Pretend you are a policeman in a rough part of a major city.  Pretend you are well trained and follow the rules you were trained to follow. Pretend you did all of that and got charged with murder and manslaughter and despite the evidence, you were convicted on all three charges.  Guilty by Maxine Waters. 

We are now in a place in this country where democrats are so entrenched, so powerful that they can call out the troops and authorities to do their bidding whenever they snap their fingers.  There is no longer the concept of guilt, innocence, partially both which would mitigate the charges.  Congressmen now decide the outcomes of trials. The courts bend over.  After all, these are powerful people and there is no honor among these thieves. What matters is their careers, the safety of the courts and judges; let the accused swing.

Just when you think it can't get any worse in this country in terms of our lost values, the democrats come up with something totally new and heinous.

What is a man's life worth now, especially a law enforcement officer just trying to serve and protect?  Who in their right mind would want to go into such a career where right is wrong and wrong is wrong except when wrong, by golly, is right.  Circumstances matter! This is just a new way to Defund the Police because their will be no police to fund!

The judge thanked the jury.  The jury did just what the judge did... cowards refusing to do the right thing for real justice, of which there is very little now.

So now what?  His conviction usually carries 12 1/2 years.  Not enough for the prosecution and probably the judge.  They are are going to try to extend that prison time.  After all, Maxine demands it.  Al Sharpton demands it.  Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, a muslim, doesn't call it justice.  He's right but not in the context of his intent. 

A common criminal with a long rap sheet of violent behavior is being hailed as some type of martyr, "beloved" and a loving father.  Almost like an Ozzy and Harriet lifestyle.  Those democrats really know how to spin and propagandize everything.  But don't fool yourself.  This is all about caving to the rioters that no court wants to prosecute.

Let's not forget one important item we heard very little about:

If you can't breathe, you CANNOT say "I can't breathe."  Breath is what pushes words out ones mouth.  So apparently, he could breathe!  Autopsies showed he died from drug overdose.  Sorry, that does not fit the narrative.

Ah, but there is hope for a reason to riot in Minnesota and elsewhere.  They are now poised to do the same with Daunte Wright, criminal record, shot and killed in Minnesota, armed, resisting, warrant out on him.  Media played up that he was stopped for having an air freshener dangling from his rear view mirror.   People actually bought into that!  He was stopped because of his expired registration.

But he was, you know, just the average wholesome kid.

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i was not surprised by the verdict, althougfh I don't agree with it.  The jurors were under trmendous pressure and caved in the face of justice.  I'm so sad for this country right now!

Disappointing. While I support the concept of the thin blue line make no mistake that the police state is in the works. Cops who desire to do the right thing are systemically being culled from the ranks.  We all will be living under the CDP (communist democratic party) elites.  First they came for liberty loving patriotic constitutional conservatives. When they fill comfort that they have us under their boot, they will come for those of the Marxist left-wing who were their boots on the ground.

People who die from COPD, suffocate slowly. They will tell you they 'can't breath.'  I told my training officers on the PD that the 'if you can talk you can breath' is crap.  Having asthma and being hospitalized for near suffocation... I could still get words out. 

Restrict breathing and the blood oxygen levels start and  keep going down even though you can talk and are slowly suffocating.  And the duration especially over 9 minutes is unthinkable.  You can pinch off those arteries in the neck and 'choke out' someone in less than 30 seconds, any longer, brain damage..

The Chief of Police stated he fired him because he "murdered" the man.  His own people testified that he was never instructed to use that type of restraint.

He was ID and was stopped for attempting to pass a counterfeit bill.

My first view of the incident I mentioned that I know of no training that involves major body weight on the neck.  He department training officers agreed with me.

The dope didn't kill him or make him more 'violent' he was a known user.  If I took as much morphine as I used to, it'd probably kill me.  You're trading off your country for a fear of these drugs.

Until the police start policing themselves it's going to be problems.

IMHO, he should have never been an officer, saving me and my brothers in blue this whole incident.  I would have been very disappointed with any other verdict.

