Earlier in this campaign season, in the primary, we posted polls for the republican election.  Early in the post primary season, we posted polls with the disclaimer that media polls should be viewed with suspicion.  Which we know you all do.

Somewhere along the way, we mentioned that Trump is doing better than the polls suggest.  Why did we make that statement?  We don't do polling, we just report on what other polling looks like.  This has been a very tense election season and these polls are always good for a laugh to break the tension.

Also somewhere along the way, we mentioned that at some point, if the media doesn't succeed in persuading the Trump supporters that he's a lost cause, at some time, they will have to do something to save face.  Like maybe do accurate polling.  Well, that some time is here.

Perhaps you have been watching the past 3 weeks or so when media polls had Trump up to 11 points down in some polls.  The uninformed voter for Trump started to get queasy.  We know that because some of us have talked to them - in the supermarket, at church, in the park, etc.  We of course told them to just vote for Trump and all would be well.  We also assumed that the media polls would stop showing those big gaps between the two candidates. Polls simply don't work in these large shifts.

Three-quarters of the media reports on Trump have sounded like this: "Suddenly armed with fresh political ammunition, Donald Trump and anxious Republicans across the nation seized on spiking health care costs Tuesday in a final-days effort to spark election momentum."  Sun-Sentinel [that has yet to print a fair piece on Trump]  But Trump has attracted upwards of 10,000 attendees at his Florida rallies while Hillary's best day was 1700 attendees, or so they reported.  This is why we wonder why they think we the people are just plain ignorant.

The embarrassment of the media is beginning to sink in on themselves.  For the past few days, they reluctantly reported that "Trump is closing the gap" showing he was only 5 points behind, then 3 points, then 2 points.  Today, they decided. all together now, to reluctantly report that Trump is now 1 or 2 points ahead - BUT THAT IS WITHIN THE MARGIN OF ERROR!!!  Like that margin of error doesn't go the other way, too. With Independents, Trump is now suddenly up 13 points when only days ago, they showed him only 7 points ahead.

So what do we think is going on? The same as you! The media doesn't understand the fervor of the Trump supporters because they only look at the lackluster voters for Hillary and that is their flawed yardstick. Some of that fervor is for the man, himself, and some of that fervor is that they just can't imagine having to suffer Hillary for four more years.  Either way, even the dishonest media admits that Hillary's supporters are without enthusiasm.   The corrupt media attacked themselves by underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.

Of course, we won't know how this comes out until Nov 8 and maybe not even then.  But we do predict that these "polls" will continue to "tighten" [code for "we have to tamp down the cheating in the polling] in favor of Trump.  If only to keep the media from looking as corrupt as they are.  But we think it's too late for that.

Let's let Prof. Helmut Norpoth of Stoney Brook University have the last word since he has a model for predicting the outcome of presidential contests that has been right for the last five presidential elections. [LINK & VIDEO]

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Let's make the Democrats feel despair.  What they've been trying to do to us works in the opposite direction also.  We need to rattle their cage.  The mockery and childish pranks they've been pulling on Republicans works equally well...........NO, even better on them.   That's right, but they on the other hand quickly become violent.....a sure sign of instability...and self-destruction.  Let's make the Democrats SELF-DESTRUCT. 

I've been doing this quite a while on Democrat blog sites and responding to "progressive" comments on several sites AND IT WORKS!   Wherever you run across progressive liberal fascist or pro-LGBTQSKL comments, insert your own barbs.  Trust me, it works.  And the more you shut the dogs mouths, the less empowered they feel to open them again.

I am frequently discussing the election and listening to friends mentioning polls. I always say that is media is in Hillary's back pocket and have no interest in being accurate. She and Bill Clinton stole items from the White House to partially furnish their home in New York. The details are in the book The Final Days by Barbara Olson, pages 71-73. Other sources verify the information as accurate. This is just one example of what a lying dishonest fraud Hillary is and how unfit she is to be our leader. Neither Vince Foster or Chris Stevens were available for comment.

David, to your last point: there are well over 100 people, men and women, who are no longer available for comment, thanks to the spooks tied to the Clintons.



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