild was in a burning building you would risk you life to get them out , this is no different.. GET YOUR KIDS OUT NOW..

Today there are so many alternatives to Government schools.

 Charter schools, online learning academies, homeschooling (maybe not for all, but far better than government schools) Unschooling, The Khan Academy.. the list goes on..

Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children. - Malcolm X


 Another cancer on our Arizona children are the monsters and leftists' know as the RED For ED movement of Arizona..  They call it RED for a reason...

 The leader in the background of Arizona's "RED for Ed" movement


The better solution is just get you kids out now ..

I agree! But, the kids that are left behind will be abused. The abuse has to stop regardless of whose child it is. Many parents don't care enough about their children to pay attention to what is being done them in the name of "education". We don't turn a blind eye to child rape just becuase they aren't our children.

There is a ' recall' on Bowers.  He has been a thorn in the legislature for a long time!!  Sign 'Recall' LD25, the Patriot Party.

Several members of my organization have called Bowers ' office only to be told that he is not holding it up and has voted to pass SB1456.  Did this just happen??  or was the call to action a mistake??

My sources tell me that he has not put it on the agenda for a vote. Until he does that, the thing cannot move forward. Tell him to get is machine in gear!

How is the recall effort going? I haven't seen any petitions for the recall up here in Prescott Valley. 

If i am not mistaken they already have enough signatures to recall him but i am not absolutely certain of that

I think it is about time we "Citizens of Arizona" exercise our prerogative and permanently remove these sappers and scoffers of the "Constitutions" of the US of America and Arizona from public office and employment in any position paid by the people of Arizona through taxes paid. We could ban them from ever holding any office of Trust, Profit or Employment in Arizona and in fact should do so at the earliest opportunity. Mr. Bowers is just the tip of the iceberg our State employment rolls and recipient list of those receiving, State origination, money are by the hundreds and thousands working against the provisions of both Constitutions to our destruction. It is time we stop this forever.

Harry,  I did find out we got the needed signatures for the 'Referendum' to be on the ballot,  Actually, we got  25% more than needed.  Still waiting to see if Bowers made the grade??

Good news on the referendum. Keep on truckin' to Bowers out





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