I guess I don't see what you see.  Anytime a life is lost, it effects many.

Let me understand. you had asthma but you could not breathe but you could say something as simple as "i can't breathe" over and over. reports are that he was saying that when he was upright leaning against the building.  coronor reports are he died of overdose (one of several reports) and a cardiologist said he did not die of overdose.  Did he or not? two experts, different opinions.  Maybe the overdose kept him from breathing?  Then they introduced the exhaust as a possible cause.  Let's be clear: this guy got convicted purely because the jury were scared to death to vote any other way and we see that in past instances. Floyd chose how he lived his life. I have a hard time siding with a dysfunctal criminal. As to the cop, there are also conflicting reports that putting the knee on an out of contral suspect is part of training. This is what happens too often, the media lie about facts and then no one knows what happend so a coronor's report is the best forensic clue.  IMO  As to "anytime life is lost" doesn't move me since this floyd guy made bad choices, was a known criminal and a potential violent one who put a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach and we should feel bad? actions have consequences through free will. I only feel bad that no one in his life turned him around before the inevitable happened. He's not the only one in that family with major social issues.   That doesn't mean he should die but it ups his chances a lot.  And he should not be considered a hero to anyone. again IMO

Yes, when you cannot get enough air through your lungs you say "I can't breath"  That's what you tell the doctor because you are losing your oxygen levels and can't maintain it without help.  What else would come out?  So, completely missing the point.  Yes, if you cannot move air you cannot speak.  If you have restricted movements of your chest you can't move the necessary amount of air to keep blood oxygen levels up, you feel like you can't breath and are in process of suffocation. Hence 'I can't breath.'  Eventually you do pass out and quit speaking since you are really not breathing now.  If you've ever been in that position you'd understand. 

The guy was probably an as*ole but the police do have rules. One of those is when he wasn't a making resistance you loosen the restraints.  Should have never been on his back and neck that way and there's no way you can tell me he was in fear of his life.

When the police chief, stated he fired him because he "murdered" him I can't find an argument for you. There's the possibility that it might make the rest of them 'conspirators.' Since they were 'part' of the adjudicated homicide.  It will be interesting to where this leads.

It's easy to get people to follow along when they hit the 'drug abuse' button.  I had only a decade in police work, the only drug out there that I had a fear of was alcohol.  Drunks were totally unpredictable, belligerent, violent, puke in your car or all the above.  None of the 'hard' drug users were really problematic.  The dealers, carried weapons, but we're willing to give up our 2nd Amendments and 4th Amendment rights to stop the drug use, which is never happen.  IMHO people are frighted of these drugs because they know alcohol.  It is all relative..., in 1920 I could not buy alcohol, but I could buy heroin over the counter.  Bayer even made it 'to help put baby to sleep...' What a change in attitude.  Sorry got derailed.

Would you want your son or daughter treated this way?  Guilty or not?  It's even worse if it goes out as a 'felony' stop.

I am a retired Glendale Police Officer.  I totally support my brothers in blue, but like any profession there are bad apples and when it occurs it's bad for the police in general.  Might sound like a fabrication but I got much more done with people being nice to them rather than the hard arm approach.  After all police work is 'customer service.'   When the police are investigating they have to turn to the public.

In 1829 Robert Peel, the Father of Modern Policing, set out 9 'Policing Principles.'  one of which is

"To recognize always that the extent to which the cooperation of the public can be secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of physical force and compulsion for achieving police objectives."

His 9 policing principles are as valid today as our Constitution, and is the basis of Policing in the USA. We violate most of them today and you can see the results, much like the violation of our Constitution and it's results.

You are right about one thing, there would be hell to pay if it came out otherwise.

Have things to do, trying to sell the home... Enjoyed, take care (8')

This liberal judge should have declared a mistrial.  The trial should have been held in a different locale.  Having a fair trial there was impossible.  The jurors' addresses, etc., was leaked.  Hopefully, Chauvin's appeal will be helped by Biden's and Mad Maxine's insane offerings.  All in all, a black eye for our judicial system.






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