This morning, all the media, no matter where you look, all you see is a replay of Trump saying he doesn't know whether he would accept the election results.  GASP!  Only those who are famous for voter fraud, have taken voter ID laws to court to get them overturned and in Arizona, took the new ballot harvesting law to court to get it overturned so they can continue to hold ballot collection parties (the courts ruled against them), were appalled that Trump would make such a statement.  They seem to forget that Al Gore kept the country in chaos for weeks in 2001 while he challenged the election results.

As for us, what we saw - and we recorded the debate so we could go back to verify what we thought we heard, because we knew some pretty outrageous comments would be made, was what was really said.  Plastic Hillary, the wind up doll, rattled off all the answers like a recording, plastic smile on her face.  "Because of your policies in Iraq, thousands of people have been killed." Big chuckle from Hillary.  We didn't know that was such a funny statement!  Of course, Hillary pivoted on every question - Chris Wallace did ask some very pointed questions of both of them - but she rarely just answered the question.

What didn't come up and rarely has is that Hillary sold 20% of our uranium deposits to the Russians in exchange for massive contributions from the Russians to the Clintons.  Hillary continues to claim the Russians hacked her email account but with the cozy relationship she has with Putin where she caves in to his every whim

To wrap up our thoughts, we thought she was dreadful, phony and we got a bit weary of her using the "women and children" card when she didn't have a real answer.

Our favorite moment in the evening was when Trump went after her on Putin, which she brought up, saying Putin has out  maneuvered her and Obama at every step.  Sure did!


Now for some of the many articles of importance floating around for your reading enjoyment.  Just read those that interest you:

TEST caught on video: VOTING MACHINE SWAPPING RESULTS OF VOTES.  A mini-election test conducted on a random voting machine revealed frightening results – the votes were not counted correctly. [LINK]

What Voters Noticed About Clinton’s Debate Podium Just PROVED That Trump Was Right All Along!! [we noticed this, too.]  [LINK]

HILLARY’S FALSE FLAG UNCOVERED, US ELECTIONS IN PERIL!  Hillary has no support, so she's going to try and steal the election! [LINK]

FBI releases Clinton probe documents. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has published another set of documents from their probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while heading the US Department of State. [LINK]


This leaves us with the final question: will Trump win?  Will he win by a margin large enough to overcome the fraud we already know is underway?  If not, will he challenge the results?  Can you understand why anyone not on the take with the Clinton campaign actually vote for her?

Take and see results of instant polls voted on by viewers of the debate:

[The Brits gave Obama/Hillary a major slap down this morning!  Glad to see some media is actually telling the truth.]

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The corruption and evil at the highest level of our gov't is so massive and the cover-up by the liberal mainstream media is so blatant, that it leaves one almost speechless.  That's when it's time to go to God.

Americans better start getting their psyches wrapped around the fact we will soon be enmeshed in a civil war or WWIII.  The corruption is so bad that patriotic citizens can no longer endure and it is time to "flush the toilet".  A very ugly prospect.

If the Russians have access to Hillary's email or that of the Department of State it is because she gave them that ability at a price. The Clintons are famous for selling access to special deals with government they are in charge of or in a position to provide access to valuable information. They have no loyalty to our country or anything not connected to an advantage for them, often in the form of money, donated to them or their surrogates. I believe that is why the private server was installed and why she had so many devices and emails deleted. With a password and a little work on ip address's and a willingness to erase all the evidence there was nothing to stop them from selling access to all the most secret and sensitive information. It is likely that many of her aids and office people are in the loop which is why they were given immunity.



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